Teryl Austin on Ndamukong Suh: He really wants to be part of a winner

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was the subject of some conversation recently when FOX Sports analyst and former NFL fullback Heath Evans reported that Suh’s teammates felt he was a problem in the locker room and wasn’t held accountable by former head coach Jim Schwartz.

Evans didn’t quote any of those teammates directly while several were willing to put their names to positive comments about Suh, who is entering the final year of his contract and is expected to talk about an extension with the team this offseason. On Friday, new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin spoke to reporters and stressed accountability in general for players who make mistakes and said they’d work hard to identify the best leaders on the roster.

Austin didn’t directly tie Suh into either of those goals, but did say his initial read on Suh is a positive one.

“I’ve seen him a few times around. We didn’t talk about schemes. We just talked. We’ll have plenty of time to talk about football,” Austin said, via the team’s website. “The one thing I can tell talking to the guy is, he really wants to win. That’s really the most important thing. It’s not so much if he goes to the Pro Bowl. I think he really and truly wants to be part of a winner. That’s good. You want your best players to be for the team and to be able to say, ‘Okay, the most important thing for me is winning, not how many awards I get.’ I kind of felt that from him.”

Austin and Suh may not have talked much about schemes, but he seems to have a big role in mind for Suh and the team’s other defensive linemen. While it appears there will be more blitzing than there was under Schwartz, Austin spoke highly of the team’s front four and is expecting them to be at the forefront of what the Lions do defensively moving forward.

21 responses to “Teryl Austin on Ndamukong Suh: He really wants to be part of a winner

  1. Best DT in the league righ now. People always attack personality, but to those haters i point you at Tebow. It truly doesn’t matter about petsonalities. If you can play, which Suh can, you have a roster spot.

    Bring on the thumbs down for being right, but 31 other teams would want this guy if he tested free agency.

  2. What he said was he really wants to win in Detroit. He want’s to be a part of making Detroit win their first Superbowl. That is more important to him than pro bowls, awards, and glory. When he signs his new deal to stay in Detroit you will all see that. He is not going to the Seahawks Just because they are playing great ball.

  3. I’m sure he does want to win, that can be easily said of all 53 players on the team. But will he do what it takes to win, you know, like not stomping on a player when he is already on the ground?

  4. Teryl Austin on Ndamukong Suh: He really wants to be part of a winner.

    Translation: He’s angling to get out of Detroit.

  5. Actually there are plenty of players w/ talent and just getting to the NFL & being paid was their goal…
    And do not care about winning as long as checks keep coming in.

  6. If Suh wants to be a leader, and a contributing member of a winning team, than he has to hold himself to a higher standard and quit acting like a punk. Almost every single one of his college teammates would tell you that they dealt with the EXACT same Suh at Nebraska…someone who carried themselves like they were above everyone else, including coaches and staff. I’ve heard these stories of Suh in Nebraska’s practices acting like the most alpha of dogs, viciously imposing his will on members of his own team while daring anyone to challenge his authority…players and coaches alike. It’s one thing to practice hard and make your teammates better, but it’s another thing when you seek to destroy your teammates just for the sake of “reminding everyone whose boss.”

    Suh, you’re being paid ridiculous amounts of money, not just to be a great player on the field, but also to ACT LIKE A PROFESSIONAL on and off the field. You have to do away with this mindset that you fall under a different set of rules than everyone else…

  7. Suh accomplished his first goal of being the dirtiest player in the league. Now he is set on becoming a winner, then leave Detroit.

  8. I feel sorry for PPl that live in Minnesota, its like 40 below 9 months out of year. Their professional football team has the ugliest uniforms in the NFL and a skinny girl in Minn is still 160 lbs. If there is a worst place of the country to live in then Detroit its definitely there.

  9. Suh should never even give the Hawks, a second thought. There’s a philosophy entirely different from his, that rules in Renton. With Carroll and friends its all about “us”. What can “we” do to be better, how are “our” practices going? Suh, obviously lives with the “me” principal. Me first, me second, me everything. Stay in Motown Suh, there’s very little room for you in the outside world.

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