Wright thinks Seahawks would have beaten Broncos 90 out of 100 times


An interesting question has been raised by some (at least, by us) in the aftermath of  Super Bowl XLVIII.  If the Broncos and Seahawks had played 100 times, how many times would the Seahawks have won?

Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright provided a number during Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

“Probably 90,” Wright said.  “I’d probably go 90 out of 100.  They might’ve got lucky those other 10 times.  They’re a good football team but you know the way we play, our style of play most teams just can’t match up with it.  We are really good at what we do, we run the ball really well, we stop the run, and we just out hit guys, so you know most teams just can’t match up with our style of play.”

Some would peg the number even higher than 90. Still, only one game mattered — the one played five days ago.  And Wright knew it was over early.

“The first play of the game, when they snapped the ball over their head, I was like, ‘All right, man.  We got these boys.’  If you start the game off like that, something’s not right.  When that happened, I was like, ‘All right man, I got my nerves calmed down,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, I believe we got this one.'”

Got it they did.  Now the question is whether they can get another.

“I believe we got to stay at the top of the mountain,” Wright said.  “We know other teams, they’ve been after us these past two years now.  Now that we’re at the top of the food chain, teams will be after us.  I believe with the leadership we have on this team, we’re going to keep progressing and getting better, keeping guys in Seattle.  We’re going to be doing big things these next couple of years.”

They’ll definitely have a target on their backs next year, with every team the Seahawks face trying to take down the current champions.  While a lot will happen between now and next February, the Seahawks have created the strongest sense in years that the Super Bowl winner will be winning the next one, too.

132 responses to “Wright thinks Seahawks would have beaten Broncos 90 out of 100 times

  1. I’m guessing 47 of those begin with a ball sailing over Manning’s head for a safety.

  2. Nfl had been put on notice, we’re tougher than a coffin nail. And here comes another good draft.
    Go hawks

  3. Hahahahaha Broncos would never in their life stand a chance against the GREAT SEATTLE SEAHAWKS! Broncos might as well forfeit their next game against the Seahawks hahahahha… We destroyed them in the preseason, destroyed them in the SUPER BOWL! C’MON? What makes you think Broncos even HAVE a chance!

  4. Pete Carroll > Jim Harbaugh. The proof is in the pudding, people. He was always better, in both college AND in the pros.

  5. Remember when Colon Krapperchoke said the Seahawks nickel defense was “weak” and that Peyton would “pick it apart”? LMAO! What a joke QB.

  6. Who cares…you only need to beat them once in the Superbowl.

    The more Seattle opens their pie holes, the less respect they get.

    What a bunch of swinging Richards !

  7. The Cardinals beat the Seahawks in Seattle. Does that mean the Cardinals would’ve beaten the Seahawks 80-90 times out of a 100?

  8. “Who’s got it better than us?!” The Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens, for starters.

  9. How many Seahawk post game observation articles are we going to see? They dominated the Broncos in every single facet of the game. We get it. I can’t wait for free agency and the draft process to start so we have something else to talk about.

  10. The same clowns who say Seattle won’t be at the Big Dance again next year are the same people who predicted Denver was going to win the Super Bowl, and “It won’t even be close”. Obviously they aren’t football geniuses. The real football people knew Seattle was going to be in the game, and stood a good chance of winning. Mark my words, they’ll be back next year. The cap isn’t going to get them next year, and neither is the Kap.

  11. Seattle key to success, get a bunch of six round losers, give them special juices, and reach success. I wonder if they will ever shut up.

  12. Giving them 10% is being very generous. Had this been boxing, they would have thrown in the towel in round 3. Baseball would have invoked the 10 run rule. Opera would have had the Fat Lady tuning up at the coin toss.

    To be safe, I’d reduce that to 2.5 of 100. It just feels about right.

  13. When is the last time a Super Bowl winning team talked so much trash about their vanquished opponent? They won, and did so convincingly, but they’re starting to tick off the whole country. Except for 12thmanville, I guess. Enjoy it, fellas, next season is just 6 months away.

  14. Uh oh!! Here come the ” win with class” comments. God forbid a team tell you what they’re gonna do and then go out and do it. As a Seahawk fan I love this team. Great to have the toughest team in the NFL.

  15. Not a fan of either team. I don’t think there was a single five minute stretch of that game where you could argue that the Broncos were outplaying the Seahawks. It was complete domination by Seattle from minute 1 until the end.

    So I’d go even higher than Wright.

  16. Listen. I really respect the season Seattle had capped off by dominating the Super Bowl against Peyton Manning. I was rooting for them (mainly because Manning’s loss was Brady’s gain). But I think the media and the players are going a little too far about this team as if they are unbeatable. If Kaepernick puts 6 inches of air under the pass to Crabtree I’m not even writing this post right now. So congrats Seahawks…enjoy your ring…but next year is a new year.

  17. You won, and you won convincingly.
    So you can claim any thing you want to and you’ll have an audience.
    But the truth is, you can’t prove anything at all.
    Pure conjecture.
    It is irrelevant what you “think”.
    You Seahawks should win with class and dignity.
    Could you win 90 out of 100 with class and dignity?
    Doubtful, if your recent history is any

  18. If the NFL decides to schedule Seattle-Denver as its opening game for 2014, I guess we will have the first opportunity to see if it evens out or if the ‘Hawks continue to dominate.

  19. “The first play of the game, when they snapped the ball over their head, I was like, ‘All right, man. We got these boys.’ Ahhhh, the beauty of hindsight.

    I wish I had that kind of hindsight back in August of ’99 while in the Bahamas and walking through a casino with my wife and saw the odds on winning the Superbowl for that year for every team. My Rams were a 500-1 shot and I jokingly told my wife that I should put $200 down on my sad team to win it all. I didn’t of course and then wished I had on January 30th of 2000.

  20. Maybe, maybe not. It really was the perfect storm for the Seahawks, starting with the very first snap. If they were to play a second time, do they get another unforced safety? Does Harvin run another kick back for a touchdown? Does Manning’s deflected pass get run back for a touchdown?

    Seattle was the better team that night and they probably were the better team period. But Denver wasn’t 43-8 bad. I bet if they played a second time it would be more competitive.

  21. The Seahawks beat the Broncos 40-10 in August of 2013. Everyone dismissed it because it was “just a pre-season game.” Perhaps the Broncos should have studied that a little harder, because it was pretty obvious that they were unprepared. I know, I know, not all of the players from that game are still with the teams. But still, the key players were there, including Manning. I was there at that game myself, and I saw the Hawks throttle the Broncos with my own eyes.

  22. Well, I’m NOT a Lions fan or a Stafford fan (I’m a Bears fan from the mid 70’s on).

    The stats say Stafford is NOT an INT machine.

    For his career, his INT percentage is 2.9.

    This past season it was only 3.0

    Other than his rookie season (which it was bad), he’s been OK.

    His INT percentage was 2.3, 2.4 and then 3.0 this past season.

    So, for the kids overall body of work, he is not an INT machine.

    Now, Eli Manning’s career INT percentage is 3.4, which is higher than this past season was for Stafford.

    Also, Eli’s INT percentage THIS past season was 4.9 percent. Terrible.

  23. I think Seattle wins maximum 5 or 6 times out of 10 against Denver. They are not truly a significantly better team. This was a freak, outlier kind of game where Denver got rattled on the first snap of the game and deflated by halftime.

  24. Lol the saltiness and sensitivity of some of you astounds me. How exactly is KJ talking trash here or disrespecting Denver? He was asked a question and answered in a confident way that favored his team. What did you expect him to say? ‘Wellll…we won the super bowl, but any other time we would’ve lost.’ Come on now.

    They won the only one that mattered anyway so get over it 🙂

  25. That the Seahawks organization is loaded with talent, from the front office right down through the roster, is undebatable. The only thing more certain is that they have the most obnoxious collection of players and fans than anywhere else in pro sports. Certainly not all of them and Russell Wilson shines as a beacon of class and dignity whose example is all but ignored by his teammates and team supporters. Most of the team and its fan base behave like the nerdy fat kid from high school who got contact lenses and lost weight then constantly pestered everyone around him to “check out these abs.” Like the former fat kids, the Seahawks certainly earned their victory but they sure don’t act much like winners.

  26. Denver got beat in every phase of the game.

    Does Denver have a kickoff returner like Harvin? No!
    Does Denver have a ball hawking defense? No!
    Does Denver have a multi-dimensional offense? No!

    Denver is a one dimensional team that relies on Peyton Manning. Once his line protection broke down it was over. The Broncos could neither run nor pass effectively against the Seattle Defense. Seattle has beaten Denver badly the last three times they played. If they played 10, Seattle would win them all.

  27. Umm… didn’t the Seahawks lose 3 of their 16 games? Wouldn’t that ratio imply that the champions of the AFC had a little better shot at beating the Seahawks more than 10 times out of 100? While I believe the Seahawks would win well over 50% of those 100 games, I don’t think it would be anywhere close to 90%.

  28. You sound like the last linebacker in the super bowl..we plan to stay together and win a few more here with same guys…..right…i bet u won’t give up ur money…teammates my ass..a real teammate..a real brother is the one you go to REAL WAR with…not this game u play and piss about not getting enough millions….

  29. Mr. Wright – you’re being waaaaaaay to honest here.
    It was ‘men against the boys’ in Super Bpowl 48. The Broncos were clearly outclassed, outplayed and outperformed.

  30. If the donkeys had won once out of that 100 times it would have been the greatest of all of football history and the gods would have opened the clouds and welcomed their Demi- God home to mount Olympus .long live the GIANT KILLER(Seahawks)

  31. I was happy for the Seahawks, but all this talk is a little over the top. The reality is that the Seahawks could have lost the NFC championship to the 49ers, it was that close… other teams will re-group including the Broncos. That was 1 game where everything went Seattle’s way, next time could be different. We’ll see but 90% seems like over-confidence & that won’t sit well with everyone else. Many things have to go a certain way to win the SB, multi-factorial. Just enjoy it

  32. I love it! Seahawks are the team to beat, and they are ready to fight! That’s what the NFL used to be about, put up or shut up! I look forward to next year, and I hope my team beats them. Not because of anything else, but the fact that they are the best. Good luck Seahawks, you’re gonna need it.

  33. I’d go further. I think they’d win 99 out of 100 times. The only way Denver could have won was playing a perfect game with the perfect gameplan like that 1990 Giant team that beat the Bills. Even though the defense over offense axiom held that year too, the Giants were starting a backup QB in that game and were at a disadvantage. Seems strange to say a team quarterbacked by Peyton Manning needed to play a certain way, but it was the only way they could have won, play ball control and get some turnovers to tip the scale.

  34. Ratio hypotheticals are very annoying, especially said when there’s an upset. Example: The 2007 Patriots would have beaten the 2007 Giants in Super Bowl XLII 9/10, ugh!!!!

  35. …as long as Peyless skipped 10 of the matchups. Never should’ve been or will be in the discussion for G.O.A.T. I heard he’s in his rightful place this weekend; caddying for Brady at Pebble Beach.

  36. It’s funny, as much as I hate the Patriots, I don’t ever remember their players or fans being as big a group of classless, obnoxious blowhards as this current crop of Seattle trash

  37. ROTFLMAO! Looks like we still have a bunch of snotty loser types out there.
    Look, when a team hears all year long about how they don’t have a chance, how they are just lucky to have won their last game, how all they do is cheat, how any team BUT them will be in the Super Bowl, how they have no chance of winning the Super Bowl once they actually earn the berth, how Manning will pick their flimsy defense apart, how their offense doesn’t stand a chance…after ALL of that tripe…I believe they have MORE than a little right to crow a bit.
    And I can’t believe someone actually was STUPID enough to AGAIN pop off with that “if Kaep had…” lone of baloney.

    How about this people…if ANY of the other teams had put in 1/2 the work the Seahawks did as individuals or as a team, then one of THEM would have been in the Super Bowl and won it. Instead…it was the Seahawks, and to warn you now…they are FAR from finished. Next year…they will be even better, during the season, the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Cause now…they are in the “shove it down your throat” mode.

    Kaep will be lucky if he is still standing after the two games he plays them next season, and the ‘Frisco Whiners will be done playing after their 16th season game anyhow.

    Bring it on!

  38. WOW We can have Tom Brady on ESPN 175 times a year, or Tony Romo almost that much. We can have players from the chosen teams saying whatever they want, but some of you butt hurt guys can’t take a little bit of the Seahawks? Every team that wins the SB is on the sports shows, they are asked the same questions, and they are answered the same.

    Because you saw Sherman go a bit crazy, the whole team is like that? How much all season have you heard from any of the LB’ers from Seattle? before the NFCCG how many knew who the LB’ers even where? The front 7 is a pretty good group of guys, and don’t talk a lot. Let them be like every other SB Champ, have their time and move on.

    If Wilson was asked the question, and he gave the same answer would we be having this same gripe session? The D especially the DB’s are loud, but they back it up. If they talked a lot, but sucked go after them. The last thing is don’t admit it publicly, but every team wished they had the LOB on their team. We had 2nd string guys that were better than your starters.

  39. Love the way nobody talks about the fact Denver was missing SIX! friggin starters!Of course Seattle should win 90 percent of the time. DUH

  40. Funny how most people would judge everything on just one game. Even funnier is how most don’t understand what 90 out of 100 is. That’s 90%. Including the postseason the Seahawks went 16-3 (84%) vs the league which includes good and bad teams. If you want to give me the Broncos at +900 (9 to 1 odds) I’ll take that every time. Those of you who would take the Seahawks at -900 (1 to 9 odds) I wish you luck with your finances. It is not by accident that the smart and rich get richer while the dumb and poor keep getting poorer.

  41. Wow. A lot of you are still butt-hurt that your team lost in the playoffs (if they even made it), and you were wrong about the donkeys winning. Get over it. GO HAWKS!

  42. Congrats seahawk fans

    I hate you with a passion. I hate your team. I hate your colors. I hate every single thing about you guys but, respect earned and congrats. You have a hell of a team that is Championship deserving and proved such.

  43. Every year, a new dynasty is created. And by the next Super Bowl they wonder what happened. It will be the same with this bunch, but the more they flap their gums the harder the fall will be.

  44. FYI – I am a Patriots’ fan.

    This past season not only did we lose in the AFC championship game, we also lost our position as the most-hated team in pro football, which we have held for a long time.

    THIS hurts. But you Seattle fans – let me give you a few words of advice.

    Live it up. Enjoy it. Rub it in. (You might point out that the Hawks scored enough points in the 1st 12 seconds of the 1st half and the first 12 seconds of the 2nd half to win the game 9-8.)

    Football is more than just a contact sport, it is a sport of out and out physical domination. Occasionally the winning team out and out breaks the will of the losers, and that is what happened last Sunday. I know some Bronco fans whose attitude as the game went on became “What can you do?” The answer of course is pray for the final gun so you can get off the field.

    What also scares me is this – the Seahawks are tied with the 1971 Miami Dolphins for the youngest SuperBowl champions ever.

    In closing let me restate the obvious – Last Sunday’s game was a flat out butt-kicking.

  45. Any team from the NFC playoffs woulda won that game and so would the cards. In regards to Carroll yeah he has a ring now but he has a losing record against Harbaugh and has NEVER beaten him on the road. Same can’t be said the other way. Ijs that superbowl wasn’t just about Carroll’s coaching. It was actually more about Schneiders brilliant drafting and a creampuff opponent that was only there because of an easy schedule

  46. That the Seahawks organization is loaded with talent, from the front office right down through the roster, is undebatable. The only thing more certain is that they have the most obnoxious collection of players and fans than anywhere else in pro sports. Certainly not all of them and Russell Wilson shines as a beacon of class and dignity whose example is all but ignored by his teammates and team supporters. Most of the team and its fan base behave like the nerdy fat kid from high school who got contact lenses and lost weight then constantly pestered everyone around him to “check out these abs.” Like the former fat kid, the Seahawks certainly earned their victory but they sure don’t act much like winners.

  47. I think you’re gonna get destroyed next year. I think the Bronco implosion doesn’t happen 85 out of 100 times. Thinking you won the only 1 out of 100 you would have won. Tend to agree about the first play of the game quote though.

  48. everyone is trashing the seahawks for excessively talking smack, but pretty much every post-SB comment from coaches and players is true.

    it is clear to me that seatt and sf are the 2 best teams in the nfl, and it is almost unfair to them that they reside in the same div. one of the seatt players said the real SB was the nfc title gm vs sf, that is spot on.

    in fact right now i think the nfc is much better than the afc. in addition to seatt and sf, caro and new orl are good solid football teams. and gb with rodgers can compete with anyone. i don’t think denv, new eng, indy, cinc, kc etc are at the same level. i thought indy and cinc would break thru this yr, but they each have some work to do. and cinc’s window may have closed.

  49. Did the Raiders win Super Bowls with class? Err… No.

    Steelers? (Certainly not the first 4 – body bags would’ve been more appropriate for their opposition)

    Patriots? Well we all know what happened there.

    The list goes on. Enough of the “win with class” requests. Winning the Lombardi is the only goal.

    Just accept that your team didn’t earn bragging rights this time around, otherwise you’re just coming across as sore losers.

  50. I think the equipment manager in Seattle is busy purchasing new helmets as the Seahawks heads are getting too big!

  51. The “6 inches more to Crabtree” stuff makes me laugh.

    You act like Crab was wide open and Kap missed him.

    Sherman had him covered and then pulled up because he could get the ball. If it had been 6 inches farther Sherm would have kept running and knocked it away anyway.

  52. The media keeps asking the questions…the Seahawks keep answering the questions…the media keeps publishing their answers AND then everyone says they should quit gloating? Are you frickin’ serious? The Super Bowl was less than a week ago. If you don’t want to read articles about it, then don’t! Seattle waited 38 years for this win and they have an absolute right to their moment in the sun. Love my Hawks!

  53. All fan bases have the fair weather and the gloating variety as well as the butt hurt losers. That’s part of the fun. Most of us are happy to see our team we’ve been behind for so long breakthrough and win convincingly over a long time rival and look like a favorite going into the Draft and next year. All the haters just wish they were in our shoes. It’s not gloating but it is celebrating a great team and victory less than a week ago. Sheesh…pre sb Stories on manning and Denver lasted twice as long.

  54. Thank you Seahawks for embarrassing the Broncos since if the Broncos won, I couldn’t handle the constant Peyton Praise and everyone throwing rose petals at his feet.

  55. How is he ” gloating”? He was asked a question. Many analysts, including ex bronco Shannon sharpe said the Seahawks would win “100 out of 100 times”

  56. Call me crazy but I think a healthy Pats team could have beaten the Seahawks this year in the SB. If the Pats had had a healthy defensive line and o-line, especially with Gronk in the mix, I think the Pats could have pulled it off. They did after all, almost beat Seattle two years ago when they last played them.

  57. K.J. didn’t say anything classless…..not sure what all the comments about not winning with class are about. The team has class and gave Denver and Peyton respect after the game…….Based on the matchup, speed and overall talent of the Seahawks, everyone knows that they would likely win 90 percent of the time with these two teams as they now sit……

    Go Hawks!

  58. People need to face facts, the Broncos didn’t properly game plan for the Sea Hawks. Cannot believe for a minute that they are 30 plus points better. But we will find out soon because they square off again next year, and this time in Seattle. If it’s another blowout then I’ll give you your props. But I’ll bet this game will be very competitive.

  59. I honestly prefer the Seahawks acting like a evil wrestling heel to the false modesty of teams like the Patriots. The Patriots would constantly brag they played the right way while video taping their opponents.

    The Seahawks…they play for themselves and their fans and like being the villain. I think that’s good for the sport. A great villain makes the nfl more interesting.

    Also they may be around for awhile they’re actually the youngest team to ever win a SB (the 71 Dolphins lost). So if you don’t like them…beat them.

  60. He might be right, but how obnoxious is it for someone to rub this in a beaten opponents face? That’s just a lack of class. They won ONE Super Bowl. That doesn’t make a dynasty. They barely beat SF at home. I have a funny feeling success will get to these guys heads and they will each leave for more money once they are free agents because they each think they are amazing in their own right. They need a big slice of humble pie in 2014.

  61. They would talk about how they are the better team 100 out of 100 times though.

  62. far as the Cards beating theHAwks in theWoodshed that was by design for several reasons, Hawks had the LOCK and didnt need to risk injury, 3 teams representing the NFCWest might convince the leghumpers (who BTY still today after the ginormous show of dominance still think the NFC is weak) the NFCW si the division to beat, the NFL powerhouse

    all 4 teams could have dismantled the Donks no prob and next year all 4 will be even better

  63. Seahawks had a classy bunch back in ’05 (save for Jerramy Stevens). After having a Super Bowl stolen from them, they were referred to as a soft, whiny, finesse team. Well now they’re back. Bigger, stronger, faster, louder. This version will punch you in the mouth and wait for you to apologize. They’ll set the table and eat the food. YOU created this monster, Dr. Frankenstein, and now you don’t like it.
    For the record, I don’t care for the trash talk by the fans or the players, but evidently we have to be the bully OR the victim around here so give me your lunch money, twerp.

  64. The Hawks have one heck of a management team and the same with their players. As they say in horse racing there is only one way to win a race and a 1000 ways to lose that race. Same applies to winning a Super Bowl. First you have to get to the game and then win it. How many teams win back to back Super Bowls? No EASY feat and talk is cheap but the Hawks have the team to do it if they don’t lose some key players to injury and the ball takes the right bounces.

  65. Truth is, you don’t know whether Seattle would beat Denver even 50% of the time, let alone 90%. Not on the basis of one game, you don’t. But they did beat them one out of one, and that was the one that mattered.

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