Group forming to explore new Bills stadium in Buffalo

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When the Bills signed a 10-year lease to remain at Ralph Wilson Stadium, the agreement came with a vow to begin looking at options for a new stadium that would keep the team in Buffalo for an even longer period of time.

On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed five people to the New Stadium Working Group as a first step toward exploring those options. New York State, Erie County and the Bills can each name seven members to the group. In a letter to the county and team, senior policy adviser to the governor Howard B. Glaser said they hoped to have an initial meeting of the group in the next two weeks.

“The purpose of the group is to explore options for development and construction of a new stadium in Western New York to serve as a home for the Bills, a catalyst for economic growth and a premier sports and entertainment venue for the region,” Glaser wrote, via the Buffalo News.

The five members appointed by Gov. Cuomo are Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown, Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster, Buffalo Niagara Partnership CEO Dottie Gallagher-Cohen and Empire State Development President Kenneth Adams.

The group is expected to consider a variety of options for the stadium, including locations in suburban Erie County and Niagara Falls in addition to Buffalo proper. As they work toward that goal, renovations jointly financed by all three parties will be taking place at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

15 responses to “Group forming to explore new Bills stadium in Buffalo

  1. Torn on this one. Going to the Ralph so many times, I stopped noticing flaws and how outdated it is. Trip to Soldier Field ( post renovation) made me realize how it is like an old home, cozy, but could stand to be upgraded. The Ralph is like your home, it is always slowly deteriorating even as you put on new exterior, roof etc. Someone who drops by once every five years notices it going down hill, but you don’t cause you see it every day. I can live without Wi-Fi in stadium, and other amenities, but some new restrooms would be cool…

  2. Now we can get a Superbowl if we build it!! And it will be the only NFL stadium in NY, it won’t be in NJ!!!

  3. Way too many people, all of whom are going to have their own separate agendas. I’ve seen this before. The Los Angeles Coliseum Commission consists of three members each from the City, State, and County, and over a period of time managed to run off the Rams, Lakers, Raiders, Clippers, UCLA football and USC basketball. Even when they agree on something, the membership will change and someone new comes in with another agenda and opinion. This will be interesting to watch.

  4. IMHO the location of Batavia area should be strongly considered.
    Plenty of Land for building, Parking, and halfway between Buffalo and Rochester. I believe about 40% of ticket sale come from Rochester.
    Moving the team to the economically depressed Niagara Falls area would be a VERY BAD idea…

  5. nflfan4now says:
    Feb 11, 2014 9:42 AM
    Now we can get a Superbowl if we build it!! And it will be the only NFL stadium in NY, it won’t be in NJ!!!
    They could build the biggest and best stadium in the world, but the city is still Buffalo and could NOT handle a Super Bowl.

  6. telldatruth says:
    Feb 11, 2014 10:04 AM
    I always wondered why NY has three football teams!!
    NY State doesn’t have three football teams…
    NYS has one, the Buffalo Bills. The other two poser’s are located in the state of New Jersey.

  7. The most popular AFC team in L.A. is the Raiders, don’t insult Southern California with the 4 time Super Bowl Losers.

    Try San Antonio or Salt Lake City, they would support this team no matter how bad they are, or how disgusting their history is. The have stadiums ready to go.

    Nobody in L.A. would ever support this franchise.

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