Auburn won’t let Tyronne Green return for Pro Day workout

Getty Images

After the Scouting Combine concludes, Pro Day workouts will unfold throughout the country.  Many schools allow veteran players who attended that school to return and participate, like Texas did last year for Vince Young.

At Auburn, it used to not be a problem.  This year, however, the football program has told veteran offensive lineman Tyronne Green that he can’t return to campus and participate in the March 4 session.

Per a league source, no reason was provided.  While adding veteran players to the mix can make the session longer, Green (we’re told) wanted only to participate in the offensive line drills.

A fourth-round pick in 2009, Green spent four years with the Chargers before signing in 2013 with the Patriots.  Cut in late May and re-signed in July, Green landed on injured reserve in August.  He later was released from IR.

Kids at Northwestern and elsewhere need to keep this in mind if/when they unionize.  One of the terms sought in exchange for the effort they expend and the risks they assume should be the ability to return as needed to participate in Pro Day workouts, in the hopes of getting to the NFL or staying there.

Until then, NFL players who are asked to make donations to their former college programs should factor whether the school fully supports the men who played football in the past as they try to get a fair shake at the next level.  At Auburn, the current answer that question apparently is no.