Peyton Manning could be Cleveland’s best hope


Sure, the Browns could use a quarterback like Peyton Manning.  Over the long haul, they’d be better off with an executive like Peyton Manning.

With Jimmy Haslam restructuring the front office to remove the buffer between owner and G.M., a spot has now been created for Manning, if he chooses to follow the John Elway path after Manning’s football career ends and become the buffer between Haslam and G.M. Ray Farmer.

While Manning will be a star if he chooses to do TV, no network will pay as much as Haslam would to resurrect the Browns, if/when (when) the team is still struggling after Manning’s playing career ends.

Manning and Haslam have been linked for years, dating back to Peyton’s time at the University of Tennessee, where Haslam is a major booster.  For years, the theory had been that Haslam would buy the Titans and hire Peyton to run the team.  Haslam still has a team; he now simply needs someone to run it the way it needs to be run.  By someone with the skills to run it.  With Haslam taking his unqualified hands off the wheel.

Peyton has the track record, the work ethic, and the gravitas to succeed as an NFL executive, and to persuade the latest meddling NFL owner to stop meddling.  Peyton’s involvement also would go a long way toward making the Browns under Haslam look like something other than a clown show.

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  1. The Browns best (only) hope is for Payton to become QB/coach/GM. Kinda like he is in Denver now.

  2. Someone with Manning’s intellect and ability would have a hard time with those that didn’t understand or prepare like he did. And he has a couple hundred million dollars so I doubt he’ll want to spend the time running a team, especially an historically awful one.

  3. I can’t imagine this happening anytime soon. After last season, I expect Peyton to play for at least a couple more years, and then I expect he’d also take time off from the NFL for a bit. Even if this does happen, it’s likely a decade away.

  4. Brutal assessment Michael. Not sure I would make Peyton the CEO of the ball club his first day out of the league.. but if you want to crown him… you know what to do.

  5. With the kind of shenanigans going on in Cleveland, Manning wouldn’t touch them, except maybe to be a QB coach or OC.

    Cleveland’s best hope is Haslam going to prison and being forced to sell.

  6. If Manning did do something like this, I think time away from hucking the football to get a sense of how to lead “without doing” would be very valuable.

  7. Browns taking up all the news today! Congrats!
    Do something this year! Over throw the throne.
    The rest of the league is sick of the stealers

  8. Just because John Elway has been a good executive don’t assume Manning will be. Elway cut his teeth owning an arena league team before stepping up to the bigs.

  9. Why would Peyton want this or ANY job in the front office of an NFL organization? He is wealthy beyond imagination, and advertisements on TV featuring him will more than likely continue, he can select the network of his choice as an on-air commentator, and can retire to a life devoid of pressure while honing his golf game for the Senior Tour, playing on the many celeb-type tournaments. Lastly, he has a stable personal and family life to enjoy from here on out. It defies common sense to leave the above for a 24/7 job of front office stress and turmoil.

  10. Call me crazy, but I think that the best road to success for Cleveland would be to settle in with a GM for more than two years, a coach for more than a season, and stop spending first round draft picks on questionable quarterbacks.

    It takes time to turn around a franchise. While places like Indianapolis and Kansas City give the impression that a team can turn around in a single offseason, people forget how close to a complete team each was before getting the next pieces of the puzzle.

    Cleveland has a few bright spots on their roster and could potentially be a legitimate contender if, and only if, they stay the course for a few years and stick to a plan. The worst that could happen is that there would be a few losing seasons in the meanwhile, and how is that any different than it has been with sweeping changes yearly?

  11. Peyton is the top of the class perfectionist in everything he does – he went ballistic after the first snap in the Super Bowl. He would worry about the type of toilet paper in the Browns office if he was given the opportunity.
    Just because he is a very great QB doesn’t mean that he would be well suited to being a football czar. The flaws in others would drive him crazy.
    Besides Jimmy Haslam will be heading off to jail before long. Cleveland would be the last place that Peyton should consider unless he really wants to live there.

  12. Don’t do it Peyton !!!!!!!

    Run away from Cleveland as fast as you can.

    Trust me, it’s a trap, a mirage. That franchise is so dysfunctional not even Don Shula, Tom Landry, Bill Parcells and Vince Lombardi combined could pull it out of it’s nosedive.

  13. “The Browns best (only) hope is for Payton to become QB/coach/GM. Kinda like he is in Denver now.”

    Maybe the Browns should pass then, especially after watching Super Bowl 48. Wouldn’t want a coach who came up with that game plan or a GM who assembled that team.

  14. Network Commentator : Millions of dollars for seventeen weeks work

    NFL Executive: Millions of dollars for 52 weeks of work.

    Are you saying that Peyton is bad at math?

  15. So you think Peyton is looking to sign up to be a part of some criminal’s organization.
    Can’t see it.

  16. A control freak who is actually in control in just a guy who is in control and does it well.

  17. “Peyton has the track record…”

    What track record? Who has Peyton drafted? Who has he signed to a contract? What coaches has he chosen to lead a football team?

  18. That will never happen. Peyton chose Denver for the simple fact that he and Elway have a back end deal to co-own the team after Mr. Bowlen passes away.

  19. The best players dont make the best presidents or GMs, see Michael Jordan. Manning is a great QB but there is no evidence he can develop a great QB, just look at what was left when he got hurt in Indy: Curtis Painter aka The Blonde Bummer aka The Blind Bomber.

  20. > Peyton has the track record, the work ethic, and the gravitas to succeed as an NFL executive,

    What? By this logic wouldn’t Brady, Brees and Rodgers also have the track record to warrant becoming an NFL executive?

  21. Never happen. It will have taken PM 20 years to build his “brand”. No way will he throw all that hard work away getting fired by the Browns after a year. He’ll have 10 other Elway-like positions available to him with real, functional teams the minute he decides to hang em up.

  22. They already tried this with SB winning coach Mike Holmgren.
    If he couldn’t do it then how could Peyton who is an even bigger loser than MH is?

  23. His first piece of work as an executive should be to change Papa Johns nasty sauce . Seriously I see PM as a coach more than a front office guy . Maybe Denver OC then taking over for Foxy when he decides to step down .

  24. I’m so happy this happened since I was so tired of hearing about Michael Sam.

    With that being said that would suck for Manning to go to Cleveland. Then all his fans in Indianapolis would have to dump their Broncos jerseys they bought after they dumped their Colts jerseys to buy Browns jerseys. Think of the front running wagon jumping fans Peyton!

  25. “Walking into every meeting shouting “Omaha!” will get tired in a hurry, for sure.”

    All it takes is one Seahawks fan in the room and no one would hear Peyton shouting anything.

  26. Sing along!

    The Rock says Cleveland is totally lame
    How did this dump get the Hall of Fame…
    The Rock says aw shucks,
    Cause Cleveland doesn’t rock no it totally sucks!

  27. I think they need to focus on finding people that know how to make the smartest football decisions to put the team in the best position to win. If that’s Peyton Manning or somebody without a famous name, it doesn’t matter. They need somebody who understands football mngmt logic regardless of who that name is.

  28. Peyton Manning can pretty much do anything he wants when he retires. I think he could run for the senate in Tennessee and if that goes well I can see Peyton Manning as the President of the United States. Don’t laugh he’s the one athlete who has what it takes if I wanted it.

  29. Since we’re dealing with fantasy scenarios here…can you just imagine all the drama that would be created if Manning were hired by the Cowboys to act as a buffer between their owner and GM?

  30. His track record is reading defenses and making adjustments at the line of scrimmage. How does that translate to an executive position? Peyton is a great QB. That doesn’t mean he will be great at anything else.

  31. Is this what we do now? Link every possible person together and suggest that there could be a potential match?

    John Elway’s history is with Denver, Manning has no ties to the city or team.

    This is why there are so many journalists and reporters; apparently, there are few qualifications

  32. Yeah, right. I’m not a big Manning fan but I’ll be the first to say that he is too smart to get sucked into this situation.

  33. Peyton: Let’s see, I’ve made over a hundred million dollars. I don’t need to work one more minute for the rest of my life. How could I screw that up?

    Oh, I know. I’ll move to Cleveland and work for an owner who fires people before they even get their office furniture delivered!

    Really, this sounds like a possibility to you?

  34. The more “suits” you throw into a situation, the more complicated things tend to get. I like the setup Haslam has now. He should let it ride, and if steady improvement happens don’t change a thing.

  35. This will NEVER happen. anywhere else but Cleveland. Even at the end of his career. That’s what
    Cleveland is — career ending for every body.

  36. Peyton’s brand with the Cleveland Browns….that’s like asking Porche to start making porta potties & put they’re label on it…never gonna happen!

  37. Manning: “Thank you Mr. Haslam for the opportunity, but now that I’ve retired, I would like to spend more time with my family.”

    Haslem: “Wait, you haven’t heard my offer. $7.5M/yr, guaranteed over eight years, $20M just to sign. Five percent of the team. Use of the corporate jet whenever you need it, as a matter of fact you don’t even have to live here. You can just fly in when needed; we’ll provide a driver, car and home for you and your family during the season. Forget it, you can stay in MY house and I’ll move out for the season. Total isolation from the Dawg Pound. And a chance to do something your dad and Eli will never have the chance to do.”

    Manning: “Um, where do I sign?”

  38. Peyton would audible even on Day 1 of the NFL draft.

    Commish: “With the first pick of the 2016 draft, the Cleveland Browns pick, from the University if Te…”
    Peyton: “Omaha”
    Commish: “Check that, from the University of Omaha, the Peyton Browns pick…”

  39. Why does quarterbacking success suddenly mean front office success. John Elway had years of running his car dealership empire,he didn’t take his pads off and start running the Broncos lol. PS: Cleveland is a great city to live in. I guarantee the people who dump on it have never experienced it. Now the pigeons,I can’t put a positive spin on them,but they’re some tough birds!

  40. Peyton has history in player personnel, I remember when he successfully negotiated a trade with the Chargers to get Eli Manning to New York!

  41. Ok. Give me one good reason why anyone with as much money as he has would move to Cleavland, Ohio, that cesspool, that mistake by the lake. Where light houses get encased in ice from a highley polluted lake. Anyone who even considers moving to that dump needs his/her head checked out by a trained professional. Lets be real here folks, Payton is moving down south after he’s done playing ball, to a place where you can actually see the sun during the winter.

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