Report: Terrance Knighton looking for a new deal

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During the Broncos’ run to the Super Bowl, their defense was buoyed by strong play by defensive tackle Terrance Knighton.

Knighton was a major part of the team’s success against opposing ground games and added three regular season sacks and one in a standout postseason performance against the Patriots to his record for the year. Knighton did all of that in the first year of a two-year, $4.5 million deal and the man they call Pot Roast reportedly believes that his performance calls for a little more gravy.

Brandon Krisztal of Mile High Sports reports that Knighton and his representatives believe that Knighton has outplayed that contract and that they would like to negotiate a new deal with the Broncos this offseason. There’s no further word on whether he’d consider missing offseason work or holding out of camp to try to force Denver’s hand.

Knighton provided a lot of bang for the buck in 2013, but the Broncos have other business to do this offseason. Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, wide receiver Eric Decker and running back Knowshon Moreno are some of the many free agents on the AFC champs’ roster and bringing back some of them would make it difficult to reward Knighton for a job well done if the Broncos were inclined to go that route.

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  1. The only thing John Elway “might” do is extend his contract.
    He has been firm on that style of management since day 1.

    He is right to do it that way, he does not ask Champ Bailey for 10 million back for a crappy year either.

  2. As a Chiefs fan, I can honestly say that this guy stood out above and beyond everyone else on the Broncos’ defense this year. He was a force to be reckoned with. Elway would be wise to reward him for his efforts, even if it means trimming the fat elsewhere.

  3. There will no doubt be some folks bashing the guy for wanting a better deal. THIS IS HOW THE NFL WORKS. Had he under-performed, anyone want to guess what would have/could have happened?

    I say get your money Pot Roast; your window is limited so get it while you can. As a Temple student I went to every home game during your career and although you were much smaller then now, you always had NFL talent. Wishing you nothing but success.

  4. Outplayed his contract, that’s a new one. He outplayed the contract his agent negotiated for him and he agreed to it. I guess if he had had a bad year he’d be offering to give some of the money back…

  5. I am wating for report of a player’s agent to acknowledge he has underplayed his contract and seek a reduction.

  6. I see nothing wrong with Knighton seeking a new deal since he is obviously outperforming the current deal.

    The team can release him if he under-performs right? So makes total sense to me to ask for more money when you so clearly outperform. He looked like one of the best DL in the NFL down the stretch and in the playoffs to me.

  7. For the Conference Championship against the Patriots he had 4 tackles and 1 Sack. All you heard after that was what a great game he had. Against the Seahawks he had 4 tackles and 1 assist. Not much of a factor in the Super Bowl.

  8. For those of you saying ‘play out your contract’ and ‘the money will come’, you need to understand that is exactly what he did in Jacksonville and was screwed over. I’m not saying that it was intentional (the promises were made by the former GM who was let go), but that still doesn’t put the money in his pockets.

    As a Jags fan, I wish him well and completely understand why he wants to be compensated at the level of his contributions. It is a business.

  9. “The team can release him if he under-performs right?”

    Understand your point, but it’s not necessarily this simple. Depending on his contract terms, the team may still be on the hook for guaranteed money, and there may be salary cap implications effectively precluding a cut. Just about every team has built its roster for a coming season assuming certain money spent to get certain player roles; if they cut someone, they still have to get another player to perform the function but now with less available funds under the cap.

    And if they give him an extension before they have to, they are tying up money and probaly cap space that may prove a poor investment in future years.

  10. As a ‘Hawks fan, I see lots of people outperforming their contract. Richard Sherman got a 4-year deal for $2.2 million and he didn’t complain. That is an average of $550,000 a year for the best CB in the game, but he is playing out his contract. Russell Wilson has vastly outplayed his contract. He will make a little over $600,000 next year and will be the lowest paid starting QB in the NFL, but guess what? No complaints. He is just playing out his contract. Now if Pot Roast had underplayed his contract, would he be begging to give money back to the Broncos?

  11. I got your back Elway. First you cut bait on old Chump Bailey, take half that $10M give it to PotBelly give me the other half for my consultant fee and meet on the first tee @ noon I got the first round in the clubhouse.

  12. Why do people bring up stats on DTs? They set the middle of the line, there is little glory in that job. If a DT doesn’t do his job, every other defensive position faces a skills player in space or a much larger guy blocking down hill. If you want to grade a DT, watch his play, stats can’t show you much about them. Knighton played well, but maybe a new deal after next season.

  13. Terrance Knighton has every right to push for a contract restructuring or extension. He is smart to speak up this year because the decisions Elway makes this off-season will affect the cap room available to resign Knighton a year from now. Elway needs to way the risks. If he let’s him go to a free agency year Knighton could go elsewhere a year form now or cost a lot more dollars. Does anyone really think Decker or Moreno is more important to this team than Knighton?

  14. Knighton and his teammates just got their hats handed to them by the Seahawks. For all of his crowing, that defense just gave up 43 points to a bunch of pedestrian receivers and a too short QB. I do not remember Knighton making a single sack on Russ Wilson. He should shut up and play. He isn’t that great. Who does he think he is, Richard Sherman?

  15. Broncos should franchise DRC. Let Decker and Moreno go. Bailey’s time is up 9 million for what?

    Broncos front is okay, but they need more playmakers for sure at MLB S and C

  16. Terrance, Phillips, DRC, Woodyard,and Miller are the only players on that defense worth keeping. Every other starter from last year can go or be a reserve.

    Denver actually stopped the run in the playoffs. If there is anything going forward atleast Elway should build around that, then obviously work on that terrible secondary. So I’d like to keep Terrance.

    Why on earth would you re-sign any player on that secondary? Besides DRC, none can stay healthy and when they are, they are bad..Bailey included? What’s he gonna take 3 million? You might as well cut him, extend DRC and just snag someone on a one year off the wire.

  17. Look, I’m a 28 yr Bronco fan, & after that performance in the SB, every player on the team should appreciate what they have, & honor their contract. Besides, defense isn’t what got Denver to the big game, and just about any defense could mirror that poor showing! Bash if you will, but being a fan don’t mean you have to run from the truth. That hurt me to the bone & pot roast don’t deserve nomore gravy this yr…

  18. The only above average dlineman on the team. He had done nothing to deserve a new contract but the media had to hang on to someone on their defense to hype up the playoffs and sb matchup so now its gone to his head.

    Strike while the irons hot

  19. While he’s smart to try to get more money, what incentive is there for the Broncos? Knighten is a career above average player who is one of their “win now” pieces that wouldn’t make sense on a big money deal long term the day Peyton Manning decides to retire, which could be any off-season now. Much as it sucks for him, that last year of his deal next year would be what I hold firm on.

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