Futures of Incognito, Martin could soon come into focus


While not planned, the NFL has found a way to seize the sports spotlight during the first two full weekdays of the Olympics, with Michael Sam dominating Monday’s coverage and the Cleveland Browns claiming the top spot on Tuesday.

So maybe Wednesday is the day Ted Wells’ report will be released.

It’s far more likely that the league will announce Wells’ assessment of the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito situation late Friday afternoon, where between the ongoing Olympics coverage and the long Presidents’ Day weekend it will quickly disappear from the center of the national media’s radar screen, if it ever even makes a blip there.

Then after Wells’ findings emerge, the question becomes whether either or both players will find new homes in 2014.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald recently addressed the issue.  He’s convinced Incognito will get a new team this season, and that he will face no further suspension in exchange for his agreement to remain on the sidelines for the final eight games of 2013 (he was paid for six of them).  If accurate, Incognito’s guaranteed non-suspension for 2014 makes his recent Twitter tantrums even more ill-advised, since the only thing left for him to do is attract an employer on or after March 11.

As to Martin, the Dolphins apparently want to try to get trade value for their 2012 second-round pick.  Salguero suggests that the team should simply waive Martin, which would prevent the situation from hovering over the franchise until the draft in May, or beyond.

Unless multiple teams will be clamoring for Martin’s services, it makes no sense to wait and wait and wait for someone to offer a face-saving trade package.  And if multiple teams are pursuing Martin, new G.M. Dennis Hickey would be wise to work out a tentative deal at the Scouting Combine, and then to implement the deal on March 11, the first day of the new league year.

Of course, all assessments and negotiations are subject to the findings and conclusions of Ted Wells, which could dramatically change the perceptions and realities of both players.  It would be fitting for the report to arrive today; we’ve got a feeling that it will slide through the media’s five hole at 5:00 p.m. ET on Friday.

11 responses to “Futures of Incognito, Martin could soon come into focus

  1. Incognito needs to come here to Dallas and get a star on his helmet. We need him badly. Martin needs to interview at Taco Bell.

  2. Richie Incognito was thrown under the BUS! The witch hunt is OVER and this man will be an ASSET to any team he joins. Jonathan Martins has a LOT of growing UP to do!
    Thanks. DrSportsJock

  3. The media’s five hole? That’s a hockey reference! I think it’s more likely the media runs a Statue of Liberty play in sneaking that release through. Everybody’s going to be watching the five hole but nobody pays attention to elaborately constructed fakes, works every time!

  4. I think fans of most teams, especially those who need a decent guard, would love to have Incognito. He’s pretty good, he’s tough and nasty as heck, he’ll probably come at a bit of a discount, and after last year he’ll be on his best behavior off the field.

  5. It’s such a joke that Miami would be lambasted for bringing back Incognito, yet pretty much any other team will be called smart for grabbing him on a near-minimum contract.

  6. Ritchie will get a new team, too bad it isn’t the Dolphins again. The other “looser” should just disappear off into the sunset. Enough is enough of his nonsense. Who cares about the report, a complete waste of someones money.

  7. Incognito may be a meathead, but that is a guy you want on the line protecting your franchise QB. Martin is not (right now) an NFL caliber lineman. He is a liability on the field and in the locker room. Maybe he can turn things around, but not many people can completely redefine their personality in a short time.

    I don’t see a trade for Martin happening. Every team knows they will get rid of him. The only way a trade happens is if a team wants him so bad that they want to ensure nobody else will claim him on waivers. His talent level has not shown that he would be in high demand. You don’t bring in a locker room cancer (yes, that is exactly what he would be) to fill out a roster.

  8. “While not planned”?

    C-mon Mike you are smarter than that. EVERYTHING the NFL does is calculated, particularly a report that could have easily been released 2-months ago. The investigation has been over since December.

    So is it your conclusion that Wells is just a horribly slow typist? Or was the release date planned in advance?

  9. When this whole thing started, did anyone guess that it was Incognito who would be sought by several teams and that Martin would likely never play football again?

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