Report: Dolphins want to push Ryan Tannehill more in 2014


The Dolphins changed offensive coordinators and general managers this offseason and they may be open to changing quarterbacks down the road as well.

Jason LaCanfora of reports that Dolphins coach Joe Philbin was talking up Matt Moore to prospective G.M. candidates before Dennis Hickey was hired for the job and quotes a source who has spoken to Philbin about the quarterbacks as saying that Philbin wants to push Ryan Tannehill more next season.

Per that source, Moore could work his way into the lineup if Philbin “doesn’t see improvement” from Tannehill. That makes sense given the implied pressure that Philbin has to win in 2014, but a benching-worthy meltdown by Tannehill next season won’t do much to enhance Philbin’s chances of making a long run on the sideline in Miami.

Philbin’s fate is ultimately going to be tied to the quarterback that the team drafted in the first round in 2012 because inserting Moore would be a temporary measure that signaled the Dolphins have to start looking for a franchise quarterback all over again. The chances that they’d do that with Philbin aren’t particularly great.

The chances of improvement from Tannehill and a long stay for Philbin will be greatly enhanced by putting together an offensive line that can provide more of an obstacle to opposing pass rushers next season. If they can’t do that, it might not wind up mattering much which quarterback is behind them because offenses aren’t helped by quarterbacks running for their lives regardless of the name on the back of the jersey.

50 responses to “Report: Dolphins want to push Ryan Tannehill more in 2014

  1. Either this source is full of it or Philbin is dumber than he looks. If he benches RT for MM, he should be fired immediately and his mother should be kicked in her nono place.

  2. Moore throws a better/great deep ball and that’s about it. You missed the point of possibly trading or cutting Moore due to his bloated cap cost for a backup. So, this could be a non-issue.

    IMO, not enough to make a change over.

  3. If anyone believes anything lacanfora writes about the dolphins your only fooling yourself.

    This was one of the first guys to put incognito and the dolphins under the bus when the bully story hit, just wrote a completely ridiculous story about the state of the dolphins as if they were a 2 win team last year and were terrible at all phases of the game, talked as if hickey has no experience of anything in the nfl let alone being a gm. he seems to have a vendetta for the dolphins for some reason.

  4. Good. Tannehill isn’t a rookie and he doesn’t need to be coddled. He had decent numbers with the worst, most dysfunctional O-line in the league protecting him. Imagine what he could do without all that pressure. Put some pieces around and throw him out there for a make-or-break season. I think he’ll do well.

  5. Is this a joke? Tannehill is one of the best young quarterbacks to come out in recent years behind only Luck and Wilson. He’s right there with RG3 and Kaep, he just has the worst O-line and no weapons besides tiny recievers like Mike Wallace (who is very inconsistent himself).

  6. Jason Lacanfora is about as credible as Armando Salguero. Fins fans know where I’m coming from on this.

  7. So according to the brilliant folks that populate these comment section, RGIII is a bust unworthy of being a starting NFL QB, yet if Tannehill is bench the Coach is dumb?


  8. He may want to push Tannehill and he may even talk up Moore (as a backup) but replacing an uninjured Tannehill is ridiculous. Give him a serviceable line and an average running game and Tannehill will be one of the better QBs in the league

  9. If they got an Offensive line it might help Ryan Tannehill. They had Jonathon Martin who was useless, Ritchie who was the best player with Pouncy, and the rest were a makeshift line of Clabo, John Jerry and anyone who could stand up!!!It was terrible, and Ryan Tannehill was running for his life all season long. It wasn’t his fault.
    I think Jason LaCanfora invents half of what he writes.

  10. That’s funny. Philbin was talking him up to try to trade him. I am sure Dawn Aponte told him that your backup is making $5.5 million, more than any backup. Try to trade him because otherwise they will either restructure his deal or just release him.

    Teams do this at this time of year. Talk up players like they could be a starter, to get teams thinking about Matt Moore and offer a draft pick.

  11. Remember when the Dolphins were about to make the playoffs in Week 16, only to lose to the Jets at home?

    Those were good times.

  12. Why? Tannehill may not be the best of his class, but he’s a solid QB with only two years of pro experience in a division that also contains Brady and Belichick. If the Dolphins only won 4 games last year then I could see it, but they went from 7-9 in 2012 to 8-8 in 2013, which isn’t bad at all. Get Tanney some help on the line.

  13. This wreaks of coach mind games. Put out a bogus story and put the pressure on RT. This is why I cant stand Philbin, he cant motivate without cue cards, he cant game adjust at 1/2 and his “loyalty” to his cronies/coaches ( sherman and O-line coach) that cover for his ineptness has us where we are today. Be a man Philbin and have this talk behind close doors with RT, not to GM candidates that the press would eventually hear about and report. Whereas I love what Matt Moore brings to the table, RT is hands down the better option at this point providing he actually had a line that protected him. Unless this is all about trying to get some trade value, which still is a sucky way about doing things at RTs expense it makes little sense. If Matt was truly that good, RT wouldn’t have started from the beginning, MM would have and when/if he faultered in would come RT.

  14. I follow the NFL very closely, especially the Dolphins. I am convinced that Tannehill’s play in his first two seasons is under appreciated. As a rookie his weapons were not good enough to cut a loaf of bread and this past season the offensive line was historically bad. Mike Sherman’s play-calling did not help either.

  15. – Sets set rookie franchise records for passing yards, attempts, and completions in 2012.

    – In 2013 (2nd year in the league) throws for the 10th most yards in the NFL despite being sacked the most in the NFL.

    Yup. Totally found your problem. Need a new QB. (LOL)

    I’m not even a dolphins fan but that’s stupid.

  16. Instead of progressing as the year went on, Tannehill regressed to the point of choking away the last and two most important games of the year. While Moore may not be as talented, he is smarter and a better leader. That being said, he’s not the long term answer. And to make matters worse, our new “GM” is not good at drafting qb’s either, so there is not alot to be optimistic about. Unless Ross decides to sell the team.

  17. Dear Joe Philbin,

    Your QB CAN NOT Improve if he’s on his ass all of the time.
    League leading – near record breaking – sack rate CAN NOT be blamed on the the QB!
    HINT: Look at your OL! 2 starters gone for most of the season.
    A center who was injured and not a full strength along with two good – but OLD Tackles.

    That along with a horrid running game is our problem.
    Lamar Miller your leading RB ran for 709 yds. THATS 44.31 yards a GAME!!!
    (thats only 166 more yards than Colin Kaepernick ran – 543)
    OUR Offensive line scheme of zone blocking SUCKS – change it and you will see improvement across the board!!!

    Yeah Tannehill needs to work on his deep ball. But we have bigger issues on offense.
    2 good weapons were injured, Wallace over used as a decoy. Poor RB play. Horrid OL Schemes and production.
    Fix that and you will be in the playoffs.

  18. If only the Dolphins had a pro bowl left guard who could help keep Tannehill upright.

    Oh, wait, they do, but they paid him not to play as the Dolphins collapsed down the stretch. Well done.

  19. The Dolphins should try to push Philbin more, like how about half time adjustments for starters. He can’t motivate, he had 2 opportunities and could not get the team prepared to blow the doors of just one of our last 2 games, keep in mind both had losing records.
    He needs to have the heat turned up on him. RT and MM are a great QB combo, RT is growing and if RT went down, MM is the best to take over but he is not the future, they had that chance to make him/MM the future years back, what’s wrong with management??.
    A fish stinks at the head, Philbin needs to grow a pair.

  20. People are getting there skivvies in a knot over Thill, give him a break, if Danny boy in his prime would have gotten killed behind this Oline.Add the top 5 QB and they would be running for there life also, and for the jet fool just go away baby boy. Bill

  21. I like Tennehill I just want him to be more consistant. The guy looked really good against to Patriots(Marino like) just to follow it up with back to back terrible games against below .500 teams. The OL/WR is not an excuse for that because he was playing with the same OL/WR he had vs the Pats. Watching his deep balls to Wallace last season was just painfull. I don’t understand how a QB could get to this level plus be of 1st round grade but is not able to throw an accurate deep ball. Two things Tennehill needs to work on being much more consistent and accuracy on the deep ball. He needs to fix his part and hope the Dolphins management fix the OL part

  22. If I recall correctly, I read many stories about how Wallace wouldnt go ‘full speed’ in practice. I would also often wonder why more bombs werent thrown his way during games.

    If RT can’t get Wallace working at game speed during practice, then how is he ever going to find his target on game day?

    I almost entirely blame Wallace for the lack of long passes. If he could be trusted, then RT would find him more often.

    Like others, I also hold the OL accountable for a whole lot of the passing game – if there’s no time to pass the ball, then how can he be expected to find the receivers more consistently?

    I fully support Ryan here, I think he’s a very good quarterback, and he needs the right players around him – NOT an offensive line that would let my grandmother through, NOT a WR1 that doesnt practice at game speed, and NOT a head coach thats threatening to bench him if he doesnt do better with the current environment.

    I’m delighted that Sherman is out – both of the last Buffalo and Jets games were awful. One win for the playoffs, and we couldnt do that?

    Get an Offensive Line, Miami. Get Wallace’s timing better.

  23. I hope this article is BS. Tannehill still has some progress to make but the only real weakness he has is accuracy on the deep ball. And part of that is just the fact that he really only had 1.5 seasons of college at QB, he just needs to get more air underneath some of his passes and lead the receiver to the open area and trust them to go get it.

  24. tannehill played great all year. The last two games both the jets and the bills knew exactly what we were doing every play. Thats not T-Hills fault, it was mike shermans fault. also, its pretty easy to know what an offense is doing when everybody is lining up in the same spot every play (wallace and hartline lined up wide right and wide left every single play last year and didn’t move once), again shermans fault. if you don’t believe me watch the tape. watch how good t-hill is this year when lazor works making the offense more creative. Obviously philbin is saying this to trade moore. we have too much money into a guy who doesn’t play.

  25. despite the LACK OF SUPPORT around Tannehill. aka the offensive line and NO RUNNING GAME.

    We would be a fool to throw Tannehill under the bus. I’m upset at this idea. Let him grow.

  26. Tannehill is one of the best young quarterbacks to come out in recent years behind only Luck and Wilson.
    Let’s not forget his record against those two QB’s it’s 2-1 with the only loss to Indy by 3.

  27. Ridiculous. If they are talking up Matt Moore, then it’s to trade him. Not a bad strategy really. Make him seem much better than he really is, and wait for a QB to go down in camp or early in the season. Then BOOM…….a one-sided trade.

  28. Why wasn’t Tannehill benched in about 6 games this year I’ll never know! He sucked! Singed Matt Moore to nice off season contract to sit all year. Tannehill looks like garbage and won’t be an NFL QB in 3 years!

  29. Benching Tannehill for Matt Moore would be dumb. What they should do is trade/cut Moore, and draft a QB in round three or four to “push” Tannehill a little bit.

    If you’re going to bench Tannehill, at least replace him with a rookie QB who might turn out as a special player. Not some slightly above average journeyman quarterback.

  30. Facts are facts. This team CONTROLLED its destiny with TWO games to play and was playing TWO teams not going anywhere near the playoffs, LOST BOTH, and was outscored 39-7! And this coach got to KEEP HIS JOB!

    Stephen “LOSS” is an embarrassment as an owner. If the owner could be fired, I’d want to see it happen. The first thing ANY owner with gumption would do is FIRE JOE PHILBIN!

  31. kid gets an unfair treatment by the media, it’s not like he has one of the best defenses of all time, leagues best running game, or one of the best olines that he can ride all the way to 13 wins. man if any qb had all that on one team all he would have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride…..oh wait….

  32. if you actually watch the games instead of listening to comments or bias analysts you would see that tannehill makes some amazing throws and plays, it’s hard to throw a 50 yrd deep ball with 2 defenders in his mug and he cant step into it, it’s also hard to throw an accurate deep ball on the run, many other qb’s have done this and under threw the ball.

    the o line lost that team about 3 games alone and both against buffalo who is the best pass rushing team in the nfl. they got him weapons and he doubled his td output, threw for 4k yards and all with a terrible o line and drama for half the season. people seem to forget they had a winning record before the bully thing hit then they had to fill the oline with 3rd string and practice squad players. he led comback drives against bal and it was a missed fg, comeback drive against atl and the pats and was nearly perfect on those drives. outplayed other qb’s like brady, luck, rothlesberger and ryan. this kid has talent, he needs time in the pocket.

    this team beat 4 of the 6 afc playoff teams and at one point was ranked as high as 9th in the nfl power rankings. teams that suck dont do that.

  33. I’ve had it with Philbin. He can’t motivate, develop young players, or make half time adjustments. So what aspect of coaching has he been successful in?

  34. When a NFL QB can not hit a wide open Mike Wallace flying down the sideline, Mike had to wait for the ball over and over again. That is not a franchise QB. Moore will win the QB battle.

  35. You know allot of people threw Flacco under the bus. And Aaron Rodgers under the bus. They flourished later in their careers. Both won a Superbowl. Just saying perfection takes some time.

  36. my fellow Phins fans will be displeased, but can’t you guys see the truth about Tanny?

    Moore was playing great in the half season before Tanny’s draft. Strong throws, veteran decision making, totally healthy, very fast release (almost Marino like), great deep ball, blistering slant throws.

    Then we draft Tanny who doesn’t know which teams are in the AFC East and he puts up, by all accounts, a mediocre training camp and the start him over Moore anyway.

    By the end of the second year, your mind should be made up about a draft QB, and what we saw this year was:
    – poor deep ball accuracy, especially late when the game was on the line
    – poor execution in the Red Zone in every game, meaning low TD production
    – poor pocket decisions as pressure builds late in the game.

    Tanny is not the guy and we’ve got a strong, healthy vet with great pocket decisions and a strong accurate deep ball….. Moore

    If I had to count how many times I saw Tanny lounging around on the bench instead of keeping the pedal to the metal working on the sideline while we blew a 1st half lead this year……

    You don’t just keep flogging the horse simply because you spent a first round pick on him…. it’s over or should be.

  37. The Jets loss was the bad one, not the Bills. The Bills strength was paired against the Dolphins horrid weakness. The HC and OC should have game-planned for that and made adjustments. They didn’t. I like Philbin but it seems like he looks only at the Dolphins (schemes, plays, etc.) and ignores the other team completely when game planning. That needs to be fixed. Maybe it was all Sherman but if that stuff happens again in 2014 then Joe needs to go.

    Also, vary the cadence and get rid of the go/go-go stuff

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