Vince Young still hoping for an NFL return


Vince Young doesn’t think his NFL career is over.

Young said in a statement to the Houston Chronicle that he has now settled his bankruptcy case and is beginning training in San Diego to return to the NFL.

“I am pleased with the quick resolution of my bankruptcy case. With all these battles behind me, I am able to devote my sole focus on family, football and pursuing all opportunities in front of me,” Young said.

The 30-year-old Young spent time with the Packers last offseason and the Bills the offseason before that, but he hasn’t played in a regular-season game since 2011, when he was with the Eagles. Although Young showed flashes of promise with the Titans and was selected to the Pro Bowl after the 2006 and 2009 seasons, he has never been a consistent passer, and he has drawn criticism at times for lacking the work ethic that an NFL team wants from its quarterback. He’s a long shot to make it back to the NFL.

26 responses to “Vince Young still hoping for an NFL return

  1. I’ve never been crazy about this guy, but I do hope he can find an NFL job. He has the tools and I believe he’s grown up quite a bit. America is about second chances, someone will give him a shot.

  2. Marc Bulger was a ProBowl qb after the 2006 and David Garrard was a ProBowler for 2009. I support either of their comebacks before VY.

  3. Vince Young is still a better Quarterback than Scott Tolzien & Matt Flynn.

    The incompetent Ted Thompson can’t even pickup a capable backup for his life.

    What a joke.

    Meanwhile Rick Spielman is busy working his magic setting up one of the best rosters of all time.

  4. “Frankly, it wasn’t fair to Vince. We threw a lot at him. A lot on his plate. He was a good teammate. The fault is probably mine. Should have brought him in sooner. The fault is mine.” ~ Packer GM Ted Thompson after releasing Vince in late August.

    If he was completely genuine when he said this (and I’m not convinced he was), then it would be reasonable to think the Packers would give him a real shot this next preseason.

  5. I do believe his lack of maturity caused concern for teams looking into him. And it’s not like there’s a slew of great backup QB’s in the league right now.
    So I say give him a shot. It’ll certainly be his last one.

  6. He should say that he’s gay, teams would line up to sign him to show that they’re “socially/politically correct”.

  7. Remember those articles before the 2013 season about JaMarcus Russell losing a bunch of weight and getting NFL teams interested? Yeah.

  8. In the end I am not certain the lack of interest in VY is related primarily to his physical skills. Whether or not one is a starter OR a backup, the ability to assimilate the playbook completely and thoroughly is a MUST. It is more than likely that he simply can’t absorb the complicated plays and nuances of the modern day NFL book. He has also demonstrated problems reading sophisticated defensive schemes. In the end his overall classroom skills are not sufficient, and can’t be fixed.

  9. Young has never shown a willingness to showcase himself in the CFL or any other lesser league. This tells me that he has no desire to play, but rather he wants the hefty paycheck and light workload of an NFL backup. No one wants a guy who prefers to be a backup.

  10. As a huge TEXAS fan VY was a great performer at TEXAS winning the National Championship in 2005 and should have won the Heisman! But he left TEXAS after his Junior Year for the M-O-N-E-Y of the National Felon League. Was he ready? Obviously NOT!!! I really hope he can make it, but I wonder? There were very strange things going on at Tennessee under a very good coach, so I again, Wonder!!! Good Luck Vince, it appears you will need a “LOT” of luck!!!

  11. So Sad. Has great physical tools but doesn’t have the drive to be successful in the NFL. In a way I hope he makes it back but doesn’t look good.

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