Cowboys learning lessons from legendary coach/gypsy

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When there’s a legendary coach nearby, it makes sense to pick his brain.

Even if it’s not the same sport.

So Cowboys coach Jason Garrett took most of his staff to a Southern Methodist basketball practice Tuesday, to learn from legendary coach Larry Brown.

“You just got to talk to him and have a conversation with him and take good mental notes, because when you go home, you’re going to talk a lot of notes and remember what he was talking about, because it’s really valuable stuff,” Garrett said, via WFAA in Dallas. “. . . You can just tell there’s such a good culture they’re developing here, and it starts with [Brown] and his staff. It’s fun for us to be here watching these guys play and develop and grow and really develop into a really good basketball team.”

Garrett dropped by last year, and decided to bring the rest of the coaching staff yesterday for a chance to talk to Brown.

And while he’s the only coach to win titles in college and the NBA, he also might have a lesson for the Cowboys, on how to handle a roster thinned by injuries and salary cap penalties.

“You don’t always have all the guys that you want,” Brown said. “So the most important thing is: Teach ’em up and make ’em better.”

Of course, Brown is also on his 13th coaching job in the last 43 years, so he’s also learned about packing and moving, which is a lesson Garrett might need if he can’t get the Cowboys beyond 8-8 soon.

11 responses to “Cowboys learning lessons from legendary coach/gypsy

  1. Or the Cowboys could hire a HC that already knows what to do. Get a motivator or get somebody who really knows the game that can help the players figure out what they can do to be better. I haven’t felt like Garrett has the smarts or the passion to be a really effective HC. Find somebody that is really special that can light a fire under these guys and improve their technical shortcomings. But that’s basically exactly what this guru is saying.

  2. As long as he kisses the posterior of the real coach, Jerry Jones, he has nothing to fear. That’s also Jerry’s biggest obstacle to finding a new coach. What coach is going to want to have his only job to be to take the heat in the press after a loss whle Jerry is playing Fantasy Football?

  3. Whew! Glad to read that Jason knows he isn’t head coach material and went to someone to learn something about the job. For a few years Jason has been reading what Jerry has been saying and that is scary!

  4. There’s goes that circus music again,what boobs let’s go talk to a basketball coach to learn more about coaching football,get ready for a 4 and 12 season then finally coaching staff will get blown up along with romo

  5. Why would Jason go see Larry when Jerry is next door. This might tick Jerry off and make him feel like Jason is trying to upstage him. If Jerry finds out about this from the press and Jason didin’t have his approval, all hell will break loose.

    I hope Jason checked with Jerry before making a statement to the press, because we all know Jerry is the spokesman for the Cowboys………..

  6. Laughable. Really. Garrett want’s his coaches to learn about creating a culture and developing players..this may serve them well in their next stint but the Cowboys culture is not going to change for years. The last effective coach was Parcells. He understood things like building a team and instilling an attitude. Now we have a 3 ring circus of dysfunction under a big top, with a lingerie store, that other teams use like a home field. We have a qb that is not a leader and a team adrift. The Cowboys need defense in a bad way. A coach. the list goes on..

  7. Larry Brown was a neighbor for a couple of months when I lived on Carbon Beach in Malibu. He just rented a place for the summer between leaving the Los Angeles Clippers and going to the Indiana Pacers.

  8. Woops! Taking shots at gypsies? Not very PC. I’m sure some members of congress will demand you stop using the slur, GYPSY! Very inconsiderate of you. Of course, Peter King will be the first to omit the word GYPSY from his column.
    Oh, the humanity……… .. .

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