Rick Spielman thinks Vikings will do a lot of moving in the draft

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Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman was pulled out of a press conference during the first round of last year’s draft to consummate the trade that brought wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson to Minnesota and it sounds like he’s ready to drop everything at a moment’s notice again this year.

Spielman said Saturday that “everything is a possibility” for the Vikings in the draft and you’d expect such vagueness from a team before the draft. The closest that Spielman came to setting anything in stone were his comments about whether or not the Vikings will be standing pat with the eight picks they currently have in their possession.

“We have eight right now, and a lot of that doesn’t happen until you’re on the clock,” Spielman said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Heck, last year they pulled me out of a press conference to go get Patterson because you never know. But I really, really think we’re going to do a lot of movement in the draft.”

Spielman said having 10 picks would be ideal, but that the movement could involve going up to get a player that the team prizes above others. Like a quarterback, perhaps?

Spielman was mum on the team’s draft plans at the position, but did say he’s been in contact with Matt Cassel’s agent since Cassel decided to opt out of the final year of the two-year contract he signed with the Vikings. There remains a possibility of a Cassel return and Spielman said he expects to have further communication as the team sorts out their offseason plans.

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  1. Personally, I’d like to see the Vikings move up to #2 to ensure that they can draft either Bridgewater or Clowney. Zimmer may want to bring in Michael Johnson to play DE though so I don’t know if Clowney is the the cards.

  2. Whatever happens, the draft and the pre-draft hoopla is a fun time of the year for all pro football fans. Let the speculation begin! It can get hard to sustain the interest when so little happens for so long, but we fans will keep working at it.

  3. i think if its possible u move down from the spot we have right now unless someone like bridgewater falls to us id rather go get another corner or a linebacker and bolster the defense and maybe get a qb later like mettenberger garrapolo or mccarron in the 3rd or 4th rd

  4. These guys always lie in the weeks leading up to the draft.

    Except sometimes they tell the truth just to make you think it’s a lie to throw you off what they’re really doing.

    So Minnesota will probably sit tight. Or not.

  5. The Ponder pick was a bust. The difference this time around is that slick Rick Spielman has Norve Turner in his corner to give him input as to whom to choose for a quarterback. From what I’m understanding Norve Turner has had success in the past with quarterbacks.

  6. I hope by that he means moving towards the podium to deliver their picks in a timely fashion. You’ll recall they’ve had some difficulty with that in the past.

  7. These quotes could be attributed to every GM in the NFL. Of course if TT or Schneider had made the quotes, they’d be embossed in gold and framed, rather than criticized, by WI and WA fans.

  8. Sorry folks, bortles, Manziel,bridgewater, Will all be gone by the Vikings pick. They’ll grab the best linebacker. Then package all of their remaining picks to jump back into the first round for mccarron

  9. Spielman hit on most of his picks in his drafts and most players make an immediate impact. Ponder didn’t work out here but the blame isn’t solely on Ponder and the GM. Coaching, specifically the offensive coordinator takes 75% of the blame IMO

  10. If Spielman gets his picks in on time he will be surpassing the performance of prior Viking GM’s.

    That said, Spielman’s history with drafting QB’s has been horrible and guess which position is critical in the Vikings draft?

    Last place in the division isn’t so horrible, just ask the Lion’s fans.

  11. Spielmans first draft, everyone knew we were going to take Matt Kallil. Then he pulled a Rick Spielman and convinced Cleveland to trade up one spot to get Trent Richardson, and the Vikings essentially stole a 4th, 5th, and 7th round pick from the Browns. Now sitting with 2 4th round picks, he gave one to BAL to jump back into the first to get Harrison Smith who has been an absolute beast.

    His second year, he got Floyd who spent a year learning from Kevin Williams. Patterson is a beast. Rhodes looks like a future std.

    Cant wait to see what happens this year.

  12. When the Vikings drafted Ponder, Spielman was the VP of player personnel. He, Musgrave/Frazier, and Wilf all had say in who was going to be drafted in a triangle of power. The system was horrible and broken and it never worked, ie the Randy Moss trade and release were the parts of the triangle communicated badly. Spielman wanted to trade up, but couldnt. Presumably, he would have liked to trade down because thats Spielman, but couldnt. Musgrave liked Ponder because Ponder seemed to fit Musgraves offense, and spoke the language of his offense, and so he got them to take Ponder.

    Spielman wasnt in control of that draft, the Ponder pick doesnt fall on him.

  13. A few years ago they drafted a QB that can’t throw.

    Last year they went all in for a WR that can’t run routes and traded a bunch of picks, instead of filling a bunch of holes they had.

    I wouldn’t have disliked this move if they would have drafted a Justin Hunter. He will be a better WR.

    The good news for the Vikings is they have another chance to fill all those holes they choose to leave, from last off season.

  14. When Speilman gave birth to the last place 3-13 season in 2011, I thought he would be fired. Then when he gave birth to the last place 5-10-1 season this year, I thought he would be fired.

    While he may not be very good at finding players, he has a real knack for finding scapegoats.

  15. LOL at Seahawks owned the Percy Harvin trade. If so he would have been your #1 target instead of only playing 3 games and only playing full game. Thanks for Rhodes and Patterson Seattle because without that trade I don’t know if Vikings make a third selection in the first RD.

    I can answer the question of Why Spielman kept his job with Ponder pick or at least my best guess. The answer would be all of that went on Frazier it became a his fault type of thing. They used the reason that Frazier wasn’t Spielmans guy so he is safe for now. I can understand that Frazier was there before he was the GM but that Ponder pick is on both of them they both were all high on Ponder so it should have been both IMO! But maybe Zimmer can save Spielman from the chopping block!

  16. Spielman missed on the QB pick, there’s no question about that. But his other first round picks have been excellent and the team is in a great cap situation for the new coach. Percy Harvin didn’t want to be in MN and Rick traded him for a 1st and 3rd. He wanted Kahlil as our LT but swindled a pick out of Tampa and still got his man. John Sullivan is a Pro Bowl-caliber Center and Rick took him in round six. Patterson is the best KR in the league and a big-play WR. Fusco was a late round pick but in 2013 Fusco was a Top-10 guard according to PFF. Some say Rick overpaid for Loadholt but PFF ranked Phil as an All-Pro RT. There are holes on this roster and no one has had the 3-yr run Schneider has had in SEA but the Vikings are doing just fine with Spielman.

    Overall, a B. If Floyd pans out and Everson Griffen is re-signed, I’d give him a B+ (can’t get an A if you miss on the QB).

  17. Laughing at the seahawks fan you guys are funny one Superbowl and all of sudden a dynasty have begun lol enjoy it while you can kuz It might be your first n last

  18. Vikings are not within one season of having a winning record.

    If they were smart, they’d
    1) Lock up Cassel for at least one more year
    2) Trade AP for Demarco Murray and Dallas’s 1st round pick next year plus swapping 1st round picks this year.

    Go for the QB in next year’s draft because all 1st round QB picks this year will be good, but not great.

  19. REALLY the chickens owned the Percy trade LOLOLOLOL. 1 reception for 17 yards in the entire regular season. 1 kick return for 58 yards the entire regular season. He played in 1 freaking game and only plays 7 plays all season. On the other hand Cordarrelle Patterson whom the Vikings got with the seatlle pick had 45 receptions 469 receiving yards and 4 receiving TD’s. He had 12 rushing attempts for 158 yards and 3 TD’s. He also had 1393 kick return yards and 2 more TD’s one being an NFL record 109 yards. Oh ya he also made the pro bowl.
    By the way Patterson was not injured all season. Have fun with Percy and his headaches and other injuries and enjoy the cancer he spreads when things don’t go his way.

  20. Every year Rick spielman has been drafting with the Vikings he’s traded picks which is good but usually makes 1 bonehead pick every year if he makes some trades and drafts best available Vikings might be in buisness

  21. listen last year we had too.many picks and the year before that but with only 8 picks and 22 holes you need to start drafting and stop maxing out the cap so we can build and fill together if you trade away all your picks for one guy every year your going to end up like the redskins

  22. When you got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose…
    I will admit Harrison Smith is hardcore as long as he doesn’t have a sore toe.

  23. But will they make their first selection on time.
    That’s always a crapshoot.

    Love that whole inept Viking organization and their clueless fans.
    So glad they got their stadium funded. Would have hated the move to L.A.

  24. Don’t despair Viking fans, I’m a Browns fan. I think we have the market cornered on futility.

    Expansion team with a boatload of #1 picks, even extras from the NFL in the early years. What have we had to show for it?

    How many “new regimes” have we had? How many coaches? How many coaches playing GM? How many coaches picking their own GM? How many times have we gone from 3-4 defense to 4-3 defense? How many former first round picks did Romeo just give away? How many offense schemes have we had? How many QB careers have they destroyed?

    Now, we have the 3-Stooges in control, with the owner very likely going to prison for CHEATING the common truckers out of their rebates, talk about LOW! Knuckles Banner Hell bent on proving that he was the mastermind behind the Eagles, and Dumbardi who still trying to find his office. The classless handling of Chud & his staff. No wonder PK Dawson wanted out.

    Soon, I will be able to start drawing my SS. If anyone had said, back when the AFL & NFL merged (almost 50 yrs ago), that I would retire and collect SS before the Browns would even get a sniff at the SB, I would’ve laughed. They used to be a good team.

    Now you know why that one Browns fan asked that some members of the Browns staff be his pallbearers. “So the Browns can let me down one last time.”

    Now, does Spielman and Wilfy seem so bad???

  25. You gotta remember that he could have done worse when he drafted Ponder. Blaine Gabbert and Jake Locker went ahead of him and they haven’t really done much either. If there is any year for them to make a big move up, this would be the year.

  26. I’m staring to think Rick Spielman may make a sad attempt to pull a David Kahn (former Timberwolves GM) by trading down, stockpiling as many late round picks as possible, dump all the veterans, and set the coaching staff up for failure. Trying to have happy thoughts as a Vikings fan, but really want Spielman to get this right.

  27. My Packers got lucky that Rodgers fell to them when they didn’t even need a QB. Every team passed on Brady for almost six whole rounds. Wilson was passed over by every team twice and some three times. Drew Brees was unwanted by all teams in the league other than New Orleans. The Dolphins even thought Culpepper would be a better option. Tony Romo wasn’t even drafted.
    Finding a franchise QB is as much luck as it is skill or every team would have one. I think the right strategy is to pick one long before you need to replace your starter, a la Green Bay. If you wait until you need one then you end up with a Ponder, Wheedon, Carr, Couch, etc.
    I personally thought Ponder looked horrible in college so I don’t give Spielman a pass on him but sometimes you have to roll the dice. That being said, they should go defense in round one and look for a QB later. Only Bortles is worth a first round pick in my opinion.

  28. The draft is a hit or miss crapshoot for all teams. There are no experts. Only lucky results.

  29. By the way, to you Seahawk fans thanking Spielman for Harvin, allow Spielman to thank YOU for choosing Harvin’s successor, the almighty Cordarelle Patterson!

  30. I love the way the Vikings haters go back to the one time in Vikings draft history that they didn’t get their pick in on time. It was Baltimore that caused the whole mess. The Vikings made a deal with Baltimore to trade the #7 pick for the #10 pick because they knew the guy they wanted would be there at #10. The Vikings submitted the trade to the league on time. It was Baltimore that didn’t submit there end of the deal on time causing Minnesota to miss their selection. It didn’t matter though because they selected at #9 anyway. Who was the guy they coveted at #10 anyway ? 6 time pro bowler Kevin Williams. If you all want to rip the organization for moving down a couple spots and selecting a guy like that then have at it I will take that every year.

  31. silentfreedom5 says:
    Patterson is a beast.


    Your definition of beast is hilarious. Moss was a beast, I’ll even say Carter was a beast.

    Patterson is a slot WR, with less than 700 total yards, that is great at returning kicks.

    So that’s kinda Dante Hall or Devin Hesterish. Not a beast by any means though.

  32. Vikings used the Seahawks’ pick from the Percy trade to select Xavier Rhodes; not sure why people keep saying it was for Patterson, who they got with the pick from the Pats a few selections later.
    I lied; I know exactly why they say that & so do you.

  33. #8 is a bad spot considering there are about 7 blue chip players that will all be gone by that pick. Nobody is going to trade up and trading up for one of the 3 QB’s is going to pretty much cost them their 2nd and both 3rds, which would be a disaster. Stay put, draft the best available defensive player and look at QB in the 2nd or even 3rd. Cassel is serviceable while Turner grooms a young QB for a year.

  34. I remember a trade up for John David Booty at QB and with the extra 7th round pick the Packers got Matt Flynn. They traded 3 picks in a trade up for QB Tarvaris Jackson.

    I remember in 2005 the vikings had 2 first round picks and used them on Troy Williamson and Erasmus James instead of Aaron Rodgers.

    I remember when they passed on Drew Brees drafting RB Michael Bennett instead.

    I remember when they could not get their first round pick to the podium on time in two consecutive drafts.

    If you want to look for humorous drafts, look at the vikings 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2013 drafts. When you do so badly for that long you have a last place team drafting high again. Spielman only looks good compared to prior viking GM’s.

  35. A.J. McCarron is a proven winner…at Alabama. The more you learn about his upside, the more you learn about his downside. Obviously, I do not know him personally. He’s probably one of the nicest guys around, but that ain’t what counts here. I also do not know how accurate the information about him AND his abilities is; I can only go by what I’ve read until I learn different. That being said, IMHO, McCarron might just possibly be a reach, (even in the 2nd round), and judging from ONLY what I’ve read, the Vikings shouldn’t draft him.

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