Bears hire martial arts expert as skill development coach

Getty Images

The Bears saw a lot of improvement on their offensive line last season and they’re trying to get even better this offseason with the help of a renowned Taekwondo instructor.

Jeff Dickerson of reports that Joe Kim will work with the team’s blockers to enhance their hand techniques in hopes of becoming more effective blockers. Kim will also be working with defensive players on skills they can use to escape blocks, something he’s done for other NFL teams in the past.

Most recently, Kim worked as a pass rush consultant for the Chiefs from 2010-2012. Bears General Manager Phil Emery worked for the Chiefs for the first two of those seasons, which helps explain how Kim found his way to Chicago.

Kim’s website lists consulting gigs with several other teams and features a testimonial from Patriots coach Bill Belichick that says Kim’s combo of martial arts and football knowledge “makes him one of the best” trainers. Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali has also been a vocal promoter of Kim’s methods, which the Bears hope will help them improve in multiple areas next season.