Broncos extend John Elway’s deal, name him G.M.


John Elway has been building the Broncos up for years, and he’ll continue to with a new title.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, the Broncos have extended Elway’s contract with the team through 2017, and have given him the title of General Manager.

To be fair, they could call Elway executive vice president of football operations, el jefe, or honcho, or whatever — he runs the place. But the title and the contract cement that, after some personnel department shuffling in recent offseasons.

Elway had another year left on his existing deal, but they replaced that with a new four-year pact. They had already extended defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, meaning a new John Fox deal is likely next.

After inheriting a 4-12 mess, Elway has guided the Broncos to a 34-14 record the last three seasons, and recruited quarterback Peyton Manning to keep them at that level for the short term.

Replacing Manning at some point will be the next task, and Elway’s new deal guarantees he’ll be the one making that decision.


53 responses to “Broncos extend John Elway’s deal, name him G.M.

  1. at least, elway is willing to bring in big name to make an impact. any team that brings in manning will get good result. let’s wait and see what’ll happen after manning retires.

  2. He should give half of that money to Peyton. Without him, they’d be another meandering team. Where was Elway when he drafted Brock Osweiler over Russell Wilson? Think of how great that franchise would have been set up for the next 12 years if he had Wilson as Manning’s caddy for two years.

  3. I don’t doubt that he was absolutely pivotal in signing Manning. He also successfully ran Tebow out of town. Two great accomplishments. But has he done much else? Either way, good move the Broncos.

  4. I have to agree with the comments about him not really proving anything yet. Signing a free agent named Peyton Manning does not make someone a football genius. It doesnt make him a fantastic evaluator of talent, etc. Not saying Elway isnt capable, just saying I could have made that decision and it wouldnt make me a genius. Lets see how many wins and losses they see post Manning… Especially when you consider that Decker, Demaryius, and Moreno were all brought in by McDaniels

  5. It doesn’t take any skill to put a team together around Manning.

    It does take a special skill that only one QB has to come in to a Super Bowl with the greatest offense in history and lose 43-8….

  6. Take away Manning and you have an average team.

    Take away Manning and add Tim Tebow and you still win a playoff game with that team.


  7. Funny how people only think about Manning when Elway also brought in Rodgers-Cromartie, Shaun Phillips, Louis Vasquez, Terrence Knighton, and Wes Welker as free agents last year and did not miss on any of them. The Broncos had a lot of holes to fill and he filled them with guys that were practically unwanted by their former teams. And more importantly, he had zero busts.

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  9. Whether you like Elway or not, his decision to cut ties with Tebow after he took them to the playoffs and his stock was at its highest was very well played. He couldn’t have gotten more for him than he did. Elway then won the Manning derby, betting a surgery repaired neck/shoulder would heal. While they lost to the Hawks, so did everyone else. Props to Elway for making some difficult personnel moves that have paid off for his organization.

  10. John fox is just pitiful. Seriously, what does he do that warrants another contract? Here’s a crazy thought…perhaps a good coach would win the SB with the most prolific offense in NFL history? I know..crazy.

  11. Pat Bowlen should get the credit. After all, he’s the one signing the checks for all those pricey free agents.

  12. Sure are a lot of comedians and haters on here. Elway has done a great job. Manning wouldn’t be here without him. Will it be tough to replace Manning, of course. But that doesn’t mean he can’t. Remember, the Broncos lost a lot of significant players this year that will be back in the line up, so we should be better next year if all go’s well. The horse face jokes are still funny after 30 years (sarcasm). Yeah, we get it, he has big front teeth and 2 Superbowl rings.

  13. I hope that his number one draft pick tells him he’s rather play baseball than play for the Broncos and the Mr. Ed look alike!

    Manning is the only QB in Denver that matters and once he’s gone the old overrated QB/GM will quickly go back to selling used cars.

    Terrell Davis won Superbowls for Denver not Elway. He was only able to beat the browns and then get smoked in the bowls!

  14. Peyton Manning has a shown a penchant for slicing and dicing and fattening up his stats in weak divisions. He exposed the AFC South for years before he handpicked the AFC West to continue his statistical assault.
    In no way am I being critical of Manning. A lot of QBs have played weak schedules and have had nothing to show for it. But a superior QB carving up weak competition week after week usually results in disappointing postseasons.
    Think the Manning/Elway combo would be as successful in, say, the NFC West, where defenses rule the roost? Just asking.
    I personally believe the only way Manning will ever be involved in winning another Super Bowl will be when we all least expect it, as a lower seed and with no expectations.

  15. Denver hasn’t won a Super Bowl since cheating on the cap. Somewhere Al Davis is shakin his head sayin “you got that right.”

  16. He made the deal to bring in arguably the best QB to ever play the game. 2 playoff appearances, one conference championship. If another team lured Manning away, who knows what would have happened in Denver. Elway landed the deal. Well done.

    Extending Del Rio? LOL. Guess everyone misses now and then.

  17. You know, Out side of 2011 his drafts have been quite underwhelming. Ball was OK this year, he got Wolfe and Trevathan last year but not much else. I do think he deserves credit for 2011 (Miller, Moore, Franklin, J. Thomas) though.

    He got Manning but I don’t think he had to do to much for that. If I was an aging QB looking for one last run I think I’d lean towards the team run by a former great QB.

    Welker and Knighton were nice FA grabs that worked out so I’ll give him credit on that.

    It’s obvious he’ll be around longer than Manning so I see reason why not to give him an extension but I just don’t think he’s proven a heck of a lot.

  18. Del Rio did a good job in the 2012 season when he had healthy players, leading the Broncos to a Top 10 defense despite relatively low-caliber players. In 2013 he lost 6 key defensive starters to injury — that’s just too much to overcome except for the bunch of you with unrealistic expectations and golf ball-sized brains.

  19. Elway wasn’t pivotal in bringing in Manning. Manning chose the team based on the talent that josh mcdaniels put in place. It was the best scenario for a QB. Actually you could say his references (ex Tom Brady recommended Denver to Manning) before making a decision were more pivotal

  20. The Broncos got smoked in the SB, but are not a bad team. They simply played their worst game of the year at the most inopportune time. Elway put this team together and will continue to make improvements. This Bronco fan is happy about that.

  21. You Bronco fans need to get a sense of humor. The celebration with a crisp apple and picket fence comment was awesome.

  22. Imagine they kept Tebow as a backup this season with Elway starting. Imagine they replay the Superbowl, and this time they yank Elway. Tell me Tebow doesn’t generate more offense with his legs alone over that noodle-armed, duck throwing, cement footed Elway. I guess Elway is rewarded for failure. Another failed season after trading young gun Tebow for someone who could probably get a handicapped parking sticker from every DMV in the country.

  23. Cute run and glad you got them to the Superbowl. Its good for them to enjoy it every 10 years.
    Unfortunatley, New England is still in the NFL next year. So it was a good run but Pedestrian people just can’t cut it.

  24. After the Super Bowl, it was days before I could look at any news and I came to the point that I changed my personal news settings, and took Peyton off, then the Broncos, and when it came to John, I just couldn’t. I became a Broncoid when Craig was there and the Orange Crush were dominant. After some lean years, John Elway came along and changed the way I saw football. As long as he was in a huddle, every man that was in the huddle with him knew that they could win. When he retired Denver football just didn’t show me any real leaders or direction. So when John took over the arena league team, I started to get excited. It was clear to me that he was being groomed for something else. When Elway became V.P. of Operations 3 years ago, it was on!! I am sick that the Broncos didn’t even show up, but none of it can be because John didn’t try. His work ethics and decision making abilities remain at the same, if not higher levels than ever before. I am so fortunate to be a Broncoid during the Elway period. John, you deserve the blessings that you are receiving, and I have no doubt that there is much more for you! GB2!!

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