Mike Pettine promises the Browns won’t ignore the run


One of the reasons former Browns coach Rob Chudzinski was a one-and-done in Cleveland — and one of the reasons his former Panthers players grew disillusioned with him — was his tone-deafness to the running game.

But the guy who replaced him in Cleveland vows not to have that same problem.

The Browns led the NFL (and broke a franchise record) with 681 pass attempts last season, despite not having quarterback to merit that approach and despite the fact they led or were tied going into the fourth quarter in nine games (they were 4-5 in those games).

“I think it’s critical in northeast Ohio late in the year, . . . your offense has to be all-weather, you have to be able to run the ball,” Pettine said, via Tony Grossi of ESPNCleveland.com. “It is a passing league, but you have to be able to run the ball to close games out, and if the weather turns, you need to find an alternate way to score points.”

The Browns didn’t carry a fullback at all, and traded away former third-overall pick Trent Richardson, so part of that was personnel-based.

But Pettine said part of what drew him to offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was his attitude toward the run.

“Kyle’s proven in six years that he can have one of the leading rushing attacks, he can have one of the leading passing attacks,” Pettine said. “He can have a veteran quarterback, he can have a rookie quarterback. He can have a marquee receiver like Andre Johnson, or he can get it done with some other guys that aren’t Pro Bowl types. All different types of offensive linemen. He’s done it with different running backs.

“That was appealing to me, that his system over all those changes was able to adapt and be successful.”

That has to be music to the ears of Browns fans, who watched too many chances to win evaporate last season.

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  1. Part?! of it was personnel based? I don’t know if it is fair to say that Chud ignored the run, or that it played a role in his ouster. I wouldn’t run with that motley crew of backs either. The Silent G, Fozzy Bear and the ghost of Willis McGahee?

  2. WOW, I didn’t know they led the league in pass attempts. That’s insane when you have Weeden and Campbell throwing the majority of them. Here’s to hoping we can find a diamond in the rough running back in the 3rd or 4th round and bring that smash mouth football back to Cleveland.


  3. Unless we get some run-blocking Guards on the O-line, it won’t matter. A legitimate FB would help, too.

    The 3-Stooges passed on several very good Guards that were available via the FA market last off-season. We simply can’t be that stupid again!

  4. Hopefully with Shanny being from Houston a couple years ago, he will have an inside track to bring in Tate as a RB. One less position to draft this year…

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  5. Oh good, a promise from the Browns’ new coach. Every year, the Browns’ coaches and executives make lots of promises. We’re still waiting for them to deliver on any of those promises. But then, it’s only been sixteen years.

  6. You can’t lay this one at Chudzinski’s feet. Banner and Lombardi were responsible for personnel.

    What personnel, might you ask?


  7. The Browns didn’t have a great running game with Richardson, and then after the trade, had even less of a running game. There are a number of things that are fair to criticize Chud over, but having a depleted running back corps was not his fault.

    Granted, having Weeden and Campbell throw as much as they did also proved to be futile. But running the ball three times in a row and then punting on fourth and long isn’t a successful game plan either.

  8. No fullback and they never replace the feature back the rest of the year, OG’s both go down and they are not replaced, sounds like a GM problem to me……..

    Moe Larry and Schemp …….. (Not Curly we never see Lombardi so it has to be Schemp)

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