Dolphins doing all they can to entice season ticket buyers


The Dolphins are hoping everything from trips to Sea World to a movie night at the stadium will entice local fans to buy season tickets.

In a letter sent to prospective season ticket buyers, the Dolphins detailed some of the perks that will go along with owning season tickets. Some season ticket buyers will get the opportunity to attend a yacht party, while others will get to have their fantasy drafts in a stadium suite.

“The key here is we didn’t just make a name change and throw in a bobblehead and call it membership. We’ve committed to making these good events so people will see the value in their membership 12 months a year,” Dolphins chief revenue officer Jeremy Walls said, via the Sun-Sentinel. “Most of these events are in the offseason. Most include player or alumni involvement and many of them include food and beverage.”

Maybe this plan will convince a few people to buy season tickets, but there’s little doubt that the best way to get fans in the stands is to play winning football. The Dolphins haven’t had a winning record in any of the last five seasons. Until that changes, free trips to Sea World won’t make local fans want to buy season tickets.

19 responses to “Dolphins doing all they can to entice season ticket buyers

  1. 25 years of season ticket buying, we need a winning team now. Don’t care about Sea World.
    We haven’t received the letter yet!! Just get an offensive line, and then maybe Ryan Tannehill won’t be sacked 60 times, and eventually get hurt. It’s a miracle he played all season, he has to be tough.



    Being searched and hassled before a game,
    Denied camera
    Denied Seat Cushion
    Denied even bottle of water
    Must carry all your possesions in baggie
    Pay for a PSL of 10,000 per seat
    Pay 1800 per seat (min) per season
    Pay 8.00 for beer
    Pay 11.00 for Hot dog
    Pay 50-100 for parking per game

    You really think this is a BARGAIN???? I’m a Die NFL fan and I turned my Season tix back in,,,no longer interested,,,I can build an in home theater room for the price of 1 PSL and 1 season ticket,,,,including popcorn machine, and draft beer dispenser….TAKE THAT NFL you have priced yourself out of the market

  3. Hmm…Buffalo still sells 75% of their stadium in season tickets each season and they havnt played “winning football” in a decade. Maybe its the fanbase, not the team?

  4. A winner would help, but it still won’t sell out. There are literally hundreds of fun things to do on a sunny, warm December day in South Florida. There is one in Buffalo, and thats a Bills game. Although as someone who lives in Syracuse, I’ve certainly witnessed (not witnessed?) many a Bills game blacked out from low ticket sales.

  5. The past few years the phins provided a $100 discount if you locked your seats in early. This year that incentive was taken away in order to offer me a bunch of crap that I don’t care about. I’d MUCH rather see a winning team then have movie night in the stadium. Firing Ireland was a start. I’m hoping that new GM Dennis Hickey has a clue. Since that $100 discount was taken away… I will wait until the last possible minute to renew if I feel they have done enough to field a decent team. If not, I will not renew.
    btw… Patriottony, The Phins haven’t done enough to warrant charging for a PSL. If they tried that they’d be attempting to sell 74k single game seats every week. We can only hope one day to have a similar ownership and coach / management team as you guys do!!

  6. You really think this is a BARGAIN???? I’m a Die NFL fan and I turned my Season tix back in,,,no longer interested,,,I can build an in home theater room for the price of 1 PSL and 1 season ticket,,,,including popcorn machine, and draft beer dispenser….TAKE THAT NFL you have priced yourself out of the market

    when you get that built, let me know. I ll watch the Pats destroy Buffalo in hi def stereo

  7. Not to knock Buffalo but aren’t some if their games played in Toronto?
    And rumor to move there because of a lack of sales.

    As a Dolphin fan, it’s been frustrating to watch
    “Savior” after “Savior” try to “fix” this team. Ross for all his money
    Is at least trying. New stadium? Let’s fight for one. Need a new WR corps, let’s go buy it. We need to draft a franchise QB? Ok let’s make that a priority and build on that.
    Can’t blame the guy for doing things to enhance the fan experience too. Winning games definitely is the best way to fill the stands.
    But what do you do for the fans while you’re trying to rebuild?
    Ignore them or doing things to help show appreciation for their support?

    Give me more perks for being loyal. I’ll take that.

  8. Plus have you seen Miami in Oct, Nov & Dec.
    Mid to upper 70’s, 80’s on good days. Beaches, boats, trendy pool parties, street festivals, waterskiing, theme parks here and close by.
    Lots of outdoor activities as opposed to Anchor Bar wings, Niagara Falls and building snowmen.

    Winning would help any fan base.

  9. South Florida has a lame NFL fanbase. There is no getting around it. I’ve been there for 2 Ravens playoff games and we practically took over the joint while Fins fans sat on their hands from almost the opening kickoff.

  10. Jimmy Haslam is increasing our fan experience here in Cleveland by installing huge new scoreboards so we can watch the Browns get creamed in HD !
    Wow.. thanks Jimmy !

  11. As for Blackwater and Sea World…
    Anheuser Busch owned Sea World for 20 years (89-09) and still has a huge corporate presence with beer tasting pavilions, sponsored concerts & events, a small brewery and summer home to the famous Clydesdales.

    If you want to be an activist, think of that next time you open an ice cold Bud.

  12. Fact: Team controlled its destiny needing ONE win out of last two.
    Fact: Team LOST both!
    Fact: BOTH opponents were OUT OF THE PLAYOFF CHASE!
    Fact: OTHER COACHES were fired for tanking down the stretch!
    Fact: Stephen LOSS needs to SELL THE TEAM!
    Fact: This team is a COMMITMENT TO MEDIOCRITY!
    FACT: Fans will stay away until LOSS AND PHILBIN ARE GONE!

  13. Soooo, the organization should stop trying to creatively sell tickets while the team figures out their misfortunes…? Maybe the whole business side should shut down and take the year off if their tactics are misfiring amongst the fair-weather Dolphins “fans”… That way, when you guys show up to a game and complain that it’s too hot (you’re outside in Miami, it’s going to be hot) you won’t have anyone to call to complain to. Listen, it’s a business, just like everything else. We all agree they need to win on the field, but that doesn’t mean you give up off the field. Please realize that organizations like the Dolphins are trying to help you enjoy the experience and thank you for your loyalty regardless of the talent (or lack of) on the field. As each side addresses their issues separately, and they should be judged and treated as such.

  14. PATRIOTTONY has exaggerated very badly. Miami doesn’t charge a PSL and he’s way off on the cost of hot dogs, parking and minimum ticket price…. and if you stupid liberal New Englanders would stop helping elect liberal democrats maybe the economy would get better and things would be more affordable everywhere…… point taken though……. NFL is still cheaper than going to a Jimmy Buffet concert though.

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