Colts hire Rob Chudzinski as special assistant to the head coach

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Six weeks after the Browns fired him, Rob Chudzinski has a new job.

The Colts announced today that they hired Rob Chudzinski as special assistant to the head coach.

“Rob and I have a long professional relationship and his résumé speaks for itself,” Colts coach Chuck Pagano said in a statement. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and will be a tremendous help to our entire team moving forward. Needless to say, we’re excited to have ‘Chud’ joining our family.”

Pagano and Chudziski first got to know each other in 1986, when Pagano was a graduate assistant for the Miami Hurricanes and Chudzinski was a player on the team. They later spent six seasons together coaching on the Hurricanes’ staff, and in 2004 they were both on the Browns’ coaching staff.

Chudzinski was the head coach of the Browns in 2013. He was fired after one 4-12 season.

46 responses to “Colts hire Rob Chudzinski as special assistant to the head coach

  1. Chud has great ideas to get 10% more production out of T-Rich. He will go from 3yrds/carry during regular season and .3yrds/carry during post season to 3.3yrds and .303. Brandon Weeden will become the new back up QB. The Browns will throw in Bess too.

  2. He should have remained unemployed and kept cashing checks signed by Haslam. I think he was unfairly fired.

  3. Coltsreign

    “This is a great hire.
    If he made josh gordy a 1000 yarder than heck knows what he could do with T.y. Hilton”

    First of all he was a 1600 “yarder” and if you are implying that T.Y. is or will be better than Josh Gordon then you are sorely mistaken my friend.

    Good for Chud though. I’m happy for him.

  4. It’s amazing how these guys leave Cleveland and prosper somewhere else. Humm? Wonder what the problem is in Cleveland? Good luck for Chudinski getting out of there.

  5. Nothing against him, and maybe they can make this work, but I think this is probably a mistake for organizational reasons.

    It’s not usually productive to have people worried about someone looking over their shoulder. How well can the OC function if he thinks he’s in danger of being replaced by someone who has the HC’s ear? You need coordinators who are not afraid of what might happen and not distracted by back office stuff.

    It might be different if the OC had hired him, but that’s not what we are reading.

  6. Anyone who says Chud was unfairly treated is crazy. 10 mill contraxt and treated unfairly? You have got to be kidding. Yea I feel real bad for him.

  7. Colts fan, this is a great hire. Hopefully they will allow him to have alot of input on the play calling. With the talent you guys have on offense, you could be explosive next year. Actually I think they should have demoted Pep Hamilton and brought Chud in as the OC.

  8. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues says:
    Feb 8, 2014 12:01 PM

    A loser’s hire.

    Another classless comment by another classless Steelers fan. It’s the one team in the NFL that I can say I like the team but despise its fan base. There is nothing worse than a Steelers fan, folks. They show up with their stupid towels and their steelworker hats. Meanwhile, your city is run by PNC bank and doesn’t even make steel anymore. I wish they would take their “stairway to seven” tats and disgusting french fry, bologna, coleslaw, mustard, ketchup, pickles, onions, chocolate sauce Nutella sandwiches and go away.

  9. Don’t know how this will work out but the whole galaxy is better off when someone escapes the Joe Bummer/Mike Dumturdi neatherworld!

  10. Nice. When does Irsay toy with us that Wade Phillips is actually replacing Manusky as DC?

    Speak of the Son of Bum, why isn’t anyone hiring the guy? Age?

  11. Good hire by the Colts. Really looking forward to this years draft when the Browns blow their 1st round pick on a player worse than Richardson. Maybe their fans will then go back into hiding.

  12. stoolerz says:
    Feb 8, 2014 2:44 PM
    Colts fan, this is a great hire. Hopefully they will allow him to have alot of input on the play calling. With the talent you guys have on offense, you could be explosive next year. Actually I think they should have demoted Pep Hamilton and brought Chud in as the OC.

    Better yet, fire Pep so he can add to Jim Caldwells’ confusion in Detroit. The Colts would be a helluva lot better without the Pepster.

  13. Great hire by the Colts, Chud was given a raw deal here in Cleveland. The fans and players were behind Chud, then the 3 stooges, decided they would look smart by making a statement firing, to the wrong guy. Guess the browns can call it even now, for the fleecing they put on them with the Richardson trade. Good Luck Chud! Go Browns

  14. Good for Chud and the Browns. Feel like he got a raw deal, but he is back on a team, working again.

    As for Chud having “made” Josh Gordon a 1000 yard receiver though…..uh no!

    Josh Gordon made Josh Gordon a 1600 yard receiver. And he did it with a cast of mediocores throwing the ball to him, and he missed two games, so yeah….he’s kinda good.

  15. First, Chudzinski didn’t need help getting a job (except that all the coach and coordinator jobs are filled). That said, there is an awful lot of buddy hiring in the nfl. They made up a job to give a buddy a paycheck knowing full well he is gone after 1 year.

  16. Please refrain from the silly Gordon vs. T.Y.
    After all Gordon had Weeden, Campbell and Hoyer and T.Y. had Luck. That is a huge difference

  17. For all you guys saying Chud got hired by a friend in order to collect a paycheck – Part of the buyout settlement with the Browns was 10 million dollars. Don’t think Chud is too worried about cash.

  18. No feisty1 the problem in cleveland is we have not been lucky enough to have 2 franchise qbs fall into our laps ( manning, luck). If the browns had luck they would have made the playoffs as well. Browns have 6 pro bowlers and just as much talent as your Colts except for qb. That is the only difference so don’t give me that what’s wrong with Cleveland crap. Take our qbs and your 5-11 as well. Hopefully, the browns finally get a qb this year and then people like yourself will start to shut their mouths.

  19. This is the guy that wanted to play Weedon and could never make halftime adjustments. Go look at how many games the Browns lead at half and ended up losing. You would have thought the Colts have learned there lesson with Trent.

  20. “Assistant to the Head Coach”
    And still making +6 figures a year, I’m sure.
    And all for taking notes and getting drinks for the HC.
    ya, I am jealous.

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