The NFC potential free agents

The first weekend without football since Labor Day has ended — and I’ve actually accomplished something.  For a change.

All free agents have been identified and categorized, by division.  Last night, we unveiled the AFC free agents.

Tonight, it’s the NFC — East, North, South, and West.

As players re-sign, we’ll update the list.  (Feel free to give us a nudge if we miss one.)

Free agency begins on March 11. That’s only 30 days away.

So even though the games are concluded for now, football isn’t really over.  Nowadays, it never really is.

8 responses to “The NFC potential free agents

  1. Anquan Boldin will leave for greener pastures and Jim Harbaugh will be exposed as bring a fraud when it becomes time to pay the piper for drafting useless busts like A.J. Jenkins and Quinton Patton.

  2. They obviously have to design themselves and their seasons to get to the playoffs and have the ability to compete against a healthy New England with a healthu: Gronkowski and Talib, wilfork, Dobson, Tompkins, etc.
    Pretty standard precautionary moves by the NFC, and will continue as long as Tom is calling ‘White 20’ behind the line.

  3. The Vikings will be all over the free agents the NFL’s greatest franchise, The Green Bay Packers, don’t sign. If Green Bay decided to not bring the guy that makes their Gatorade, the Vikings would sign him to a 10 year, 150 Million dollar contract.

    #13 Time World Champs!
    #How many championships does your crappy team have?

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