Alex Van Pelt looking for new ways to challenge Aaron Rodgers


Some quarterback coaches are expected to do some teaching, but that won’t be the case for Alex Van Pelt with the Packers.

He’s moving over from running backs coach in the wake of Ben McAdoo’s departure for the Giants, but there’s not much to teach Aaron Rodgers about an offense that he’s been running and running well for several years. Instead, Van Pelt will focus on coming up with new ways to challenge Rodgers in order to bring out his best on the field.

“You definitely have to find ways to stimulate him even on the basic principles of the offense,” Van Pelt said, via Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “You find ways to challenge and stimulate him. That goes for any great player that’s been in that position for a long time. How many times can you hear the coaching points for “200 Jet Dragon”? You’ve been hearing it from day one of your football life. Now, let’s try to find another way to challenge him, to stimulate your brain to play better.”

Van Pelt backed up Jim Kelly during his playing days, which might offer him some insight about how to keep a veteran quarterback operating at a high level. Maintenance isn’t the sexiest of job descriptions, but it’s the most important part of Van Pelt’s role in Green Bay.

36 responses to “Alex Van Pelt looking for new ways to challenge Aaron Rodgers

  1. Well what’s he gonna say. “I kinda lucked into a pretty cush job here. Honestly, what’s a career backup like me going to tell Rodgers? I just need to do enough to justify my paycheck and hope Rodgers plays well enough to let me ride his coattails all the way to new gig somewhere else, like he did for mcadoo. Go Aaron!”

  2. The vikequeen trolls are out in full force today not smart enough to realize they have been absolutely owned by the Packers recently. Not to team has been a laughingstock on and off the field which is evidenced by the last place finish. So come on, bring it on how you will dominate.

  3. HAHAHA all these vikings fans.. “Starting a Dynasty” you cant even get a QB that can throw the ball… let that QB carousel continue to spin while you’re “Achieving greatness”

  4. I’ve been a Vikings fan since Tarkenton played, but you 12 year olds posting as Minn. fans really aren’t doing the franchise any favors. Grow up.

  5. If the Vikings played as big as their fans talk they would really have something.

    But it’s the same old thing every year.

  6. Contrary to the positions of my Viking fan brethren, and as painful as it is to admit, I suspect Van Pelt won’t find much challenge for Rodgers when they look at tape of the last game he played against my team.

  7. I’d suggest that VanPelt was a backup to Frank Reich. But both men seem to be doing well in the coaching ranks. Obviously they were valuable parts of those amazing years in Buffalo Bills history.

  8. They know the Vikings defense couldn’t challenge him last season. As the Packers scored on every possession as they closed out their last game at the Metrodome.

  9. You want to challenge Rodgers, how about asking him to date a girl. We all know he ran like a scalded dog when Michele Beadle told him she wanted to do him.

  10. If Aaron Rodgers is GBs only good player than how do Viking fans explain a Rodgersless Packers team playing them to a tie? I think that says more about your sorry team than it does GBs. Not to mention they were missing another handful of starters on offense and defense to boot.

  11. I’m not sure if some people on here watch football or not. I’m not a Packer fan, but Rodgers, like Jay Cutler, has played behind some of the worst offensive lines over the past several years. In 2009 and 2012, Rodgers was the most sacked QB, and he still managed to start every game. From 2008 to 2012, he started every game except for 2, and I believe that was because the the division was already decided.

    And if you have a QB, and he’s the franchise, of course you wouldn’t put him out there until he’s healed. Only an idiot organization would do that.

    If people are going to rag guys, or call them soft, that’s fine. It’s funnier or hits harder if there is some degree of truth behind it, otherwise the poster just ends up looking foolish.

    And if it’s Viking fans ripping on Rodgers, they should look at the QB mess they have, the fact that they could only muster a tie with the Packers when Rodgers was out, and the fact that Rodgers is 7-1 against the Vikings in the last 8 games, including a playoff win.

  12. The great irony of the Viking trolls logging on to post about Rodgers is the fact that the Vikings had not one but two chances to draft him.

    Instead they choose a WR that couldn’t catch and a DE that couldn’t rush the passer. And you wonder why in 53 years, the Vikings never won a Superbowl while Rodgers has one already.

  13. Dear Vikings fans,

    You have smack talked for the last… 40 some year saying it’s your time and how the Pack is going downhill… and it has yet to come true once…

    Please look at your team roster and tell me how the Vikings time can be coming anytime soon.

    The answer is… It’s not.

  14. The Vikings of the Nordic Era spun in circles in the North Atlantic for close to 4 centuries. One boat got lost and they drifted to New Zealand. They had nothing when they got there.

    The Vikings of the NFC Conference have spun in circles for close to 4 decades. One coach was either lucky enough to somehow get them to a few Super Bowls. They came back with no hardware.

    Troll – A supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore.

    Shocking that Vikings fans are trolls? I think not.

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