Larry English won’t be a free agent, after all


NFLPA records indicate that Chargers linebacker Larry English, a first-round pick in 2009, will be a free agent in March.  The Chargers say otherwise.

In response to our list of AFC West potential free agents, based largely on the NFLPA official list of free agents, a Chargers source advises PFT that English did not reach the playing-time percentage necessary to void the final year of his original six-year deal.

As a result, the 16th overall pick from five years ago remains under contract for one more year, at a base salary of $1.54 million.

English had a career-high five starts in 2013, before landing on injured reserve in November with a biceps injury.  From 2009 through 2012, he started four total games.

10 responses to “Larry English won’t be a free agent, after all

  1. The Chargers should have let him go regardless. He doesn’t do anything except get hurt. He makes no impact on the team, on the defense, special teams, nothing. What good does it do to keep him?

  2. Does anyone think that by the Chargers keep him under the conditions that they did will help or hurt their chances of resigning him, just in case that he does have an outstanding season in 2014 ? Remember that a lot of times a player will always seem to have a very good season right near the end of their contracts (or so it seems) and that is why so many get resigned to their old team or they get a big contract from another team, correct ?

  3. This says it all “English had a career-high five starts in 2013” But still.. I think I’d rather have him around 1 more year than not.. In his few starts he did show a little more growth and potential.

  4. Damn! We have to watch this guy for one more year. I’ve been waiting for this guy to have ONE big game. They might be better off taking the salary cap hit.

  5. OK LE haters get ready to get POed at me. First hate AJ for taking him first not him. Second the kid wants to play can’t help it if he required screws in his feed. Third, he is cheap, Forth, he’s cheap. Fifth, he is worth that small amount of money when he’s on the field. For the money I say let him stay one more (last) year.

    Also, why wouold the Chargers get all legal if they are going to cut him. If they want him gone they’d just let this thing die a quick death.

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