Incognito finally zips it, posts his lawyer’s phone number on Twitter

Getty Images

Apparently, someone finally has told Richie Incognito to shut up.  Even more apparently, Richie doesn’t like being told to shut up.

After a Wednesday afternoon Twitter tirade against Jonathan Martin and agent Kenny Zuckerman that culminated in Incognito claiming that Martin told Incognito in May 2013 that Martin was contemplating suicide because of his poor play, Incognito pulled the plug, saying, “I have no further comment at this time. Please contact my attorney Mark Schamel.”

Incognito then provided Schamel’s phone number.

The decision to publicly post Schamel’s number, which likely will be flooded with calls (we didn’t post it here for that very reason), suggests that Schamel told Richie to knock it off, Richie wasn’t happy with it, and so Richie opted to comply in aggressive passive-aggressive fashion.

As one league source told PFT on Wednesday afternoon, “[Richie] just wants to have his way.  This is his way of stomping and holding his breath.”

Basically, Incognito is upset that the Ted Wells report exonerating Incognito for his treatment of Martin hasn’t been issued, so Incognito is lashing out.  And he lashed out until his attorney told him to lash out no more.  Incognito then lashed out in backhanded fashion at his lawyer by posting the guy’s phone number on Twitter.

Chances are Incognito will remain quiet until the report comes out.  At which point he’ll lash out again if it’s anything other than a complete and total win for Incognito.