Sean Lee: I need to find a way to stay healthy


Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee missed five of the final six games of the 2013 season, leaving him to watch as the Cowboys lost two of their final three games to miss the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

Lee missed the final three games with a neck injury and he’s been rehabbing it at the team’s facility since the end of the season. He hasn’t been fully cleared yet, but feels better and thinks that he’s on the path to a full recovery. Lee, who missed the two other games with a hamstring injury, said that he plans to spend some time this offseason figuring out a way to avoid another rehab next season.

“I think I’ve had a combination of injuries, like the hamstring would be an ‘injury-prone’ type of injury. I think I’ve also had some bad luck where I got rolled up in a pile with my toe and I’ve gotten hit by my own guy in a pile,” Lee said, via “I need to find a way to stay healthy, whether it’s finding a way to be stronger and not having the hamstring deal or it’s hopefully having a little bit better luck. I need a combination of both going forward.”

Lee has played well during his four years with the Cowboys, but he’s never played in all 16 games and missed the win-or-else Week 17 losses in each of the last two seasons. His presence might not have changed either of those outcomes, but the Cowboys would enjoy a chance to find out what happens with a full season of Lee in the lineup.