Jets announce overall ticket prices will be lower in 2014

Getty Images

The Jets held onto coach Rex Ryan after missing the playoffs for the third straight season, but they aren’t holding onto the same pricing for their tickets. 

The team announced Monday that they have altered their pricing in two of the three decks at MetLife Stadium. Prices for seats in the upper level will decrease a little more than 10 percent on average while tickets in the lower level will rise by an average of three percent. Tickets in the mezzanine level will be unchanged, which means that tickets will be a bit less expensive overall next season.

“We understand the sacrifices many of our fans make to attend our games,” Jets President Neil Glat said in a statement from the team. “We carefully study and assess market demand based on many factors, including the secondary market, prices around the National Football League, and prices for other sports and entertainment offerings in the New York market. Our goal is to maximize the number of season ticket holders in our building in an effort to create a substantial homefield advantage.”

The Jets are not the only AFC East team changing their pricing model for 2014. Miami and New England have both announced that they are instituting variable pricing for next season.