Haslam: Browns won’t replace Banner with another CEO


The Browns have already replaced former General Manager Mike Lombardi.

But they won’t be replacing CEO Joe Banner at all.

In the early stages of Tuesday’s shock press conference, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said he would not be replacing Banner.

Team president Alec Scheiner will run the business side of the organization, while new G.M. Ray Farmer will run the personnel operation, and coach Mike Pettine will have control of the on field product.

Haslam said all three would report to him, as they wanted to “streamline the process.”

That’s only good if Haslam lets them operate, and gives them the opportunity to grow into jobs recently acquired.

23 responses to “Haslam: Browns won’t replace Banner with another CEO

  1. It seems like Haslam has no idea who he wants in charge. Real losers here are the players and fans. Cleveland is going to spend that 40 mil cap space really quick. They will have to way over pay to keep or sign any free agents because over paying is the only way anyone will want to stay or go there.

  2. The factory of sadness has doubled production. I feel so bad for Browns fan, and that’s coming from a Bills fan so you know things must REALLY be bad.

  3. So is Coach Pettine in charge of chopping the wood, and GM Farmer is in charge of the lighter fluid and matches. Got it.

  4. What the hell is left for Joe Bonehead to do?

    Jimmy’s laundering his ill-gotten loot by paying Joe to keep the coffee fresh.

  5. Go ahead and laugh and mock all you want. Haslam has made positive changes in Berea and I really like the tandem of Farmer and Pettine — two guys who have each forgotten more about football than Banner and Lombardi will ever know. Farmer and Pettine will work hand in glove and there won’t be some puppeteer pulling strings from above (Banner). These guys are players’ folks and understand what it takes to select, develop and retain outstanding players. February 11th will go down in Browns’ history as the first day of the long-awaited turn around. I’m especially happy for their players. One Cleveland reporter quoted a different team’s GM who apparently said, “Now I can deal with the Cleveland Browns again.” I suspect a lot of free agents feel the same way. Go get ’em, Jimmy, and let the naysayers all eat their words in a couple of years!

  6. Never thought the CEO model was a good idea for this team. Not with an (over-)involved owner. With Randy Lerner, it kinda made sense, since he had no interest in having a football team. But with Haslam, it just makes for too many cooks in the kitchen.

  7. With Banner and Lombardi gone, the Browns will move in another direction. But if that new heading is the right one remains to be seen. They haven’t done much in several years to put this ship “to sea”, with wind in its sails. One only has to look at Dallas, to witness an egotistical owner who believes that he knows better than the rest of the league, and whose team stats say otherwise. We can only hope that Jimmy, knows what he’s doing. Time will tell.

  8. We’ll see what happens. You can make a strong case that Haslam made a big mistake in hiring the arrogant, in your face, fans and players be damned, Banner. And Banner, in turn, hired Dumbturdi who, in Cleveland, is considerably less respected than the Taliban.

    And today, after a miserable 2013 draft, two jokes of a coaches search, throwing a decent coach under the bus, and facing public humiliation and outcry, righted his major wrongs by flushing two turds down the toilet.

    As John Madden would say, ‘ a twofer’!

  9. Apparently Banner was never his idea to start with. Since he wasn’t exactly on firm ground like he enjoyed with his friendship with the Eagle owner, I would think Banner would have toned down his abrasive guy act a little bit. Lombardi’s bad people skill reputation precedes him going back to his first Cleveland stint. For the best evidence of this, watch how fast Bill Bellichick tries not to give him a job, despite him dropping the “my old friend, Bill” card anytime he tries to get some credibility as a media talking head. He realizes some of the people who were holding him down back then in hindsight.

  10. As awful as The Browns look right now… this is a VERY good move. Nobody here in NE Ohio wanted Banner nor Lombardi when they were hired and they were just hooked up with Haslam by the league. They weren’t Haslam’s dudes.

    Now we move forward.

  11. First off, firing those 2 clowns is a great decision. Next decision is getting the draft right and hitting on every single pick. If you can find players that are making an immediate impact, here’s an idea,dont draft them. As bad as this team is, if you do your homework,,all your draft picks should be productive & IMPACTFUL IMMEDIATELY!

    Its amazing how the good teams draft well and make good decisions and the bad ones dont

  12. So this means the new coach willl definitely be gone at the end of 2 years?

    I dont think Lombardi is particularly great but Banner was the real problem.

  13. No, Pettine was hired by Haslem probably in conference with the football people in the organization. For people criticizing how he’s set up the structure, what’s the difference from how the structure is set up in Pittsburgh? Mike Tomlin certainly doesn’t report to Kevin Colbert or Omar Khan nor did either of them hire him, Bill Cowher, or their staffs. Both Bruce Arians and Ron Erhard back in the day were essentially fired by the Rooneys without much input from either

  14. Mike Lombardi, what goes around comes around… You talk about NFL players who you wouldn’t give a second chance too.
    Well, look at you… Do you deserve another chance???

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