Murphy defends pricing hike by taking a shot at the teams with the cheapest seats

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The Packers have raised prices for the fourth straight year, with an average increase of $3 per seat, per game.  Packers CEO Mark Murphy, the closest thing to an owner that the publicly-held team has, defended the move.

In a way that could make things a little awkward next month when the owners get together in Orlando.

“Quite honestly, the teams that are last or at the very bottom of the league in terms of ticket pricing aren’t the type of teams we would want to model ourselves after,” Murphy told Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  “They’re there because they haven’t had success on the field, or they have terrible stadiums, so it’s a number of factors.”

In other words, there’s a supply and demand dynamic to pricing, and the teams at the bottom aren’t there because they want to be.  The Packers, whose season-ticket waiting list extends beyond the life expectancy of the American human, can afford to bump the price point.

“It’s really a balancing act,” Murphy said.  “On one hand we want to be affordable, but on the other hand we want to be fair to the other teams in the league.”

Fairness to the other teams comes from the 34-percent chunk of each ticket that goes to the league-wide pool that is shared by all teams equally.  The more money teams generate from their tickets, the more money the rest of the league makes from the visiting teams’ share.

Since the Packers have no owner (and since owning stock in the team isn’t really ownership), any profit gets reinvested into the team.  Which is the way it should be.

Which will help the Packers from becoming one of those teams at the bottom of the pricing structure, who either play poorly or play in a poor venue.

49 responses to “Murphy defends pricing hike by taking a shot at the teams with the cheapest seats

  1. What Murphy failed to disclose was that all the extra revenue generated from the seat increases are going to his much needed daily makeovers.

  2. This tired line is the same old BS from higher ranking officials in the NFL as well as individual franchises. If most of the money comes from TV deals, there’s no justification for raising ticket prices on publicly funded stadiums in the name of affordability. It’s just the NFL trying to reach even deeper into the pockets of fans

  3. I don’t see the big deal. If it’s too expensive, vote with your $$$ by staying home and watching the game from your couch at room temperature. Hell, you might even enjoy it more from there. People are not entitled to attend football games at a low price.

  4. “any profit gets reinvested back into the team, as it should be”…

    are you kidding me?

    what are you communist?

    an owner buys a team for 800 million and he isn’t expected to make a profit?

    you are out of your mind……

  5. 1 – he needs to spend some of that additional loot on his grill!
    2 – “Since the Packers have no owner (and since owning stock in the team isn’t really ownership)” every cheesebrain fan is holding their mouth open scratching their head in disbelief….

  6. Cheap Seats?

    I don’t know any other stadium where you sit on benches…

    Price Raise? Erin and the White Chick got their big raises..

    Back to UDFAs for the team next year…

  7. Here this CEO of a clown talks about being fair to the OTHER owners in the league when in reality he works for the thousands of Green Bay fans who actually own the team! Where are your loyalties dude, who are you truly representing??? No wonder why the NFL despises fan ownership since they want to control everything on the planet.

  8. I just thought of something – I wouldnt mind tickets increases by good teams – As long as ticket decreases for bad seasons was mandatory 🙂

  9. Now I know where the saying “Beat like a red haired stepchild” comes from. Do you and Reggie McKenzie use the same hair dye Mark?

  10. Again, the team with the longest wait list for tickets is raising prices so they can stay below average in ticket prices amongst league teams. As usual this article fails to do adequate research in hopes of finding support for the thesis that they want to make. If you’re going to point fingers, do so at the expense of the cowboys, patriots or the like with their profit-seeking owners.

  11. Ha! I can see all the Packer dopes tearing their worthless stock off their garage wall, ripping it in half and then in half again, and with tears streaming down their faces, they yell, “I paid $250 for this and I’m NOT a part owner of this team?”

  12. Now I know why this guy has a david letterman tooth gap-he lies between his teeth. Wants to be fair to the other teams-PLEASE. Since when do other team give a crap about each other?

  13. does this really matter to cheeseba fans? probably not. the organization has duped these easy sheep to buy “stock.”
    as well, ShAaron & the Fathead® on defense signed huge contracts last year that’ll catastrophically break collarbones & thumbs of the GB faithful for years.
    It will take the 2nd coming of another Brett Favre decade(s) later to help this defunct team out of all it’s mounting problems.

  14. I love it when the no-talent ass clown Vikings’ fans with Packer-themed screen names repeatedly troll Packers-related posts. I guess I could do that, as well if: A) I didn’t have a job; B) I didn’t have a life; C) There were a statistically relevant number of posts regarding the Vikings.

  15. Smallest market in the league. Why don’t they have the cheapest tix? It’s a scam, plain and simple. Don’t give me the secondary market price bull either, it’s gonna cost almost $100 a seat next yr, BEFORE the secondary gets ahold of the tickets. Nice try Murph, go hire a new GM.

  16. Look around the league and see how many teams are playing to full sellouts…. Owners are buying up on sold seats to collect on full TV revenue…. They are starting to price themselves out of the market… I’ll take my $2500 a year go buy an 80″ screen TV and watch it at home

  17. Greenbay just made a 54 million dollar profit. With a salary cap, how are the packers gonna make the better than the teams with cheaper seats?

  18. $3 is nothing. You have to understand these are the same people who bought paper stock for $250. (Something no other team can do without breaking rules setup by the NFL). Green Bay is Grandfathered into it, by doing it around 1920 to avoid bankruptcy)

    The whole idea of having season tickets is like finding the Golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s status. Like having green grass in summer that looks better than the neighbors.

    I’m not sure why they need to raise prices though, because they have enough to pay for everything already and have over 100 million in their rainy day future funding.

  19. I can remember back in the early and mid 1980’s when the Packers were consistently bad. I went to college in Madison. We rode up to Green Bay to the Vikings game with no tickets because Packer fans were selling their tickets for $5.

    Let’s hope Murphy get’s bit in the ass for his arrogance.

  20. Can we please stop pretending that waiting list means anything? 99% of the people on that list are only on it so they can tell people they are. They have zero intention of ever buying tickets, and they know it will never come up.

  21. Thanks for that ginger. If you didn’t have Rogers you would also be the cheapest. As if you drafting 1 good player somehow elevates Lambeau to more than the dump it is.

  22. Ticket prices should be set according to wins, making playoffs, winning playoff games and Superbowl.. The cheapest seats should be the losing teams. That would motivate the owners of those teams to get them better…

  23. “Since the Packers have no owner (and since owning stock in the team isn’t really ownership), ”
    Like Reporting on Terry Bradshaw’s death makes you less of a respectful journalist than tmz.

    stay classy florio…

  24. I think Murphy is the wrong team representative to be complaining. Think about it, the Pack is the only team in the league allowed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars by phony stock. First, that money alone gives them an advantage over the other 31 teams to “re-invest” in their team. Secondly, Murphy seems to be complaining that the lower tier teams aren’t paying their fair share of revenue but I don’t suppose Murphy thought he should have to share that b.s. stock revenue. Pretty disingenuous of Murphy to talk about level playing fields.

  25. ariani1985 says:
    Feb 7, 2014 4:15 PM
    Ok….raise prices why your joke of a team can’t even get the drunks into the seats!

    That’s not true. Viking fans are as welcome as anyone else.

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