Dolphins staffer wants to see more physical running from Lamar Miller


The Miami Dolphins had the 26th ranked rushing attack in the NFL last season.

Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas received the majority of work carrying the football for the Dolphins with Miller starting 15 games on the year. Miller showed flashes of strong play at times but the rushing game was never consistent for the Dolphins.

However, at least one member of the Dolphins wants to see more from Miller on the field.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, a Dolphins’ staffer critiqued the play of both Miller and Thomas this year and pointed to a specific aspect of Miller’s game he would like to see an improvement in.

“They’re a good complement to each other, and we like Miller’s speed and explosiveness,” the Dolphins staffer said. “Miller has the higher ceiling, but you wish he ran with a more physical (style). And both have to improve as blockers.”

Miller posted just one 100-yard rushing performance on the season. However, he did rush for at least 4.5-yards per carry in five of Miami’s first seven games before struggling to find similar production late in the year.

With the lack of consistency in the running game, it appears likely the Dolphins will look to add to the running back position either through free agency or the draft.

15 responses to “Dolphins staffer wants to see more physical running from Lamar Miller

  1. Or maybe we should see these guys with at least a semblance of a real offensive line. Last year’s line was so bad it’s not really fair to say they need running back help yet.

  2. MJD in free agency would be great. But unlikely Dolphins commit that type if free agency money when they are going to have so many other holes to plug including both OTs both OGs, DT, FS, and CB. More likely they will look to draft to waste a pick in the fifth round unless they get lucky and Carlos Hyde is able to fall in the mid rounds.

  3. I find his lack of vision more worrisome. He’s about as physical as alledged power back Daniel Thomas as is. He needs to continue to work on his pass blocking and hopefully get a chance for more touches with the new OC. Perhaps Lazor will introduce the mythical HB “screen pass” to Miami as well – that would help.

  4. Also, the Dolphins have only themselves to blame for this. Miller looked great until the Jonathan Martin fiasco and their moron owner hastily jumping to conclusions and suspending Richie Incognito, one of the league’s better guards and a tough and loyal teammate and respected locker room leader.

  5. With the lack of consistency in the running game, it appears likely the Dolphins will look to add to the OL position either through free agency or the draft. NO OL no Running Game

  6. The unnamed staffer isn’t the only one. The fans do too. But we also want to see a line that blocks and a team that actually lives up to its potential. Sick of the way Ross and the former GM Ireland ruined this team.

  7. The only running I want to see right now is watching Stephen LOSS get RUN OUT OF TOWN!

  8. They need to get a running back in the draft, the running game was horrible. Letting Reggie Bush go was a terrible mistake. Offensive line would help too, no one could block.

  9. They want to see more physical running?? ROFL! #1 Get a line that can block! #2 Get A RUNNINGBACK(a real one)! #3 The coach wants to see Tannehill improve??? LOL!!! See #1!
    Lastly, you want this team to improve overall? You had that chance! The owners a JOKE that let Pioli get away and….you still have this same clown for a coach. You lose!

  10. Sure, Miller certainly has room to improve as a back. Just like the season before, Miller showed flashes of being a really solid playmaker, yet you cant help but want more consistency from week to week.

    However, Its hard to draw definitive conclusions as to Miller based on what I saw last year. He was absolutely held back by his line and the terrible play calling all season. With a new OC and another offseason to improve, there’s still plenty of reasons to hope that this guy can become “the guy.”

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