Packers hope they’re closer to retiring Brett Favre’s number

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The thaw between the Packers and former quarterback Brett Favre has been a gradual process, but team president Mark Murphy hopes it picks up speed.

Murphy told Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press-Gazette that he hopes they can get Favre’s number retired before he’s expected to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

There’s been pretty open dialogue,” Murphy said. “I do anticipate that we will see that sooner rather than later. . . .

“We’d like to be able to retire his number and have him go into our Hall of Fame prior to 2016.”

There have been signs that the once-chilly relationship is getting warmer in stages, with Favre and replacement Aaron Rodgers seeming like human beings in each others’ presence last year at the Super Bowl,

The Packers have only retired five numbers in the past — Tony Canadeo (3), Don Hutson (14), Bart Starr (15), Ray Nitschke (66) and Reggie White (92) — and hope to add a 4 soon.

51 responses to “Packers hope they’re closer to retiring Brett Favre’s number

  1. The reason of a ‘chilly relationship’ is because Farve was/is colossal jerk. Demanding not to draft QB’s, hire FA’s, be traded to a divisional rival. He demonstrated how not to act when your career is in the twilight phase.

  2. Pretty sure they just don’t want to hear a stadium full of boos when they have the ceremony. That would be embarrassing. I’ve moved on, I wouldn’t boo.

  3. The vikings are the franchise Brett farve will be most remembered with.The cheese heads are a joke so he faked retirement to leave that joke team and come to the BEST franchise the vikings.SKOL

  4. Put some beg in it will you!!! He will only consider it if you beg and beg in the media…..and then he’s going to turn you down…because he has a point to make.

  5. This organization is such a pain in the butt. Will you just retire that bozo’s number without him being there. You don’t need a day a Brent Farve day to do this. Hang it upside down and be done with it!!!!

  6. I don’t know why we need to retire his number. Regardless of his feelings, he had a terrific career in Green Bay and will go down as one of our great players in our history.

  7. See both sides here exhibit such an aura entitlement.. Loved Favre, but such a drama queen/diva, while Green Bay see’s themselves as God’s gift to football.. Both parties are acting like the pretty girl who got ditched at prom.

    As a Vikes fan I hate the Pack and I hope they hate me back… BUT I do respect them and love the rivalry. There’s clearly dirt on both sides in this one.

  8. I hope we (Packers) can get this straightened out with #4 soon. He did go pretty heavy DIVA the last few years, which sadly brought a pall over an otherwise incredible Packers career. #4 has to take some steps though; I think the majority of this drama lies at his feet. Ted wasn’t harsh or wrong, he had to make decisions, and refused to be manipulated like Sherman was before him. Go Pack!

  9. Packers spent years whipping fans into a frenzy to hate Favre, and about a year ago they turned off that “faucet”, but the fans still haven’t cooled off, evidenced by some of these posts and their fictional accounts of Favre’s “crimes”. I would guess next season.

  10. Huge Aaron Rodgers supporter from day 1 and I look back on the day that Favre joined the Vikes with white-hot rage.

    That being said, it’s time for this to happen. The man gave Packer fans a decade and a half of thrilling play, even if it could go way off the rails at times. He is currently the greatest Packer QB ever (although I believe that when #12 finishes his career he’ll hold that title) so it’s time to move on and give the man his due.

  11. Packer fans were burning his jersey, having a “funeral” for his merchandise, and making shirts that said “Thanks Brent.” Yet Favre is the dramatic one.

    I can’t wait for him to come back and retire his number. I’ll be there.

  12. Some of these comments show a complete lack of class, the man was one of the greatest ever and probably the most entertaining ever.

    Imagine what a great game it would be if they all had the work ethic of Brett Favre.

    I miss the old gunslinger.

  13. a backstabbing organization, replacing a legend with a soft qb. Favre dont want nothing from the packers. forget retiring his #4 and forget ceremonys of anykind. Farve>Rodgers

  14. I think it’s pretty simple Packer fans…your team was horrible before Favre got there. I know he’s not the only reason the team was good, but hell, he was the captain of that ship. You had 2 playoff appearances between 1968 and 1991, very ugly and awful years since the 60’s NFL Championships and Super Bowls. With Favre there, you had 11 playoff appearances, 1 Super Bowl victory, 1 Super Bowl loss, and he had you on the doorstep 2 more times. Ok, so his end of career antics bothered you, and I can understand that, but as an outsider I think the team looked like jerks too when they wouldn’t let him go to MN in the first place (If Rodgers is your man, who cares, right?). If you think his jersey shouldn’t be retired, you’re you’re out of your minds.

  15. Are the Packer fans going to all of a sudden forget despising him and calling him Brent after he left? What a two-faced fan base.

  16. Kinda sad when some Packer fans are too much of a baby to begrudge a former great. Let him retire # 4 in purple.. LOL,,,LOl…………………………

  17. Hard to imagine how Packers fans felt when Favre joined a rival team. It’d be like Brady leaving to join the…huh. The Patriots have no rivals.

  18. Yeah, it’s probably time to try and get the ol’ gun slinger back for the ceremony … time heals all wounds, and everybody makes a mistake or two in their lifetime.

    Regarding his ‘Viking affair’ … we have to remember – he never did look good in purple – and besides, Minnesota has a ‘little brother’ complex. Throughout the years, they’ve collected other people’s quarterbacks like kids collect football cards.

    Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Brad Johnson, Gus Frerotte, Kelly Holcomb, Donovan McNabb, Jeff George, and Jim McMahon have all disappointed the Viking faithful long before #4 ever graced their sidelines.

    At least he fleeced them for 28 million in salary cap money before settling down on the farm to drive his green & gold John Deere tractor.

    So, all things considered … I say, invite him back!

  19. I hope the day the interception king’s # is retired by the Packers never comes, but if it does happen, I hope the fans do take in stride. Nothing would make me happier than seeing the old gunslinger up on the stage thinking its his day to be remembered hearing 60,000 fans chanting “RODGERS” to drown out whatever the old puke has to say.

  20. The difficulty in this is odd. Just pick a date, tell him what it is, and let him know if he has a better option to let them know. If he says nothing, announce the date. Call his bluff on not showing up.
    As for the fans, be grateful for the good years, and forget his stupidity at the end, at least for 15 minutes of half time.
    The ones sniping at Rogers as no good?? Dude the man led you to a title, and with a middle of the road defense to boot. Crazy, you can count on one hand the teams where the successor to a SB winning QB was also became a SB winning QB.

  21. First, Favre has to apologize to Rodgers for the horrible way he treated him all those years. Then both the Packers and Favre can mutually apologize to each other.

    To some of you who think the Packers made up stuff, you clearly have forgotten the facts for everyone to see. Favre officially “retires”, bawls at his press conference, and wishes the Packers luck and gives a slight but curt nod to Rodgers. Packers move on naming Rodgers the starter and also draft two QBs in case Rodgers doesn’t pan out. Fall time, Favre demands to return making things very awkward for the Packers. Fans actually boo Rodgers in training camp. Favre is traded to prevent the very real risk of the future franchise QB Rodgers leaving.

  22. they will eventually make up and shake hands, and favre will go into the HOF as a packer, but he liked MN better. the real reason they can’t agree on this retiring his number thing, is they’re having trouble finding someone in GB that can count to 4. go figure

  23. I see most of the hate for Favre seem to be the same loud mouths that hate the Vikings. It’s a show of how much class you have.

    I hated listening to the media when Favre was talked about as a God every Sunday. He gave the Packers an identity. To my surprise after a year of being the Vikings QB, I could understand why people loved him around the NFL. He wasn’t a Diva. He was a product of the media.

  24. Never retire the number and never allow a player to use the number. That would be the best way to demonstrate to him how much disrespect he showed the team and how little he really meant. No Love for Favre!!

  25. Why doesn’t anyone fault the Packers? Brett Brought this team back from the dead and made them great again. He should have been able to go on his owns terms, but they shoved him out the door. Shame on GB.

  26. The game after his daddy died is still one of the greatest 1st half performances I’ve ever witnessed! I’m a Broncos fan, (stop laughing), but I loved me some Brett Favre! Toughest sum beach to ever play the QB position! A true iron man….

  27. Murphy said, “We are 72% sure that we will retire Brett’s number. I have to talk it over with my wife before I make a final decision, though.”

  28. My favorite Favre moment was when he threw that pick to Tracy Porter that screwed the Vikings out of the Super Bowl.

    The Packers should retire his number for that alone.

  29. Get this over with, and put the bretty faRve nightmare behind in history. Hopefully I wont Ever See OR Hear HIS NAME Again !!!!

  30. It’s amazing how much polarization still exists in the minds of football fans regarding Favre. He was a diva, overly emotional, and didn’t handle his later years with any class, but he still is one of the best quarterbacks to play the game. He’s only the 2nd Packer quarterback to take the team to 2 Superbowls (1-1 record) and he played in 5 NFC championships. Peyton Manning will probably beat most of Favre’s “good” records, but even if Peyton goes 16-0 and retires after the 2014-15 season Favre will still have the most regular season wins ever by a QB. So by his winning record alone he deserves to have the number retired despite his poor personal behavior.

    In regards to the comment by one poster about him not being in the same class as the other Packers with numbers retired (e.g. Reggie White), let’s remember that if it wasn’t for Favre Reggie White might not have chosen to come to the Packers. If you read White’s autobiography you’ll see how he was so impressed with Favre’s come-from-behind win over Philly in 1992 that he knew this would be the quarterback that could lead a team to a championship. It was obviously a collective effort that helped the Packers return to respect in the 90’s, but Favre’s influence on getting White in Green Bay makes me wonder “what if” he didn’t win that game in 1992 and left a bad impression on White.

    Favre is not the best QB of all time, but in the close to 100 year history of the Packers he definitely ranks in the Top 3 and should have his number retired.

  31. *Clarification on the last statement in my post. I don’t think Favre is in the Top 3 NFL QBs of all time, but definitely in the Top 3 Green Bay Packers QBs of all time in their 95 year history as a franchise.

  32. If you don’t think they should be retiring his number you must some kind of uniformed kid or band wagon fan who wasn’t around watching his career blossom. You must not have witnessed him playing right after his dad died, leading the league in TD’s with a BROKEN THROWING HAND, playing through injury after injury to give us a chance to win. I agree he acted like a dumb jock because he couldn’t make up his mind about retiring, but the Packers treated him like crap. Not giving a legit legend an assurance he would be the starter after having one of the best years of his career would have to piss off someone of his stature.

    Whatever. His number should be hanging up their right next to Bart Star’s. Period

  33. In his last two games against the Packers he got his ass kicked. That’s when he knew it was time to retire.

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