Report: Farmer wasn’t in on Pettine’s coaching interview


While the shock waves of the Browns’ latest organizational shift continue to be felt, it’s worth noting immediately that the next set might not necessarily be far away — such that they ever are.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, new Browns General Manager Ray Farmer wasn’t involved in the interviews that resulted in the hiring of new coach Mike Pettine.

In the Browns statement announcing the ouster of CEO Joe Banner and G.M. Mike Lombardi, owner Jimmy Haslam said of Farmer: “He embraces his partnership with Mike Pettine, which is critical in helping build the right team.”

Of course, embracing someone you’re not personally invested in changes the working dynamic considerably.

The easy to reach perception of the mess that is Cleveland is that Banner and Lombardi failed to deliver the guys they thought they could get. From Chip Kelly playing them last offseason, to this year’s inability to land Josh McDaniels (or even get Adam Gase to interview), it’s obvious Banner and Lombardi’s inability to close was a factor in their unemployment.

Now we’ll have to wait and see how warmly Farmer “embraces” Pettine, or whether he’s just keep his hands close enough to his back to shove him out the door in a season or so.

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  1. Which I suppose means if the Browns don’t finish anywhere near .500 (and they probably won’t), we’ll be discussing Mike Pettine’s firing come January 2015, and who Ray Farmer’s first head coach under his regime will be.

  2. The media makes too much out of head coaches who weren’t hired by their current GM’s.

    If you win, you keep your job. Period.

  3. From one extreme (Stephen Ross being too loyal, or loyal to a fault, which he was with Ireland) to the other (Haslam…will he change GMs every darned year until the Browns become perennial contenders in what should again become a tough division, the AFC North)?

  4. Alright, here’s what I don’t understand. The firing of Chud was and still is indefensible. That falls on the CEO & GM. But did Haslam have no clue this was going to happen? He HAD to know what the plan was, and approve it.

    The firings today would indicate that he doesn’t like the reputation the franchise is garnering, but what did he think would happen when they fired a popular coach who practically worked miracles with the pile of slop he had for a team? If anything it seems like Haslam’s throwing the front office under the bus for something that he likely approved. I’m not saying it’s a bad move to can the GM/CEO, their firing of Chud was ridiculous, and they continued to run the team into the ground. But the Haslam should be looking in the mirror on this one as well, he was a party to those actions, and almost certainly approved it. What a disaster of a franchise.

  5. Rumor has it Pettine is all but done in Cleveland. He’ll get a year because they can’t fire him before the season. They are saying Lombardi and Co were fired because they didn’t get the coaches they promised when they fired Chud. Got to make Pettine feel bad about taking the job that everyone got fired for offering him.

  6. The easy to reach conclusion is that this is a “mess”. It might not be. I have to respect an owner who is tired of being the butt of your jokes and maybe he just wants a hard nosed tough guy coach and a gm to grow with him (and a guy who will stay the course for a while).

  7. It’s a good thing Pettine required his contract to have an opt-out clause after this year’s draft…

    Oh… he didn’t have an opt-out clause? Is it too late for one? Somewhere Chud is shaking his head with a smile

  8. It does not matter if Farmer picked Pettine or not…Haslam was in on the interview and Pettine is our guy in Cleveland.

    You folks in the sports media need to understand what a huge weight has been lifted off of this franchise, firing Banner and Lombardi.

    Those of you trying to spin this as a negative, tell me why Joe Banner was hired, in the first place.

    Look it up…

    First, lets tell the truth…Banner, who was in charge of the financial side of the Eagles, was fired in Philly because he lost a power struggle with HC Andy Reid.

    Banner had never been in charge of the football side of a football team before Haslam hired him.

    Long story short, Haslam had enough of Joe Banner…

    There could be other moves coming down the pike so let’s all just wait and see if there are more moves coming.

    But rest assured, the Browns are a better team now, than they were yesterday.


  9. Losing Banner and Lombardi is never a bad thing, but think about this.

    Ray Farmer was the pro player personnel director under Herm Edwards. That should give EVERY Cleveland fan pause. The only thing more incompetent than the Herm regime was the Pioli regime.

  10. At least Dan Snyder is grateful that he’s no longer viewed as the worst owner in the NFL, the one that every coach and exec and free agent avoids like the plague. Actually feel sorry for Cleveland– they have some good players but this bad joke of an owner.

  11. my take is simple banner and lombardi talked haslam into believing they could get him the coach to lead them to the promised land. then he (the coach) said wait you mean i have to coach IN cleveland?? they didnt get their man and haslam said you 2 guys suck now get out simple!!

  12. Kaz says: Feb 11, 2014 11:12 AM

    Rumor has it Pettine is all but done in Cleveland. He’ll get a year because they can’t fire him before the season. They are saying Lombardi and Co were fired because they didn’t get the coaches they promised when they fired Chud. Got to make Pettine feel bad about taking the job that everyone got fired for offering him.


    Sadly, I think this is about right. The Browns job was toxic from the start. Haslam should have fired the Two Stooges at the end of the season, appointed Farmer and let him hire the coach. No way this ends well for Pettine.

    And it sucks for us Buffalo fans that we lost a good coach.

    (I grew up watching the Browns, and now live in the Buffalo area. So I have two crappy teams to root for.)

  13. This is definitely a great move by Haslam. And he hasnt done much to get praise, so the man should get it when he actually doesnt con himself into a bad idea. As a Ravens Fan i think its terrible what cleveland has had to endure because of My football team. But also the other lowly sports franchises saddled up in there as well have been pretty miserable, or good enough to give you hope and rip your hearts out with a 4 game sweep in the finals or world series. Saying all that, I believe Farmar and Pettine will get some talent in there. I think CHUD got effed and Id love him on the Ravens coaching staff. I think people overlook how competetive the Browns were with little to no talent outside of a few great defenders and josh gordon. It was impressive. He made Campbell and Hoyer look all pro from time to time. Just something to ponder…

  14. So… Banner & Lombardi possibly fired for hiring Pettine (instead of someone like Quinn, McDaniels or Gase), and new GM had no input. Yeah, you gotta love that kind of job security as a new head coach. Hope he’s renting and didn’t buy a house.

  15. ut rest assured, the Browns are a better team now, than they were yesterday.


    you may be correct but what about the mess before Banner came on.
    but at least they are giving someone new and young a shot to run an organization, much like we did with Doug Whaley.
    i personally love to see new guys get the chance to succeed or fail. Im tired of the retread hires in the NFL

  16. Pttine might be one of the quickest tenured coaches in history, lol. Would anyone be surprised to see a press release later today or early tomorrow that Pettine has been fired before he even coaches a game?

  17. I have to believe that with a hard-nosed GM, backing up a hard-nosed HC, if nothing else, there will be a new attitude in that locker room!

    I absolutely hated the hiring of Bonehead and Dumbardi but, they had their chance.

    I don’t have any opinion about Chud’s hiring/firing, other than that it was a shame because he was a local boy, living out his dream. I do think the manner in which it was handled was disgusting and totally classless. The constant meddling by the FO had to make the firing almost a relief for him.

    I believe strongly in stability and continuity. I feel Haslam should have kept Holmgren on for another year or so. Just as with the firing of Chud, I believe Horton should’ve been kept on as the HC, at least for a year or two.

    However, that’s all water under the bridge.

    Go Farmer, go Pettin, and go Browns!!!

  18. Owner was sick of all the coaches who turned down job offers with Browns last year and this year. The men responsible for that embarrassment were fired today.

  19. FRESH START Haslam 0-1…Now you want accountability Jimmy. Yest. you stated you under-estimated the job. If you go 0-3 for coaches.You need to fire yourself no one left to blame but yourself.

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