The AFC potential free agents

It’s the first weekend without football since Labor Day.  So why not start preparing for the looming offseason swap meet known as free agency?

We’ve scoured various Internet resources, relying heavily on NFLPA records, to put together a team-by-team, division-by-division list of free agents.

First up, the AFC.  With a quick click, you’ll see all impending free agents for the AFC East, AFC North, AFC South, and AFC West.

We’ll update as players re-sign, and if you see that we’ve missed one as the re-signings inevitably happen, let us know.

14 responses to “The AFC potential free agents

  1. The Vikings are picking up Jairus Byrd, Alterraun Verner & Michael Johnson in the offseason.

    We will trade up and draft Teddy Bridgewater to be our franchise QB.

    Our offense & defense will be completely stacked & have no holes whatsoever.

    Multiple Superbowls will be coming to Minneapolis.

  2. Chiefs most likely to go back to 2-14 again next year now that they have to play some real opponents.

    The Honeymoon is over – it is a viscous cycle of losing every three years and a first round playoff loss on the 4th year continues.

  3. The shehawks and cheesehead franchise don’t attract free agents because the lack of class for the shehawks and the fat lazy annoying fan base of the packers.the vikings are the team to be with.SKOL.

  4. KC? the team who gets Oakland twice? who had 10 pro bowlers, 12 in the last 2 seasons(on roster) and only 1 of those(mccluster) may be gone, they will have another draft, and another year for their super talented youth like poe and Houston to develop. that team is going to win all of 2 games this year? the hate is strong with this one.

  5. Seattle may make a run at the Super Bowl again next season but it is hard to repeat in this league. Give it a 2-3 year time frame and Seattle will have to let most these dudes walk after Wilson, Lynch, Sherman, & Thomas sign extensions.

  6. KC who started 9-0 and didn’t win the division, who only beat 1 playoff team and who benefitted from a last place team schedule. They will be lucky to get 8 wins this year.

  7. Broncos are top heavy on free agents. But dump all the ones who feel Denver can’t do without then. We need a big running back and a fullback. Dump Dreesen and Tamme

  8. If the Vikings, or anyone else for that matter, wants Jairus Byrd…Buffalo will gladly accept their 1st round pick for him, after he gets the franchise tag again.

    Do you really think they would just let a pro-bowl safety walk out the door for nothing? This is Doug Whaley, not Buddy Nix…and even good ol’ Bud ain’t that dumb.

    Some of you say the stupidest $h1t.

  9. RB Blount to the Giants? He’s big and I think he could be part of a nice 1-2 punch with somebody. David Wilson? Who knows?

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