Browns trying to lock up Joe Haden, talked yesterday

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As the Browns try to kill the impression that they’re a rudderless dumpster fire presided over by a Clampett, they at least realize they’re going to have to do more than fire people and talk about it.

Locking up one of their best players would be a good start.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the Browns have been negotiating a long-term deal with cornerback Joe Haden, and talked to his representatives yesterday. PFT has confirmed the talks, though nothing appears imminent.

Haden’s entering the final year of his rookie deal, which is scheduled to pay him $6.7 million this year.

He’ll get far more than that on a long-term deal, and will likely become one of the highest-paid players in the game whenever that deal comes.

And keeping him off the market and on the Browns roster will also add an air of stability to a franchise that could certainly use some.

9 responses to “Browns trying to lock up Joe Haden, talked yesterday

  1. Looks like Farmer is already better than Lombardi.

    Banner and Lombardi didn’t realize that you are actually allowed to offer your pro bowlers a contract before they leave in free agency.

  2. Only a fool would re-sign with Cleveland right now. He’s better off waiting a year to see if Farmer and Co are even around still.

  3. Joe Haden is only 24 years old. His best long term move wold be NOT to sign with Cleveland, get franchised two years in a row (hardly chump change), and become an unrestricted free agent at age 27.

    By then it’ll be obvious if Cleveland is a place he wants to stay or not. He’d be crazy to agree to a long term deal right now as things currently stand. Ask Barry Sanders about the effects of playing for a perennial loser.

    Play this year for $6.7M, play under the franchise tag the next two, then become the missing piece of a really good team’s championship puzzle and go out on top like a winner.

    Life isn’t longer when you play for the Browns, it just feels that way…

  4. Remember when Haden claimed he was the second best corner in the NFL behind Revis? LOL! #RichardShermanSBChampion

  5. Farmer is already making the Browns legit. By resigning Haden now, he prevents a problem next year, and will encourage Ward & Mack to resign this year.

    I feel a sense of calm and reason coming to the Browns.

  6. Tough call, I’m really unsure about Haslam. He seems more like Jerry Jones, Al Davis, or Dan Snyder than he does Art/Dan Rooney. Yes he wants to win, but is he killing his team by trying too much. At this point we know very little about how well the personel new and old will do in trying to improve this team. I just have a feeling the Browns are going to be bad for a while.

    Haden will get Franchised, so that means 2-3 more seasons as a Brown. Assuming he is not hurt, he will get a big money contract at 26 or 27 that takes him past his prime. There’s a lot that can happen injury wise over a few seasons, so even though I’d want out, I would have to take big money now over winning now.

  7. Anyone who knows anything about Joe Haden knows he is MR. Cleveland. the kids loves this town, team, and community. He will resign with the browns and the team is on the up not the down.

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