Eagles’ G.M. cautious about overspending in free agency


Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman does not sound like a man who wants to spend a lot of money in free agency.

Roseman says the Eagles aren’t necessarily opposed to signing a high-priced player, but he’s adamant that he won’t pay a good player like a great player.

“I’d say if there was a player who was kind of in the right age group as a free agent, played an important position who we thought could be around for a long time, we would certainly be open to [a lucrative, long-term deal],” Roseman said, via CSNPhilly.com. “But you see there are fewer and fewer of those players available in free agency, so what happens is good players get great player money, pretty good players get really good player money, and then it throws around the whole structure of your roster.

Roseman believes that paying players more than they’re worth is a recipe to find yourself in bad salary cap shape.

“So you have to be very careful in free agency, and I think what worked last year was based on the free-agent market,” Roseman said. “You’ve got to really make sure you’re in line with what the free agent market is and not try to force anything.”

Roseman’s way of thinking makes a lot of sense. Building a good football team is about a lot more than spending a fortune on a few high-profile free agents.

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  1. Looked to me like they went all-in last year as opposed to taking the opportunity to restructure a few things. Too bad he didn’t come up with any preemptive moves to further long-term healthy interests before at least the trade deadline last year after missing all the time before that as well to put them into a better position.

    That’s a very timely and costly educational process they have there in Philadelphia. Even worse leverage than the amateurs get.

  2. The NFL’s best and most consistent teams build through the draft and spend moderately in free agency. They look for a good bang for the buck, or younger high upside players that have something to prove. Teams that go crazy in free agency typically end up falling flat on their faces. Look at the Dolphins this past season.

  3. You can easily see why he is way better for the Eagles than Joe Bummer who is currently builder a dream team- albeit a bad dream- in Cleveland.

  4. “Roseman’s way of thinking makes a lot of sense. Building a good football team is about a lot more than spending a fortune on a few high-profile free agents.”

    We disagree wholeheartedly.

    Vince Young, Nnamdi Asomghua, and the rest of the crummy Dream Team.

  5. Kenny Phillips was cut before making it to the start of the season. Isaac Sopoaga was traded at the first chance they got. Cary Williams was horrible and will probably be cut very soon. Patrick Chung was horrible and constantly injured and will probably be cut very soon. Bradley Fletcher was decent but couldnt stay on the field. Clifton Geathers was a bench rider and ineffective. Jason Phillips tore an acl and didnt make it to the field. The only free agent signing from last year that had any kind of success was Connor Barwin, and it was middling success at best.

    So if that is what Roseman calls working I am very worried about what he is going to do to the Eagles over the next few months.

  6. Of course, Howie–why pay ‘good’ players like ‘great’ players when you can draft terrible players (Brandon Graham) ahead of great players (Earl Thomas).

    You wanna know what’s more important than managing salary caps? EVALUATING TALENT.

    Joe Banner 2.0

  7. flyeredup says: Feb 9, 2014 7:11 PM

    How quick he forgets Nnamdi Asumouga.


    That was Joey “Nickles” Banner

  8. For all you eagles fans complaining about how he made a mistake with the dream team, if I recall correctly, all of you in that off season were crowning yourself’s off season champions,

  9. The one thing I have not heard anyone ask Howie Roseman about is: Why did the Eagles not use $19 million of salary cap space that they are carrying forward to this year on one year contracts for players? Money would have freed back up for 2014 and players like CBs Brett Grimes or Aqib Talib WR Ted Ginn could have helped last year.

    Maybe Jeff Lurie just wanted to make a little more money or the there was not enough confidence in the team even having a chance for the playoffs.

  10. Roseman is a dope. Nearly all of his decisions so far have been bad to mediocre at best. He is out of his depth as a GM. I can’t even stand to listen to him talk on the radio with the local sports stations. It’s like he some kind of fantasy football nerd who gets to play with the cool kids now.

  11. Howie actually is pretty bad at his job. He’s the same as the former GM. People talk about Reid but when you have Lurie as owner, Joey as president, & Heckert/Roseman for GMs getting to the SB was luck. I mean this is a city that has Paul Holmgren, Ruben Amaro Jr., and Sam “TANK” Hinkie.

    How we haven’t rioted I still don’t know.

  12. I’m willing to give Howie a chance. He seems to learn from his mistakes and doesn’t have an ego. Not really sure who’s at fault for past drafts, but the last couple (which supposedly were his) have been pretty decent. Another good draft this year and I’m a believer – especially with the Chipper running the show.

  13. Eagles always have been cheap, that is 1 reason they always fall short in the end. Think about the few years McNabb had a real receiving threat they made it to the Superbowl. If they had a little more talent they probably win that game.

  14. 1. None of the recent super bowl winners built their team through big spending in FA.

    2. The Eagles front office is one of the most smokescreen closed door group of people you can get.

  15. Facts:

    Andy Reid drafted Brandon Graham over Earl Thomas.

    Joe Banner signed the Dream Team.

    Howie Roseman has controlled the last two drafts and they have been pretty successful. If you are going to comment on the Eagles past, at least get your facts right.

  16. @Bradbigglestein, (Feb,9-7:12 pm ) I agree with your comments about what happens when a team hits the F A’s and tries to build a SB team. You said look at the Dolphins (last season) and I am adding, just look what happened to Denver this season especially in the S B. and I am very very sure that if the truth be known, that is just what ELWAY (the so called genius by his fans)was trying to do in Denver in the 2013 season, But just like so many, many times and teams have tried to do before and over the last 50+ years in the NFL history ,it still does not work. Sucks even “Philly” tried it a few yare back and just like all of the other times and teams in the past, all that the teams got out of it (was the same thing) a very big pay roll the following season and ending up having to cut a lot of players due to big contracts. So, the question is, just who are the big winners at the end of the day ? Not the team and sure as heck not the players. IMHO I still think that every time this is tried by any team, that in the end everybody loses. But IMHO, I do not think that these bad results are going to stop any team from trying it again,( because they, just like all of the other teams before them, this won’t happen to me) especially if that team thinks that it can out do all of the other teams and win the S B ,do you ?

  17. My god there are so many uninformed individuals posting here. I’m not a huge Roseman fan but since he’s been “the guy” the talent base has improved immensely. Cary Williams, tho controversial, was very good when he wasn’t taking penalties. Fletcher was serviceable and smart on the opposite side, while Boykin became
    a star in the slot. Barwin’s impact goes far beyond sack numbers. He does everything. The d-line of Cox, Thornton, Logan, Curry, Geathers, Square, etc have been solid. Kendricks, Ryans, Foles, Lane Johnson, and Donnie Jones have all been brought in under Rosemans watch.

    What makes Roseman so much better at teambuilding than big red is the fact that he actually relies on the input of those around him. This team is being built by the likes of Roseman, Kelly, and Gamble, whereas it used to all be Reid… and we all saw how terrible those personnel decisions could be.

  18. Agree phanatic77, Andy had a good system that players with little talent could succeed in, based on a lot of talentless players riding on the backs of the the good players the team was built around. Since he left we got to rely on the talent side more, I’m liking his picks. B graham is a beast, we switched systems and don’t want to unleash him to a team he would actually fit with.

  19. phillyphanatic77 says: Feb 9, 2014 10:22 PM

    My god there are so many uninformed individuals posting here.

    Ain’t that the truth. I’m so tired of hearing “the Eagles are too cheap” from people who have no understanding of how the salary cap works.

  20. The Eagles have ALWAYS been tens of millions under the Salary Cap.

    Sadly, their fans are too stupid to realize this and put pressure on the team to at least give the perception of putting winning ahead of making money.

  21. Howie has been concerned about overspending his whole life… The NFC Least is the worst division in football because they build their teams through FA.

  22. Chip Kelly has only had one year and he took the team to postseason. So where are the glaring needs that can only be filled through big picks in free-agency? If Roseman is really following the Seattle model, he’ll work with Kelly, to enable the best draft they can come up with. After you’ve taken care of the basics through the draft, THEN you can go after pricey stars if you feel that you need them.

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