Alex Smith: Indy loss was taste of what offense can do

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The Chiefs lost to the Colts 45-44 in the opening game of the playoffs and quarterback Alex Smith says it will take until the start of next season to get the “bitter taste” out of his mouth.

Memories of the game aren’t entirely bitter for Smith, however. He threw for 378 yards and four touchdowns while adding another 57 rushing yards in a performance that he says is just “a taste” of what the Chiefs offense will be capable of doing in 2014 now that they have a year with Andy Reid’s offense under their belts.

“It was our first year in the offense, we didn’t turn the ball over, we were opportunistic in the red zone, but yes we didn’t really have the entire playbook at hand, and that’s to be expected in the first year with a lot of new faces,” Smith said, via Garrett Johnston of the Kansas City Star. “So as the year went on and we got more comfortable and coach Reid got more comfortable with us and his staff, he started to trust us with more and we showed that we could handle it. By the end, I was feeling really good about things.”

Smith also touched on the fact that he’s signed for just one more year with the Chiefs and Reid. Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt said recently that the Chiefs didn’t trade for Smith to have him for just one season and Smith said he’d like to stay around, while noting that “the nature of the game” means that there are no guarantees that things will work out that way.

14 responses to “Alex Smith: Indy loss was taste of what offense can do

  1. as a colts fan, i was happy & stunned to win that game. however, i felt horrible for that guy. he was unstoppable

  2. dont worry alex, us colts fans will have that bitter defeat of the patriots the next week on our minds too

  3. That’s the paradigm of the playoffs. Once you get in, you are only happy if you win the SB.
    As a Chiefs fan, I will take the taste of the loss to the Colts over whatever Trollonto and the rest of the Raiders fans are tasting.

  4. I have lived in kc crap area all my life and they have always fell on there face and the fans favorite saying maybe next year OPEN your eyes kc THEY STINK always have always will they will be lucky to go 2/13 next year they had a easy year in 2013 but wait till 2014 and they have Denver to try to beat maybe Andy Rib reid needs to show them wide receivers and running back how to run all you have to do is hold a slab of ribs at the end zone and reid would be the first one there they are just a want to be team No Hope for KC

  5. I would like to remind everyone that Alex Smith had the fumble that started the snowball. If he doesn’t fumble then maybe the Chiefs win 44-43.

  6. brainmasher is right. I like Alex but that fumble started the whole avalanche that took place afterwards. I know D played bad but Jamal Charles leaving game didn’t allow Chiefs to control clock thru running game. Alex also overthrew Cyrus Gray wide open down the sidelines which also could have stopped the bleeding. Overall Alex turned out to be a good QB in Andy Reid’s system.

  7. Pop Quiz:

    Which is the bigger fraud?

    a) A Canadian who claims to be a Raiders fan.
    b) A Raiders fan who claims to be in Canada.

    Answer: It’s a trick question they are both huge frauds. No self-respecting version of the former would claim to be the latter.

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