Sherman took issue with Welker’s words


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman apparently watched the Broncos’ portion of Super Bowl Media Day.

During Media Day, NFL Network’s Deion Sanders asked Broncos receiver Wes Welker if he would like to go head-to-head with Sherman in the Super Bowl.

“Yeah, any time, man,” Welker answered. “I want anybody one-on-one in the slot. Any time.”

That doesn’t sound like trash talk so much as Welker simply saying he was looking forward to competing with the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, but Sherman took issue with it. During the game, NFL Films microphones picked up Sherman telling Welker he shouldn’t have opened his mouth.

Don’t you ever say you want one-on-one with us,” Sherman said, via the Denver Post. “Don’t you ever say that!”

Sherman clearly takes his motivation from people talking about him, and he takes issue with any perceived slight. He’ll have plenty of material for the 2014 season, as he’s going to be one of the most talked-about players in the NFL this offseason.

208 responses to “Sherman took issue with Welker’s words

  1. The guy is a jerk, and he is the only reason I didn’t want the Hawks to win the Superbowl. I love the coach, quarterback and most of the other players, but my distaste for him is so much I pulled for Denver and will pull for anyone playing against him til he learns to shut the pie hole.

  2. Welker is an NFL WR. Is he supposed to say he is afraid of Sherman? Sherman having an issue will make teams try harder to burn him. And it WILL happen!!

  3. 31 teams have all offseason to study this chump. Somebody is gonna light him up next year. Or they won’t.

  4. You can talk about him or any of the players as much as you want…and you know you will…but you can’t take away the beat-down they put on the #1 offense and consensus pick by all of the experts.
    If he didn’t speak he would just be Byron Maxwell and no one would give him respect.

  5. I want one on one with Sherman –
    American business environment has fundamentally changed following the insider trading and savings and loan scandals. 
    Explain business ethics and how they are applied today. 
    500 word AMA format essay.

  6. Pretty ridicoulous but MJ took everything as a slight as well. If MJ played during this Twitter era he wouldn’t be so universally loved.

  7. Someday he will suck like everyone else when he loses a step or just gets old.

    Same people you meet on the way up, you meet on the way down.

  8. Don’t talk it if you can’t back it up, simple.If you want to talk, you better win, or Sherman is gonna let you have it. How about we mic up Anquan Boldin every game and judge him by what he says ON THE FIELD.

  9. Welker rubbed Talib the right way, but he missed on Sherman. Perhaps he should stick to playing the game instead of talking about how comfortable and wanting he is of any challenge. Some superstars like opponents to raise their hand saying that they need to be taught a lesson.

    It might have been soft what Welker said, but there’s no whispering allowed during the lecture in this teacher’s classroom.

  10. Sound FX showed Sherman saying this to Welker in the game and he was right to do so considering they were blowing them out of the water. The Broncos came into it with a false sense of confidence. Even their fans were talking about “who is going to stop the greatest offense ever” and they here hyped up about Pot Roast’s couple of plays.

    Seattle came into this game confident because they knew the match up was perfect. As a fan the pass defense for 2 years was our biggest strength. Walter Thurmond got beat on a couple of great pick plays but man did they make Welker pay on a crossing route when KJ Wright hit him.

  11. Maybe he watched a lot of Soap Operas when he was young.

    The girl feeling weak in the hospital about to pass away. Saying her fare well.

    Then her guy screams at her “Don’t you ever talk like that. Don’t talk about dying “

  12. I get being hyped up after a game and running your mouth in the spirit of competition. But, reacting to a press conference quote like that? He only gets a pass if Mean Gene Okerlund was doing the interview.

  13. Apparently, comprehension is not one of Richard Sherman’s best subjects. Trash-talking is all he lives on, without it he has no motivation. Welker’s competition talk wasn’t what Sherman wanted, so he made his own ammo.

  14. It’s amazing to me that most NFL fans want an exciting hard hitting NFL but still complain when guys too competitive and talk too much trash. So, for the people who complain about Sherman, think before you throw in your two cents.

    This is a real mans sport and trash talking happens all the time, on and off the field. If you don’t like it, go watch some golf where nobody talks.

  15. Wow. You would think Welker would be smart enough to not trash talk sherman. I’ll go against anyone in the slot one on one? Sherman, Maxwell, and Thurmond aren’t just anyone. He should have said it’s going to be tough cause their the best secondary in the nfl but we’ll try to get what we can. That would’ve been showing respect. He just acted like they were a bunch of nobodies. I like how no one talks about KJ Wright and Byron Maxwell though. Maxwell is better than Browner and just as good as Sherman but one mentions him. You can bet Sherman gets motivated when people don’t give enough respect to, not only him, but the LOB.

  16. Jerry Rice took minor slights and blew then up for motivation too. I remember when he got furious because a media member said Michael Irvin was an All-Pro receiver. Rice got furious because he felt that comment challenged his throne as the unquestioned #1 WR in the NFL.

    I have no problem with this. Kiss this perennial All-Pro’s Super Bowl ring, haters. He talked trash for years and had a target on his back ALL SEASON and backed it up all the way to the Lombardi Trophy. Targeted only 7 TIMES during the entire postseason!

  17. Jerry Rice took minor slights and blew then up for motivation too. I remember when he got furious because a media member said Michael Irvin was an All-Pro receiver. Rice got furious because he felt that comment challenged his throne as the unquestioned #1 WR in the NFL.

    I have no problem with this. Kiss this perennial All-Pro’s Super Bowl ring, haters. He talked trash for years and had a target on his back ALL SEASON and backed it up all the way to the Lombardi Trophy. Targeted only 7 TIMES during the entire postseason!

  18. Jerry Rice took minor slights and blew then up for motivation too. I remember when he got furious because a media member said Michael Irvin was an All-Pro receiver. Rice got furious because he felt that comment challenged his throne as the unquestioned #1 WR in the NFL.

    I have no problem with this. Kiss this perennial All-Pro’s Super Bowl ring, haters. He talked trash for years and had a target on his back ALL SEASON and backed it up all the way to the Lombardi Trophy. Targeted only 7 TIMES during the entire postseason!

  19. Enough already. Every time this jackass opens his mouth and spews filth it’s a headline. We get it, he’s a classless chump. Now can we move on from the 24 hr Dick Sherman news cycle? He’s like the new tebow, but more annoying.

  20. I would officially like to withdraw my comments I made about this guy not being a bad guy after the Crabtree remarks. He really is a jerk and he just keeps confirming it. I would hope that if that super bowl score was reversed that the Broncos would have shown more class in winning than the hawks have. Minus Wilson who is a classy guy.

  21. Vikings #3 wide receiver Jarius Wright didn’t seem to have too much trouble with Sherman after he put a double move on him and scored. Oops. Sherman was mic’d up that day and was calling Joe Webb sorry. Really? Joe Webb? How insecure are you Rich?

  22. If they ever do a remake of Goodfellas, Richard Sherman should get Joe Pesci’s part. “I’m funny? You think I’m funny? What, like a clown … Funny?”

    A great player but he seems to be as insecure as a kid in seventh grade.

  23. There’s NOT ONE IDIOT bad-mouthing Sherman that wouldn’t be as giddy as a 12 year old girl if he showed up on their team.

  24. I’m hoping there was some sarcasm in Sherman’s comment. Welker said he wanted anyone one on one, not the team and not “us”. Sherman only plays LCB and not the slot so the conversation is mute. The whole thing is nothing more than Welker having the same confidence in his abilities that Sherman has.

  25. I know this success thing is a brave new world for Seattle, but c’mon folks, you really need to learn how to handle it.

  26. “I think Richard Sherman is a great cornerback” – “HOW DARE YOU NOT CALL ME A FANTASTIC CORNERBACK! DON’T YOU DARE COME IN HERE AND INSULT ME!!”

  27. Whoever says the hawks are losing earl Thomas is a bonehead. He’s getting locked in to a long term deal believe that. People will be cut or restructured to sign him and possibly Sherman and Wilson for sure.

  28. Hate him all you want, but I love him. If thats the way Richard Sherman gets pumped up then good for him, and he brings excitement and energy to the game. I dont like a DB who doesnt think he can cover any WR on the planet.

    His mentality is the one of a winner. He would be a perfect Raider.

  29. He just used it as a motivative technique…..I’ll take him and his pompous attitude on my team anyday!!! Come play for the PATS!!!! Free agent soon right???

  30. And another thing, how come these guys with these chips on there shoulders never have anything against the team that drafted them, ala Sherman in the 4th round, I mean yea no one drafted you until late but the team slighted you so many times as well. They didn’t think that much of him either. I guess it goes back to this is the team that gave me a chance, but if you believed you’re a top talent it shouldn’t matter, you’re going to succeed no matter what, right?

  31. Get over it haters … the best team in the NFL won Super Bowl XLVIII. They’ll be back next year to defend their title and most likely remain on top. The lack of respect displayed by hater-fans and media gum-flappers only adds fuel to this bunch. Seattle loves this team in all its glory and the players know it. Something special has been created and most of America hates it. Get over it … Go Hawks!

  32. on top of all that – I don’t even think Sherman is that good….

    Sherman Formula :

    Make a play – SCREAM about…SCREAM you are the best…have MEDIA pick up on it…then everyone else will believe it…

  33. You guys are so stupid smh…you all are basing your opinions off of thinking he said this after the game. Nooooooooo HE SAID IT DURING THE DAMN GAME. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL. HE SAID IT TO WELKER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME. My god people you are so stupid -_-

  34. people use different things to motivate themselves. i’m glad that after all of that criticism from that niners game that richard didn’t change. what richard says during a game (within reason) is none of your business.

  35. Sherman said that on the field. It wasn’t like he went off during an interview. WTF people, it’s football. Welker said what he did at media day and had a smug grin on his face. Where is it now?

  36. The guy feeds off of what other people say about him, isn’t it obvious? If that elevates his game to the elite status it is, so what? Keep talking about him and he’ll use it as motivation. If it offends you quit reading columns about him and posting about him. The media hype machine is always looking for villains and you can bet they’ll keep writing Sherman stories. For good or bad, get used to it.

  37. All you talking about Ty Hilton are the same ones who said Seattle couldn’t cover all Denver’s receivers and predicted a Hawk beat down.

    You once again show little knowledge of football beyond casual score glancing and ESPN worship.

    Sherman didn’t have Hilton one on one and the single long pass to him was a zone mix up.

    But keep flapping. We’re busy viewing our trophy.

  38. MEDIA HYPE ALERT!!!!! Just to make sure everyone is clear on this. What Wes Welker said was during MEDIA DAY while what Richard Sherman said was DURING THE GAME – ON THE FIELD. If you don’t believe me then watch the NFL Sound FX – Super Bowl Edition. If you are mad at trash talking on the field that involved both players then I don’t know what to tell you.

  39. Richard Sherman, remember this – ‘The bigger they are the harder they fall.’ It’s only a matter of time before someone makes you shut up for good and let’s hope it’s sooner than later.

  40. I think his controlling attitude is funny! Notice he always starts by saying, ‘Don’t say that’, ‘Don’t you never say that to me’!

    He is from Compton, that is a way of life, in and of itself and I say that from experience.

    Insecure? Yes you don’t see Tom Brady or Suh or Kobe going off like that. They already know that the people know.

  41. All non Seahawk fans, get use to two things; Richard Sherman talking and Russell Wilson hoisting Lombardies.

    Hope, wish and dream all you want about a mass exodus of premier tallent from Seattle, it’s not gonna happen, a few overpaid vets get the door and we win the next three+. Our team is loaded with late round draft picks and udfa that produce and come up big. If you have one or two of these guys contribute its lucky, when its closer to a dozen it’s by design.
    #ourfuture>yourpast #LOB #superbowlchamps #Go Hawks

  42. I would rather have Richard Simmons running around the field in his pink stripped daisy dukes trying to defend receivers than the loud mouthed Richard Sherman….Sherman just can’t figure out when to shut the pie hole.

  43. hard cheese sherman…you flap your gums like a maniac so welker can talk all he wants. you dont like it sherman, take welker on in a fist fight. welker will knock you sensless

  44. Relax everybody; The mic picks up the trash talking these days and with media, social or otherwise, the amount put out to the public is much more then in years past…….The level of trash talking hasn’t increased, just the reporting of it……

  45. Man. The nerve of that SUPERBOWL CHAMP!!!! Aha aha. Hate away Seattle HATERS!!!! I just love it!!! Best corner in the league on the best defense in the league for the best TEAM IN THE LEAGUE!! Man it sucks for all you TROLLS!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!
    Repeat baby!!!

  46. I bet Crabtree has nightmares of a giant Sherman knocking away a warm chicken enchilada frito sub that Kaepernick tossed him. He..will..never…get..that…sandwich.

  47. Insensitive, Paranoid, Full of himself, or just straight tripping? who knows?? but one thing is sure it Worked!!!! He is a super bowl champion. Wes Walker is not!!!!! End of this story, maybe Walker needs to take exception to his competitions news conferences???? ha ha ha

  48. I was hoping that Richard Sherman would have gained a little humility following his much discussed “rant” following the NFC Championship game, but I guess that was too much to ask since his team “blew-out” the Broncos in the Super Bowl. It did not appear that Wes Welker was calling anyone out by essentially saying that he welcomes the challenge of playing against anyone. What kind of athlete would he be if he didn’t? Apparently Richard has learned nothing about winning with a sense of confidence vs. arrogance. Instead of recognizing a fellow competitor expressing their desire to be competitive, Richard takes it as an opportunity to once again, find a reason to express anger. I realize that as a young athlete he is feeling somewhat invincible but I would like him to show a little more, class. (God, I hated to use that word).

  49. All Welker was saying was that to be the best you have to beat the best, and thus welcomed the challenge brought by Sherman.

    Now, I would say that maybe Sherman misunderstood the remark, but since I am constantly being reminded by everyone who incredibly intelligent he is off the field, it can’t be that.

    So all I am left to conclude is that he is an attention seeking blow hard, speaking merely to hear his own voice.

  50. He really needs to get some meds. Or someone person needs to take him for mental health help. He is one sick puppy that will never learn the goodness of life. He may be very smart, but every time he opens his mouth he sounds like an idiot. I am sure people that know him to be smart are shocked at his verbiage and attacks on so many. Does he not realize the damage he is doing for his future life after football. There will probably be none.

  51. I think the yak talk has run its course. In the beginning it might have been entertaining, but now these guys take it to extremes. It is now boring and redundant.

  52. I dont understand why Sherman got upset. Of course any wide receiver would want single coverage as opposed to double coverage ! unless he can get no coverage What a ego maniac Shermouth is

  53. After JJ Watt played against Peyton the first time in 2013, he said he was surprised at how much “Mr. Manning” used swear words every time Watt hit him. Hey, these guys talk trash all the time. Why should Sherman be any different?

    I want a mic on Reggie Miller while lined up across from Sherman. THAT would be funny…

  54. I hate the Broncos, I was all in on Seattle, love how the SB played out but damn, do the Seahawks ever shut up.

    You won. Game Over. Your play did the talking for you. I really wanted to like Sherman even after the Crabtree thing but man I dont like people like him in real life. Drama queen, a damn good football player but a big drama queen.

  55. Sherman seems to be under the skin of a lot of posters on here.

    Out of curiosity, I wonder how many haters of Sherman and the Seahawks will have Sherman, and/or the Seahawks D, depending on the league, for their fantasy teams next year?

  56. Just Trash Talk… Stuff between the Lines. Ask Erin Andrews. Now if I hear they want to stop this type of “bullying”. Then this Game is done. Gotta wonder about the people making the rules in NFL. When did they get their concussions. And where did they get their clearance to continue. This is a stupid article, I’m sad I wasted time to read it. To Hawks Fans… Great Defense, as good as Ravens 2000, but I think could be better as Hawks have more playmakers.

  57. Richard ”marty mcfly” Sherman

    Nobody calls me chicken……

    seriously Richard yeah you’re a very good DB but you have some mental issues

    Oh and for your ego,remember as good as you might be defensively,the reason why you’re a DB is because you’re not good enough to play offense

  58. the majority of you making the “grow up” or “he’s an idiot” remarks probably haven’t played wr or corner at any level high school or above. let me be the one to inform you that at those positions its all about me vs you. sure its a team game, but you’re out there spotlighted on an island for everyone to see who wins the battle. win some, lose some, its all about confidence level and taking the heart and soul out of the other guy. you people don’t here 10% of what those guys say to each other.

  59. TY Hilton, Titus Young ponder that for a second thinks Richard is overrated… Everyone gets beat dude, I like thrash talk as a matter of fact I do that a lot when I play sports, but this guy takes the cake.

  60. You people realize this was trash talk on the field right? You know, trash talk, the thing EVERYONE does?

  61. Yes all the offenses should just shut up and not try cause Seattle didn’t give up a single point all year and there db’s won on every down all year.

    I’d be willing to bet every team has someone who says similar stuff, you just don’t hear about them. Some greats talk and some do it quietly all that matters is the end result. Really nothing to get mad about.

  62. Instead of a high ankle sprain, sherman needed to have his jaw broken, wired up and unable to ever speak again. He’s an ass with no class. He’s dismissed!

  63. All these comments about what a jerk he is and all of this nonsense is really incredible. There is not one person making negative comments about how much trash Sherman talks that would mind it if it came from a player that was on the team they cheered for and was as productive as Sherman is. As for all the insecure and paranoid and all of those ridiculous statements, what do you people think your are psychologists? Maybe it just gets him fired up to trash talk, it’s a sport, most people say worse stuff then that playing Madden or shooting H.O.R.S.E with there buddies. The guy WAS always an underdog and was always looked past if anything his story is inspirational or at the bare minimum commendable. Oh no he talks major trash during competition, so did Jordan, Bird, Sandy Koufax, chael sonnen, shannon sharpe and Bo Jackson, do they all have insecurity problems? Or is it just kind of fun to talk trash when you are good and you are playing a kids game for a living. Get real man, and get off your high horses, y’all probably talk trash if you beat your kids at candy land.

  64. I tip my hat off to the Seahawks for winning but Sherman is delirious if he thinks that the Seahawks secondary was the sole reason behind them thrashing the Broncos. The pressure that the Seahawks defensive line got really gave the Broncos more problems than expected. If that line didn’t get that good of pressure, the SB would have been a whole lot more interesting.

  65. also why are we still talking about Denver and that washed up squad they pretend is a superbowl caliber squad?

    nuff with Denver no one cares about manning or washed up welker..

    pretty sad the Donks talk all this crap only to totally EMBARRASS the NFL, why are we talking about any of their players they were schooled in every single position? they didn’t even come close to matching up anywhere so let it go, they are done, never should have been there!!

  66. The guy backs his mouth with his play. Really a top notch corner, best in the game right now. I like his bravado, his passion for the game, the guy is physical and takes no 49er prisoners. The position is a total island anymore. The guy dominates and makes plays when they need to be made. Not an easy thing with all the flag football rules in place now days.

    He can talk all he wants until he can’t back it up anymore.

    Al Davis is calling you from the grave Richard.

    My hero.

  67. Can’t believe most posts here criticizing a pro athlete talking trash. Trash talking been part of sports since the beginning. Ali, Bird, Jordan, the list goes on and on. All classless individuals according to most of you. As a Seahawks fan, I take Sherman all day everyday over someone like Shawn Springs who thought it was funny when TO burned him for a TD and pulled out a sharpie to sign the football. At the end of the day, he’s the best CB in the game right now. There were 3 CBs drafted in the 1st round in 2012, Sherman, a 5th rounder has more picks than the 3 1st rounders combined. Keep shutting them down and keep talking trash.

  68. The funny thing about this is the Seahawks secondary didn’t win this game, the pass rush did. There was an article on another site today breaking down film and the Broncos had receivers wide open several times but because of the pass rush Manning couldn’t see them or get them the ball. Including the pick 6 where D Thomas had roasted Sherman and was wide open on a post but the pass rush got to Manning hit his arm and the deserving MVP took the interception back for the touchdown.

    I have no problem saying the Seahawks came out and beat down the Broncos, they obviously did, but the secondary was a part of the victory, not the reason they won, have some class and pump up your entire D, because the pass rush allowed you to look good.

  69. When I saw Sherman go after Brady at the end of the game last year it seemed crazed but I assumed it was an aberration (i.e., a big win and trash talk got to his juices going), but, for a smart guy, it appears he’s got a chemical imbalance in his brain that flairs up all too often.

  70. Sherman is setting himself up for a career in broadcasting and endorsements. I remember a guy by the name of Deion Sanders that was a pretty brash talker, too. He seems to be doing alright.

  71. Soon the nfl will be like golf with everyone complaining about the talking on the field going on! There will be no talking and the fans will only be aloud to do a golf clap. Its men playing not little girls!

  72. The Seahawks defensive line won this game for them. Richard Sherman was beaten several times during the game, but Manning didn’t have time to throw the ball.

    Richard Sherman needs to relax, shut up, and go watch the game film.

    Then buy his defensive line dinner for the rest of the off-season.

  73. If any receiver admitted that they are scared to go one on one with any CB, they don’t belong in the nfl. I don’t know why Sherman feels that everyone should fear him, just more ways to keep the attention on one guy

  74. Watch the Welker interview and it’s obvious he was talking trash because he said it with a smirk, in a condescending tone – like he thought the Seattle defense was overrated.

    He said he hoped he got one-on-one coverage in the middle. He got it and what happened? He said he’d take any one of the LOB one on one in the middle. He got it, he got hit, he got tired, he got beat. Couldn’t hang.

    Just like his QB. Peyton couldn’t take the beating. He quit.


  75. He said this DURING the game people. This is totally taken the wrong way. The only reason people dislike him is because of how good he is and they envy his success. The media takes every little thing he says and makes it bigger than it needs to be. Not his fault.

  76. I’m gonna let everybody in on a little secret.. Richard Sherman is one of the nicest and classiest guys in football. What he’s doing is called marketing. He looks at himself as a business and any successful business markets. Love him or hate him you’re talking about him, and he’s getting paid because you’re doing it. He earned the right to talk this year, and believe me when I say if he starts playing like crap he will be the first one to admit it

  77. The only thing that separates Sherman from other football players is that he was caught on national television talking trash. Nearly everyone does it, we just dont like it. I dont have a problem with it as long as he backs it up on the field. And when his skills decline, which eventually they will. I hope he keeps his mouth shut. Until then as long as he keeps in the confines of the game i have no problem with it.

  78. Sherman wants to dish it out but sure can’t take it. Tired of hearing what a great guy he is, just listen to his mouth.

  79. If your not a 12 you don’t know Sherm. We do and we LOVE HIM. For all things Seattle , respect…… Sherm is true to our emotions as 12’s and the man flat out gets us….He is legend to us and always will be no mater.

  80. Where were all of you Hawks fans when Hassleback was there ? lol. I don`t think I ever seen 1 bragging online except for Marshawn`s run against New Orleans. This should have been their 2nd, They should have won against Pitt for real.

  81. Sherman reminds me of a pre menstrual teenage girl, his hair does as well. definitely not the top corner in the league , maybe not top 5.

  82. Sherman reminds me of a pre menstrual teenage girl, his hair does as well. definitely not the top corner in the league , maybe not top 5.

  83. I love the fact that all these “none football” think that Sherman is a villian. He has the typical mindset of a cornerback. ALL….let me repeat this for you people who can’t even sniff a football field……ALL cornerbacks think the way Sherman does.

    He’s just getting all the media attention right now because of what his team has done on the biggest stages.

    Unless you’ve played cornerback in college or at the Pro level, you don’t understand the mindset. Nothing new in what Sherman said or did. Nothing at all.

  84. There is no WR or TE in the NFL physical enough to take the LOB one-on-one.

    Welker knows that. But his mouth wrote a check his body couldn’t cash. And the world watched him fail.

    Welker got punched in the mouth and he quit. Peyton got punched and he quit. Decker got punched and he quit. Demaryius Thomas got punched and he gave up the fumble. Our backup 3rd-string CB Maxwell made Denver’s best WR look like an overmatched rookie. You don’t talk about the LOB. Nobody is good enough to take the LOB one-on-one.

    #Legion of Boom #WorldChampions

  85. Always gives me a chuckle that Sherman’s trash talk never fails to get the haters’ panties in a bunch. They wax on about how he should shut his mouth & let that stuff go…all the while posting long-winded bitch sessions showing they are incapable of just ignoring him (or following their own advice). If he gets under your skin, you have no one to blame but yourselves. I for one, find the haters thoroughly entertaining.

  86. I’ve seen sandlot ballplayers talk more trash than Richard Sherman, most people posting just want to hate on the man, and I think you are the ones dealing with some serious mental and emotional issues.

  87. What in the world is Richard Sherman’s problem? Everyone else in the NFL is supposed to just be in awe of him? The kid’s got skills, but he needs to shut up and let his play to the talking. What a big baby.

  88. As the article says, it was on the field trash talk…clearly reading comprehension isn’t a strong suit of many here, nor is listening to the NFL Sound FX (one of the best parts of the week for NFL).

  89. Sherman is so insecure, but with good reason. Could it be that he realizes hes not even a top 5 corner in the league after telling the world hes number 1? Sorry Sherman, to be considered a top corner in the league you have to cover both sides of the field and shut down #1 receivers, not #2’s and #3’s.

  90. Guys, I like Sherman as a player. He seems to be a bright and articulate young man. That said, there is talking trash during a game and there is offensive behavior that borders on rage. He displays the latter all too often.

  91. Why is this even a story? I mean, Richard Sherman aside, what do people think football players say to each other on the field during games? Anyone who’s played the game at any level knows that it’s a grueling, highly competitive, and at times barbaric sport. You have to dominate your opponent physically and mentally. Jawing at opposing teams is a tactic players have been using to win the mental game for decades.

  92. Sherman thrives on anger. He looks for anything people say about him to fuel that anger. Clearly Welker’s statement was innocuous but Sherman will twist the words to suit his needs. He said as much in interviews. It is just how he motivates himself.

    It will be harder for him to find the anger now that he has so much success and recognition but he is a smart guy. He will find a way.

  93. Welker should have obviously said he prefers to be double covered. For as smart as Sherman purported to be, he’s a blathering idiot. He clearly as some deep seeded childhood issues. He’s good now but when just a few short years can define him as a flash in the pan – he’ll be damned sure to reap what he’s sown.

  94. God I thought Packers fans were jackwagons but this Seachickens team with the coaches the players and now the fans are making the Packers seem humble .

  95. Who cares what these guys say on the field? What Sherman said is nothing.

    Even Welker himself talks his share of trash. After he caught one against the Colts a few years back you could hear him scream at the guy “YOU -bleeping- SUCK”

  96. Sometimes I wonder if these guys are doing the talking or is it the Adderall speaking for them?

    If the Superbowl would been played in Seattle or Colorado perhaps we have seen a much laid-back Sherman after burning through a couple of m-sticks made from the devils lettuce (lol).

  97. Why is everyone still discussing this guys mouth? What is wrong with Seattle? Can’t they just enjoy their win and move on? I think everyone else in the NFL has.

  98. lol… just love how tough those that say “I want him one on one” think they are being.. Those comments also show how little they know about the Seahawks and the man that is Sherman… considering he’s a pro athlete – so he’d whip all y’all in any athletic event you choose (other than competitive eating.. you net potatoes have the edge there)… and his intelligence is probably more than those folks can fathom… if anything, y’all feed the fire that drives the Seahawks and Sherman.. keep disrespecting them, and get used to disappointment when they succeed

  99. @dabears2485 – Sherman isn’t a great corner yet. He definitely has a lot of promise but he has had problems covering the bigger receivers. Even though they beat Denver look at what Demaryius Thomas did. Thomas still had 13 catches for 118 yards. That was Sherman’s man most of the game and Welker did have 8 catches for 84 yards which is more than any Seattle receiver had. So they won. It’s not as if Sherman shut anyone down. I just don’t know if Sherman is as great as he thinks he is or if he’s a product of a great defense. Also, looking at Seattle’s schedule, they only played against 3-4 good quarterbacks.

  100. sherman needs to get a check on his ego that is so troublesome for him, and out of control. sometimes testosterone levels out of control should be checked by (the league) doctors, to get levels back in balance. also, he is a prime candidate for counseling and anger management training. for a tall person, it’s surprising that he has such a prominent small man complex, that he always jumps on the defensive because someone/anyone makes a comment, not even directed toward him. it’s a sad shame that his life is so tormented when his team just won a SB. his need to divert attention from the team accomplishment onto himself shows the poor guys insecurity and need of constant positive reinforcement. too bad he can’t just accept his teams’ success and be happy…i guess when you’re tormented, you’re tormented. he needs to keep his discontent to himself, and stop inflicting it on the rest of humanity who really don’t care(!) to hear his constant, incessant uncalled for ranting tantrums!

  101. That moment when you realize you just typed 300 words saying that Sherman needs to move on when you clearly can’t. No one is forcing the haters to read what Sherman says, yet they constantly complain about what he says. If you don’t like it, ignore him like normal people do. The fact that the haters just can’t shut up about Sherman (while insisting that HE should shut up) is proof that he lives rent free in the heads of these poor souls and always will.

  102. His trash talk is what makes it all the more I interesting to watch. This year he was able to walk his talk! Trash talk lasts a couple of years with players like this as the younger, faster and stronger come in each year. Once the quicker wideouts and split ends start burning him he’ll slow his mandible considerably! Enjoy his era for now Sherman is good for football! He certainly isn’t the first trash talker and he certainly won’t be the last in this young mans adrenalin filled sport! I for one was impressed with the Shermanator’s play this year to order my Seahawk #25 jersey. Not to mention they were my Fantasy Teams starting ‘D’ all year (except on their bye.)

  103. Listen to all of you over sensitive sheep. The only reason Sherman keeps doing this is because you morons feed on it out of the palm of his hand. They gave Sherman a microphone for a reason, to make stories that people will get fired up about. In the meantime, he takes your hateful and ignorant comments and uses them as endless motivation. Guess what? He’s going to do it again.

  104. Sherman has been a starter for 3 years now. He has been a Pro Bowler or All Pro for each of those years. He lead the league in interceptions. Welker and Thomas caught a ton of balls after the game was essentially over. Not sure which game you were watching. How many significant catches were there?

  105. Sherman is a tool. He is not the best in the league. The best in the league don’t only cover one side of the field. He thinks he’s intelligent because he has a communications degree. I don’t care what school it’s from, I’m not impressed. He wouldn’t know how to use that degree anyway. You see how he communicates in public. Sherman obviously abuses steroids or other illegal substances to act the way he does. Moron.

  106. Anyone else see another Chad Johnson in the mix here? Just don’t change your last name to 25 in Spanish please. First thing sherman needs to remember is as he ages he will lose steps. If he continues to run the mouth like this he will be out of the NFL before he is 30.

    You never give your opponents motivation to beat you, NEVER. We know that San Fran will be pumped up after what Sherman said about them. We also know that from Year to Year in the NFL things change drastically. As this defense gets eaten away by Free Agency it will be interesting to see how Sherman’s story changes.

    One thing he can’t argue. Walker and Manning have a long history of consistent performances that will land them in the hall of fame. Sherman has a ways to go.

  107. Congrats Seattle players and fans but remember this is the NFL which stands for Not For Long! Just wait until Sherman wants a contract as big as his head! If you break the bank for him you will lose key players works that way on every team

  108. If I were a Denver fan instead of being mad about Sherman saying this on Sound FX in game.

    I would be more upset about Beast Mode asking his coach Carroll “is its okay to score?” because he was excited but felt bad and it was already 36-0.

  109. Y’all are reacting to this like it’s news. This happened over a week ago, on the football field, during the Super Bowl.

    Give it a rest already.

  110. Wishing negativity on a person for talking trash as if he’s the creator or the only player who trash talks. How is that not worse than trash talking? At least this guy helps others when he’s not on the field. So funny how people just want to put Sherman in his place. It’s not even like people are trying to take a stand against the “wrong doing” that he does because he’s not the only one doing it. Plenty of players have declared themselves the best, plenty have spoken down about other players and even teammates. Let’s not forget the Incognito/Martin situation when NFL players explained how the world would really be in an uproar if we could hear the raw side of things. Sherman has had the platform so all hate his way, right? Brainless, hateful sheep.

  111. I have two points to make:

    1. While in the second half I think PM started connecting on very short passes to his WRs, they was really no “YAC” yards after catches. So PM yardage is very deceiving. And the LOB punished everyone of those WR immediately.

    2. To all of you non-seahawk fans can you just stop talking about RS – you’re beginning to annoy me more than he is. I agree after a game expecially the magnitude of the SB the losing team is pretty raw and comments should just be that. If you think he’s looking for attention, why give it to him.

    I thought it was a great game and look forward to next year!

  112. Welker – How did the game work out for you? Not so good I hear.

    Sherman – How did the game work out for you? High ankle sprain, Super Bowl ring. Sounds pretty good to me.

  113. You all know, deep down, you’d love Richard Sherman in the Cornerback position on your favorite NFL team. Truth.

  114. The entire secondary took exception to what Welker said…

    But that won’t sell, so you single out Sherman.

  115. The worst part about Sherman is that Seattle fans have taken on his brash persona and now the entire city is insufferable.

  116. The media says, “Sherman got a 4.0 GPA in high school, so he is very intelligent”. C’mon man, we all can remember lots of guys who were “book smart” but had serious difficultly communicating out in the real world.

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