Former NFL player breaks out of Sochi bathroom

A member of the U.S. bobsled team once spent time with the Bills and Packers, before being cut by each before the start of the regular season.  But former receiver Johnny Quinn has a new claim to fame.

Apart from becoming a U.S. Olympic bobsledder, Quinn has broken out of a bathroom at his hotel in Sochi.

Via our friends at, Quinn busted through the door after he realized that:  (1) he was locked in; and (2) he had no cell phone device with him.”With no phone to call for help, I used my bobsled push training to break out,” Quinn said on Twitter, with the hashtag #SochiJailBreak.

Given the bizarre no-toilet-fishing rules that apply at the site of the games, it’s safe to assume that blasting a hole through the door also is frowned upon.  And while it’s an impressive feat to bust through any door, it doesn’t look like this specific door consisted of much more than honeycombed cardboard.

Perhaps they would have been able to afford better doors if they’d had better luck fishing in the toilets.