Buccaneers release Gabe Carimi, three others

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The Buccaneers added quarterback Mike Kafka to the roster on Monday, but that wasn’t the only roster move in Tampa.

The team announced that they have released four players in addition to signing Kafka. Tackle Gabe Carimi, running back Michael Hill, defensive tackle Derek Landri and quarterback Jordan Rodgers have all been let go.

Carimi, a first-round pick by the Bears in 2011, was traded to the Bucs for a 2014 sixth-round pick before last season. He saw action in 14 games for the Bucs and made three starts, but doesn’t appear that Lovie Smith was interested in giving another chance to a player whose struggles were part of overall offensive line issues that helped grease the skids for Smith’s firing in Chicago.

Hill ran nine times for 23 yards in six games after joining the team during the season, but was arrested for failure to obey a lawful order and resisting arrest in Missouri last month. Landri had nine tackles in nine games as a reserve on the defensive line and Rodgers spent most of the 2013 season on the team’s practice squad.

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  1. Carimi will probably end up with the Falcons, so he can get spun around in front of his biggest fan, Tice.

  2. .

    Every draft guru had a first round / can’t miss tag on Carimi. He’s evidence that the draft is a crapshoot, even in the first round.


  3. I suppose that makes things even between Tampa swapping busts with Chicago over the years, with the Bucs flipping Gaines Adams (RIP) to Chicago for a 2nd round pick.

    Maybe these two teams should stop trading players to each other for a few years.

  4. Can’t agree about Carimi. He played well the last year for Lovie in Chicago and decently last year. If someone else had been hired in TB he’d be a starter, or at least get a legit shot. I’m not faulting Smith, but I think Carimi will come around like Marc Colombo did after the Bears gave up on him.

  5. First rounders are not crapshoots, as the vast majority of them fashion respectable NFL careers. First rounders in the MLB draft…now THAT is what you call a crapshoot.

  6. I find is ironic/hilarious that many Bears fans (myself included) were in love with the Gabe Carimi pick, and HATED the Kyle Long pick.

    Now, Carimi is riding the express lane out of football and into insurance sales, and Long has laid the foundation for a hopefully very successful career.

  7. Carimi may suck ass but he certainly isn’t going to be reduced to selling insurance, he actually graduated with an engineering degree because he did the smart thing and took advantage of his scholarship and time in college.

  8. Carimi was the epitome of a “Bust”.. The Bears should have never taken him in the first place.. Jerry Angelo might be the worst drafting GM in history.
    My guess he will try to sing with his childhood hero’s the Packers. I hope he does.

  9. I’m not so certain Carimi is a bust. He took a nasty injury to his knee cap for a bounty payment by New Orleans… Then needed multiple surgeries to get it right. Lovie Smiths Offense was abysmal in Chicago, Carimi was no more responsible for that debacle then the other 10 players Lovie blamed it on. So Carimi gets traded to Tampa and “Kazam” there is Lovie’s fat head again…. Lovie couldn’t coach an offensive unit who could beat a damned women’s lingerie league team much less an Offense playing a NFC North Defense. Tampa will learn that soon enough. Caraimi will get picked up by a team and get a new start with a real O-co and a group of new people and coaches around him… if he fails again… I’ll go with the “Bust” label… not until then… not for the sake of friggin Lovie “I don’t do Offense” Smith…

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