Haslam is anything but patient

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When Jimmy Haslam bought the Browns, everyone assumed he’d take a patient, long-term view toward rebuilding a franchise that has made it to the playoffs once since returning to the NFL in 1999.

Everyone assumed wrong.

Jimmy’s impatient, despite his tenure as a significant minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the NFL’s model of stability.  But while the Steelers have had three coaches since 1969, Haslam has had three coaches since he bought the team.

Jimmy now has a new G.M., and he presumably will hire a new CEO.

If there’s a new CEO, the new CEO may want a new G.M.  Already, the new G.M. may be thinking about hiring his own head coach (unless Ray Farmer had a direct hand in hiring new coach Mike Pettine).

Meanwhile, the legal entanglement arising from Haslam’s family-owned truck stop business works its way higher up the corporate ladder.  At the Super Bowl, speculation swirled that Haslam could be indicted this month.

Fearing the possibility that he’ll eventually be unable to attend the team’s games due to a door that doesn’t swing but slides, it’s possible Haslam has opted to clean house now in the hopes that a new regime will instantly make the right moves with $40 million in cap space, 10 draft picks, and a pair of first-round selections.

Despite the specific catalyst for the current change, Haslam has become something far different than what anyone thought he would be.  Regardless of whether the moves put the Browns on the right track, the decision to part ways with Michael Lombardi and Joe Banner currently puts the Browns at the top of the short list of completely dysfunctional NFL franchises.

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  1. I am completely indifferent to the Browns, but I would love to see them have a winning spell just because….they deserve it. Browns fans and Raiders fans, the REAL ones, deserve a break.

  2. Nah, I’d say he’s not impatient. He probably just realized he hired a couple of stooges and pulled the plug. I bet Farmer was more involved with Pettine’s hire than Banner & Lombardi.

  3. No it doesn’t, banner was the root cause of all this, him, his stooge and the coach he hired are gone. This is curing the dysfunction

  4. This is called fixing your mistakes before they get magnified…It needed done if you followed the Browns at all you would understand why.. Last years draft was HORRIBLE!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!

  5. Like I said when he first bought the team I will say it again: Worst Owner In Football. Browns fans were not happy with me 2 years ago when I commented that.

  6. I’m a Ravens fan, but I stand with every other clear-thinking NFL fan across the country when I say that the City of Cleveland and Browns fans everywhere simply do not deserve this.

    The best thing that could happen to the Browns fans is that the federal indictment comes down with Halsam’s name at the top. Then they can really make a clean break.


  7. They have no business not winning the division next year, the table is set. Even in tremendous failure they still have a sweet position to work from today. Just think if they cleaned house years ago and brought in smart people back then. Oh well, time to move forward and hopefully get things right this offseason.

  8. This can only help as word was circulating that even if the Browns traded up to get Johnny Football, he was going to refuse to come to Cleveland [ala Elway & Manning] because of Banner / Lombardi which would have been unthinkable.
    Cleveland is now free to make a huge draft swaps to try to get him.

  9. Haslam finally started listening to what some fans knew all along…Joe Banner IN CHARGE OF FOOTBALL OPERATIONS…WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE!

    Anyone wanting to critsize Haslam, dig into Banner’s past..the real reason Banner was fired in Philly.

    On the day Banner left the Eagles, June 2012…with his background in the financial side of the Eagles, stated he wanted to put together an investment group that would allow “him” to run the football side of the team.

    That was a huge mistake and now Haslam has seen enough.

    Thank God Haslam came to his senses…firing Beancounter Joe and NFL films Lombardi.

  10. I’m starting to see why his top people at the Flying J stole millions to keep him happy. Oh wait… he didn’t know.

  11. He’s trying to out meddle Jerry Jones for the worst owner of the year award. Heck at this rate he’ll have more staff changes than the Raiders do the past decade.

  12. If Haslam is found guilty he wont even see a prison cell, he’ll just spend a couple years at a country club with a fence around it and thats fine with me

  13. This says a lot more about Ray farmer than anything else. Haslam must have been very impressed by Farmer through the Chud firing and coaching search.

  14. Time will tell if he is impatient, or pro active. I really didn’t see anything good in the Lambardi / Banner team. Really this could be the best decision he has made thus far. Farmer will be fine. Now who is the CEO? We shall soon see. It could be he stopped the dysfunction.

  15. Everyone outside of Cleveland will bash this move just like they bash everything that cleveland does. But the true Browns fans will be thrilled that the 2 stooges are gone. Finally we get some good news and of course everyone will trash us. Go Browns ifinally believe we are headedin the right direction. Now all we need todo is avoid manziel because he too erratic and childish plus he takes too many risks and isnt exactly accurate nor does he have a big arm. I dont want him anywhere near our team. He would end up being we done 2.0 only younger with mire baggage.

  16. Alright, here’s what I don’t understand. The firing of Chud was and still is indefensible. That falls on the CEO & GM. But did Haslam have no clue this was going to happen? He HAD to know what the plan was, and approve it.

    The firings today would indicate that he doesn’t like the reputation the franchise is garnering, but what did he think would happen when they fired a popular coach who practically worked miracles with the pile of slop he had for a team? If anything it seems like Haslam’s throwing the front office under the bus for something that he likely approved. I’m not saying it’s a bad move to can the GM/CEO, their firing of Chud was ridiculous, and they continued to run the team into the ground. But the Haslam should be looking in the mirror on this one as well, he was a party to those actions, and almost certainly approved it. What a disaster of a franchise.

  17. Sounds like Haslem will have the Owner/CEO role, while Alec Scheiner will continue to be President and run the business operations, and GM Farmer will run the football operations.

    Excellent news, Browns fans.

  18. I still maintain the Brownies team isn’t that bad, once they get competent play at QB I expect them to be pretty competitive actually.

    The problem is Haslem will probably get indicted, which will force the NFL to levy some type of sanctions on him. If he gets convicted, surely he will be forced to sell the team so they will get a new owner who will want to bring in his own people who will want their own people.

    So basically another reboot, wasting the prime years of Joe Thomas, Joe Haden, Alex Mack, TJ Ward, Josh Gordon, which is a really solid core. I honestly believe a QB and they are thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssss far away from competing for the playoffs

  19. Well, he now moves up to the top of the list of bad owners…I mean Jerruh is running a circus and wants puppets for coaches, Dan Snyder hasn’t been this bad, yes he did spend big cash on over the hill players and was a part of the Haynesworth mess…but his desire to win is authentic.

    At least in Snyders defense he’s had 2 Division titles and playoff appearances…Gave Shanny total control and he just couldn’t muster the magic…and he’s finally listening and staying out of the way!

  20. This guy needs to be worried about the jail time he’s going to be doing, not about the Browns. The league disciplines players for legal entanglements, once this guy is in prison he should be forced to sell the team.

  21. You will have a hard time finding people in Cleveland who agree with anything in this article.

    Hiring Lombardi in the first place would be like the Detroit Lions saying “You know, we should give Matt Millen another try”.

    Basically NFL Network is reporting that Haslam though Lombardi and Banner were stooges too.

  22. Haslam performed this move based upon two issues:1) failure to interview let alone sign a coach because they all felt Cleveland is dysfunctional-2) Farmer was not included in the interview process for Pettine. This is not to say that the Browns organization should practice groupthink but Banner and Lombardi believed they ruled the nest. Farmer is a good man. If he gets the organization to think out of the box- invest heavily in scouting-college and pro and leave nothing unturned then the Browns may have something. My personal opinion of Lombardi’s football prowess can be traced to the fact that he did not move to Baltimore when the Browns moved in 1996. Or does Craig Powell ring a bell!

  23. An organization built from the ground up. Hire assistant coaches, bring in HC and DC and OC, promote assistant GM, fire GM, fire CEO, fire CEO but give him chance to muck up draft, rescind firing of CEO, give CEO new duties (making coffee for staff), and give new duties to president.

    What do we do with all of those great “finds” by Dumbardi? Watch Richardson go on to have a HOF career in Indy. WR Gordon (whom Dumbardi didn’t like) has already started his.

    Maybe we can finally get some O-line help!!!!!!

    Will Jimmy have a TV, internet access and a cell phone in prison?

    All I can say to Knuckles & Dumbardi is….KARMA!

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