Longtime Ravens assistant Wade Harman hired by Falcons


The Ravens’ longest-serving assistant coach has flown to a new nest.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, former Ravens tight ends coach Wade Harman has joined the Falcons as an assistant offensive line coach.

Harman was replaced in the shake-up triggered by new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak’s arrival in Baltimore. He was one of the assistants hired by Brian Billick in 1999.

In Atlanta, he’ll work with new offensive line coach Mike Tice, as the Falcons have made no secret of their plans to beef up both lines this offseason.

11 responses to “Longtime Ravens assistant Wade Harman hired by Falcons

  1. Wade Harman is the best assistant coach of all time. He coached for the greatest franchise in the sports world. We will miss you buddy.


  2. The writing is on the wall that Biscotti, not Harbs, is making all coaching decisions. Smart move.

  3. hey buddy. as successful as the ravens have been under harbs, clearly his biggest downfall is his stubborness to his coaches. lot of talk here over who pulled the trigger on hiring kubiak. to me its irrelevant…we got a guy with a proven track record. hopefully the results bare this out. hope you are doing well

  4. you too scoobs. I’ll admit, I wish you would have gone with one of those other clowns for OC. Kubiak will likely have a quick impact. Though you still have the same problem under center, unless Gary’s gonna dust off his pads…

    But we can all thank our stars we don’t have a Dalton.

  5. no doubt joe didnt have a good year. but we did win a super bowl with him. awful o line and awful running game led to awful offense. hopefully next season with kubiak will be better

    and we arent the bengals!

  6. Two of the biggest complaints was the pass protection and the receiving.

    Perhaps maybe this guy wasn’t doing a very goo job with the tight ends who are responsible for both of those things?

    Perhaps there is no reason he should have been the longest tenured assistant in the first place.

  7. A bad qb makes any offensive like look bad.

    And when defenses aren’t threatened by your qb at all…. they can tee off on your running backs every play.

    Ravens also won a Super Bowl with with Dilfer. Bears got to a Super Bowl with grossman. Hell… Seahawks just won one with Russell Wilson!

    Flacco doesn’t have to be Peyton manning or Tom Brady…
    But he should have stopped making the same mistakes he did 5 years ago. There’s really been no progression or obvious improvement in his game from 5 years ago to today.

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