Dolphins expect “better dividends” from Jamar Taylor in 2014

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The Dolphins drafted a pair of cornerbacks in the first three rounds of the NFL draft, but got just 14 games combined out of them.

Second-round pick Jamar Taylor played nine games and third-rounder Will Davis got into just five as the Dolphins largely went with Brent Grimes, Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson at the corners this season. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald spoke to a Dolphins staffer who said Davis needs “to develop mentally and physically” before he’ll be able to help the team on defense.

Hopes are higher for Taylor. The Dolphins source told Jackson that the team expects “better dividends” from Taylor in 2014 as he’ll be further removed from the sports hernia surgery that limited him in his rookie season.

Getting those dividends may be vital for the Dolphins defense. Grimes and Carroll are both free agents while Dimitri Patterson is seen as a likely cap casualty thanks to his $5.4 million salary and 10 missed games during the 2013 season. Grimes is a franchise tag candidate if a longer deal can’t be worked out and the other two may return as well, but there will be pressure on the two 2013 draftees to make some strides whether or not the Dolphins do decide to go younger.

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  1. If they are analyzing Taylor under a “dividend” philosophy, can we please have the business perspective as it relates to all other players? That sounds like a fun process for those that aren’t Dolphins fans to look at everything about the Dolphins as an individual asset and determining who was worth anything or not. I think the final report is going to show that Dennis Hickey needs to come up with a huge dividend performance cause right now this team is a mess no matter how you look at it. And they should focus on how to win football games as a team and as opposed to who subjectively yields an apparently satisfactory amount of individual “dividends”.

    Weird stuff going on in Miami right now.

  2. So we’re expecting 2 of Jeff Ireland’s picks to contribute? Looks like another long season.

  3. What a strange draft on Irelands part in my opinion.

    Drafts DE/OLB Dion Jordan but goes with Olivier Vernon, Derrick Shelby, Cameron Wake, Jared Odrick

    Drafts Jamaar Taylor and Will Davis but goes with Brent Grimes, Nolan Carrol, Jimmy Wilson, Dimitri Patterson, ect

    Drafts Dallas Thomas but goes with Jonathan Martin, Tyson Clabo, Big Mac ect

    Drafts Mike Gilislee but goes with Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas and Marcus Thigpen.

    Drafts Jelani Jenkins but goes with Phillip Wheeler, Dannel Ellerbe, and Koa misi.

    Did Joe Philbin just not like a single one of Jeffs picks? They had the lowest amount of snaps for rookies, totaling in the 800’s vs all other teams getting 1000-1600 snaps.

    I just don’t get it

  4. Will also throw in Jeff Drafted TE Dion Simms but they go with Dustin Keller, and after he gets hurt they still go with Charles Clay and Michael Egnew.

    Seems like the one guy they do use as a rookie, the kicker caleb Sturgis, totally sucks and loses a few games

  5. After watching him at Boise St I didn’t think Taylor sucked at all. He was one of the better corners in the draft and I thought Miami got him at an appropriate spot…

    …Until I found out he needed hernia surgery. How did Ireland not know that?

  6. This is a huge part of what was Ireland and Philbins problem. Coupled with the fact that every other person in the building was against Ireland. Philbin refused to play any of these players that were drafted making Ireland look like he had failed at his job. Granted Taylor needed surgery but the rest were not hurt but never given a chance. Even Thomas never saw the field throughout the whole Martin/Incognito fiasco. Why not? Just another reason why Philbin needs to go, putting his own personal problems before the teams

  7. On top of it all they still stubbornly stick with Danielle Thomas after 3 lame seasons!!
    He has the lowest avg. yards per carry over the last 3 years in the NFL with the qualifying number of carries.
    Makes ZERO sense!!
    They guy had one great run in 3 years (againstPittsburgh)
    He never breaks a tackle, always goes down on first contact, runs into his own players backs, and never gets that extra yard or two by falling or pushing forward. Doesn’t keep his legs going upon contact–at least Miller does. He gets stood up and pushed back all the time!! He’s softer than Charmin!!
    My god already. If they don’t get rid of him this year it makes no sense.
    They should have kept Jonas Grey!

  8. ” Doesn’t keep his legs going upon contact–at least Miller does”

    You clearly did not watch many games last year if you are defending miller.Miller out ran people if he could. Thomas put his head down for a couple yards. They both sucked…. Both had plenty of chances. Dont blame the line. We let reggie bush walk in his prime and he got yards with the same putrid line.

  9. We better get some dividends out of Taylor.. Last time I checked Vontae Davis and Sean Smith, the players I was told were going to solidify the position for a decade, aren’t on the team anymore.. I know that the phins hit a few homeruns with wake and others, but you’ve got to get more consistent value with early and mid round picks than we have.. While I don’t think Ireland was as terrible as many suggest the fact of the matter is that Long, Beck, White, Smith, Ginn, Davis, Martin, Henne, and others prove the phins did a poor job of getting value for early round picks

  10. unreal. other teams get stars from their 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks. in Miami we just hope they see the field!! Ireland has to be the worst drafter in the history of the league. find me another instance where a team released it’s 2nd AND 3rd round pick (White & Turner) after ONE SEASON!! UNREAL!!!!!

  11. Why are you blaming Ireland for picks made by Parcells? Ireland was only truly in charge for 2 seasons. Also, Philbin refused to play any of the draft picks.

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