Eric Decker: I would love to come back, I don’t know my future


Broncos receiver Eric Decker becomes a free agent on March 11, and it will be at least that long before he knows whether he’ll remain in Denver.

“I would love to come back. I don’t know my future either,” Decker said, via 9 News in Denver.

Decker caught 87 passes for 1,288 yards and 11 touchdowns during the regular season, and those stats could be enough to convince some team to pay him like a No. 1 receiver. If so, it’s tough to see the Broncos matching that offer because he’s not their No. 1 receiver. The Broncos could lose Decker and replace him with a rookie or a cheaper free agent, and they’d be just fine with a passing game that still features Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas and Wes Welker.

So while Decker won’t know for sure until mid-March, there’s a good chance that his future is somewhere other than in Denver.

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  1. As a Bronco fan I’m okay with him leaving! To me he
    actually is a product of a good offense of system

  2. HE ENDS up in san diego re-uniting with mike mccoy..chargers wont be getting alexander or floyd back and eddie royal is up in the air and a free agent.. wouldnt be surprised to see philipps end up back in san diego if denver doesnt re-sign him.

  3. New England. Please. Pretty please! I’ll even put sugar on top! And bring Larry Fitzgerald with you, mr Kraft will send the jet just swing down to AZ and scoop him on the way.

  4. Yeah just draft his replacement like it will be easy. There are guys in the 5th round that can easily match 87 catches 1288 yards and 11 touchdowns that’s easy. You can’t get a receiver in the 5th rd of fantasy football to match that productivity

  5. Funny to see people claiming he’s a product of Peyton’s offense. How does that explain the year he had with Tebow? Would love to have him in NE.

  6. We all know BB HATES bringing in any talent at all. He refuses to draft worth a hoot or bring in good quality FA’s. For as much love as he gets for coaching up bad teams no ever seems to criticism him for him being responsible for building those bad teams. He won’t go after a legit #2 for Brady.

  7. Spoken by every free agent out there, unless you play for the vikings then you just rip up your remaining contract and get out of dodge.

  8. There’s no money for you, Eric. Peyton has it all.

    It’s the Peyton Manning salary cap dilemma.

  9. If he was a prima donna who hated his coach then he would sign with NE for spite. But Decker isn’t like that, I doubt most receivers not named Wes Welker are. How did that plan of Wes’ work out for him?

  10. This guy is the epitome of a system WR. You can easily take him out of the game with physical cornerback play. Not worth big money. Bubba Caldwell could probably come in a produce those numbers.

  11. Tebow has one as many superbowls as manning in Denver…. ha ha .. that will teach you bronco fans to tie your future to old horse with nothing left in the tank.

  12. Why is he constantly talking about his contract? Because this is the biggest pay he’s ever going to get…A 6 3 wide receiver that can’t beat press has no future in the NFL. Welcome to the Vikings Eric, I hope you enjoy your four year 55 million dollar contract with a sub par team. Y

  13. Patriots will not sign Decker may spend money to keep Edelman improving the defense and getting back to two TE offense

  14. Posts like those are so naïve, they’re adorable. He’d love to stay….until his agent tells him about that first obscene offer that some team with a ton of cap space, but few good receivers, throws their way. Then it’s time to take out an ad in the Denver Post thanking the fans for all of the good times. If they want to beat Seattle in the future they need more speed at the WR spot, so Decker probably needs to go anyway. Peyton throws to the receiver who has the matchup edge, so Decker was AWOL for 2-3 games at a time before he had another huge game. Which means it’s all about the system, not individual players who can be replaced.

  15. Wait . . .what? . . , you said on your locally aired William’s Diamond commercials “That’s you’re ALL in” Now you’re debating about leaving us? I guess that’s OK, like some I believe the Broncos need to allocate more money over to the defense.

  16. Maybe he’s future in broadcasting since he only appeared in media day and post game interviews at the Super Bowl.

    Or perhaps a uniform model ….

  17. He’ll have plenty of options if Denver lets him go, IMO. If this happens, Texans, consider him please. Andre Johnson is in desperate need of help and Decker would fit here perfectly. I know finding a new QB is without question, but what use is having an amazing QB when he’ll have no offense at his back. And lets face it, only place for our team to go is up…

  18. Someone is going to grossly overpay Decker. He’s got talent, but frankly, he drops a lot of passes. And he is at his best in Denver’s system.

  19. Interesting dilemma. He’s a good player and will expect to be paid accordingly, but the Broncos will have difficulty fitting under the salary cap. How much of a home town discount is he prepared to give? If he is motivated by making money, expect him to walk. A terrible team like Oakland has over $60M available to spend, Decker would make an excellent target…

  20. joetoronto says: Feb 8, 2014 9:08 AM

    There’s no money for you, Eric. Peyton has it all.

    It’s the Peyton Manning salary cap dilemma.
    This is joetoronto’s favorite time of year.. So full of hope for the future, falling asleep at night, dreaming about the Raiders finally making the playoffs. Soon the trash talking will come and week after week the losses will start piling up. The Raiders will once again be in the AFC West basement which coincidentally is where Joe’s mom has been letting him sleep for the last 35 years. The Raiders haven’t had a winning season in 12 years and they’re not going to have one this year either..

  21. Ravens? Not unless he is willing to sign for the league minimum. If he plays in the AFCN, it’s most likely to be as a Brown.

  22. Dump Welker, keep Decker. He’s much more versatile and effective. Denver has J. Thomas to work the middle of the field, keep Decker and D. Thomas outside and running those deep crossing routes.
    Welker is the ultimate tease. Give his salary to Decker, plus a sweetener.

  23. If Denver is smart they will have no problem letting Decker walk. They have to let Decker go now so they can sign D Thomas later for the long haul.

  24. crewdawg says:
    Feb 8, 2014 8:38 AM
    Funny to see people claiming he’s a product of Peyton’s offense. How does that explain the year he had with Tebow? Would love to have him in NE.

    49 13
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    Year with Tebow

    44 catches for 612 yards and 8 TD’s

    This past season with Peyton

    87 catches for 1288 yards and 11 TD’s

    2 seasons ago with Peyton

    85 catches for 1064 yards and 13 TD’s

  25. For those of you that keep mentioning how you never heard his name during the Superbowl, answer me this. Just exactly whose name on the Denver offense DID you hear during the Superbowl?

  26. Decker is not a No. 1 receiver–but he is one of the best No. 2 receivers in the league. If the Broncos lose him, he will not easily be replaced. He should not be paid No. 1 receiver money–any team that does that is foolish–but as a Bronco fan I’d certainly like to see him stay. He’s put up big numbers over the last two/three years.

  27. as long as manning is there, the broncos are in a win now mode. in order to do that, elway knows he has to spend that cap money on defenders, not receivers. they have enough receivers. manning can make any receiver a star. i’d be shocked if they sign Decker because of how much need they have on defense.

    if manning was not coming back, i’d see them resigning decker with the extra money. but as far as we know now, manning is coming back pending that physical.

    they also have to resign Beadles. Never, ever break up your offensive line. see what happened to the packers after they won the superbowl when they didn’t resgn their center.

    if Elway is smart, he lets decker leave, and uses that money to sign Talib if they patriots don’t do it. pull another fast one on the pats. to me, that could propell the broncos to contenders again.

  28. somethingsmellsrotten says:
    Feb 8, 2014 10:29 AM
    Doesn’t matter how many receivers the Donkeys have, obviously. They got DESTROYED!!

    Oh Rotten: Your team is who??????????????

  29. Super Bowl showed how the Broncos’ thought process was.

    Put him against Sherman for the game…

    Great Strategy! Too bad they couldn’t figure out the rest of the D.


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