Manziel will throw on his own schedule, not at A&M Pro Day


Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel wants to throw for NFL talent evaluators when he’s ready to put his best foot forward, and that will not be at the Aggies’ Pro Day workout.

Manziel has decided to throw for scouts at a workout he has scheduled for March 27, instead of Texas A&M’s Pro Day on March 5, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Although Manziel hasn’t said whether he will throw at the NFL Scouting Combine, the decision not to throw at his Pro Day suggests that he wants to wait before he shows off his throwing mechanics to the NFL. Manziel is working with quarterback guru George Whitfield, and he apparently wants to take some extra time to make sure he’s fully prepared.

Ultimately, the tape of the throws Manziel has already made in live game action will matter more than the throws he can make in shorts and a T-shirt in the controlled confines of an NFL workout. But those workout throws will matter, too, and Manziel wants to make those throws on his own schedule.

41 responses to “Manziel will throw on his own schedule, not at A&M Pro Day

  1. Dont understand what’s the big deal about throwing a football at the combine or ya SCHEDULED pro day..what’s gona change?

  2. Mike Sam the next Tim Tebow a whole lot of attention over nothing remember when you were drafted into the NFL just to be a football player

  3. What’s funny is that a throwing coach will be teaching him how to thow a football against an imaginary defense in exactly the way scouts want him to. I don’t hold this aginst him, millions of dollars will be on the line based on these throws. In the end if you want to see how Manziel will throw in the NFL put on his 2013 game film.

    You can teach playbooks,reading defenses and progressions but at this point mechanics are just about hard wired. You can fool scouts in a workout, but once a 250 lb linebacker is headed for you it’s back to pure instincts.

  4. Johnny Manziel is doing what is right for Johnny Manziel’s future in the NFL. There is nothing wrong with that

  5. He is a great prospect for the vikings when they look for the leader of the Viking dynasty that starts next season.who ever our qb is will blow joe Montana and everyone else outta the park when that person leads this great Viking dynasty. He can also embarrass the shehawks in the playoffs with the biggest playoff win in nfl history.also playing the cheese soft turd bay defense twice is always fun.SKOL#bejealousofus

  6. More drama then he is worth. He does what he wants whenever he wants to.

    Only seems to be worried about himself. I don’t want players like that on my favorite team.

  7. i aemm opening myself to the critics but this sounds like a guy saying i want to play in may not in october when he is ready?? how bout when the scouts are there to watch!!

  8. Makes sense, the throws he already made will already be evaluated as they were regardless of when he throws now. He just wants to show now some evolution and refinement, and for that purpose it’s only to his advantage to wait until after he has had additional time to demonstrate what it looks to go from what we saw to what we see.

  9. Why do I fear the Browns are going to get this guy. We already had a short QB from the state of Texas that was a big winner in college – Colt McCoy. PASS ON THIS GUY BROWNS..

  10. This is fine but I don’t understand why there isn’t a quote from Manziel or his throwing coach about Michael Sam’s sexual preference OR the Washington Redskins’ nickname.

  11. For those not understanding why he’s waiting and working look at A Rodgers drop in the draft.

    A lot of it is how he held the football. Even during the draft they were debating during his drop if someone could break him of holding the ball too high, what many figured would be his downfall in the NFL.

    He lost millions and millions of dollars because of it. It worked out well for him but with the chances of not making it I’d want to make everything 100% correct if I could in their shoes.

    Anyone not understanding this go watch Rodgers at Cal and how he held the ball.

  12. When he interviews with Browns management I think he will be clear that he will not play in Cleveland.

  13. Sorry coach….I know you named me the starter for this Sunday, but I’ve decided I’m just gonna throw some other day, I’m thinking maybe Tuesday.

  14. Look at his arms, they look like twigs. What is johnny football, maybe 5’7″ 160lbs. Can’t wait to see this guy after the first time he gets sacked, that’s if he gets up of course

  15. I tend to agree with those who predict he will be less than successful at the pro level. I don’t question his athletic ability, but I do question his commitment. To me, he’s more interested in being “Johnny Manziel, the quarterback” instead of “A quarterback named Johnny manziel.” He’s simply not a Broadway Joe, who did both very well.

  16. I think if Johnny really wants to show us what he has, he ought to schedule a workout on a snow covered field during a wind storm.

    You know, Cleveland weather.

  17. If your guru quarterback coach who has coached many successful first round (some first overall) QBs says wait till the end of March. You wait till the end of March.

    The risks are unknown. It will be less risky if he can get his Texas A&M receivers to run the routes for him that he would have wanted at his pro-day. If not, the timing could be off and make it look worse than it should…

    Can’t count out short QBs, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson have shown it can be done.. So the million(s) dollar question… Who will gamble on him first?

  18. When your future employer tells you to throw, you throw. That is how the NFL works, this makes Manziel look like he isn’t ready to contribute to a team.

    “Sorry future employer, I’m not ready to take my drug test, I’ll do it on my own time.” I’m sure that would go over well.

  19. What’s with players holding their own pro days? Guys wouldn’t throw at Indy because they were scared of “unknown” receivers. Now pro days at their OWN school aren’t good enough? I wouldn’t be surprised if he postponed his own pro day several times because the sun was in his eyes or it was too hot. Diva diva diva.

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