Incognito to Martin: “The truth is going to bury you”


Richie Incognito is going after Jonathan Martin on Twitter.

Incognito, the Dolphins offensive lineman who was suspended for the second half of the regular season after he was accused of bullying Martin, took to Twitter on Wednesday and went on the attack against Martin.

“Dear Jon Martin….. The truth is going to bury you and your entire ‘camp’. You could have told the truth the entire time,” Incognito wrote.

Incognito also referenced the infamous voicemail in which he used the N-word toward Martin. According to a tweet, Incognito, Martin and teammate Brian Hartline had all joked about the voicemail, and Martin’s agent, Ken Zimmerman, was simply stirring up trouble by releasing the voicemail to ESPN.

Incognito described himself as “betrayed” and “railroaded” by Martin.

“I’m ready to move on with my life and career. I’ve been dragged through the mud for months by my ‘best friend,'” Incognito wrote.

What remains unanswered is this: If the truth exonerates Incognito, why did the Dolphins suspend him? And if Incognito did nothing wrong, why did he accept the suspension, instead of fighting it?

Months after Martin left the Dolphins, many questions remain unanswered. Ted Wells, the man the Dolphins appointed to investigate the matter, may answer some of the remaining questions when he releases his long-awaited report.

75 responses to “Incognito to Martin: “The truth is going to bury you”

  1. It seems richie incognito should own up to his own failings

    SEE: incognito’s sexual assault on golf course

  2. I believe Incognito was dragged through the mud, which is unfortunate for him.

    I also believe he’s a giant D-bag and would not want him on my team.

  3. Sure he might have deserved the suspension but that doesn’t mean he should have been labeled a Racist by the national media based off of one voicemail. When in fact his Dolphins teammates let him use that word and called him an “honorary brotha”

  4. thats not unanswered at all, in fact, the answer is quite obvious… its articles like these and media and public sway. The dolphins let him know they were gonna be crushed by a tv/radio/print malestrom and said either youre going down with us but we’ll soften the blow for you as much as we can or your career will be ruined because in this day-in-age you know as well as we do that ppl will bury you while youre still w/pulse & speaking if you appear to be on the wrong side of the wrong key topic at the wrong time.

  5. Jonathan Martin has no credibility in my book. He spoke volumes about his character when he walked away and when most Dolphin players, black and white, supported Incognito.

    Just go away, pick another career in which you can do well and deal with the environment – and take your agent, manager, handler, publicists, anyone else connected to you – away as well. Done.

  6. And why do you keep using the excuse “Well the dolphins suspensed him” The media can’t do their own research? Instead you need the inept dolphins organization to write your stories and determine the truth

  7. “What remains unanswered is this: If the truth exonerates Incognito, why did the Dolphins suspend him?”

    Public relations + pressure from the media obviously

    “And if Incognito did nothing wrong, why did he accept the suspension, instead of fighting it?”

    Because he got paid this way. That and he’s likely not 100% innocent either.

  8. And if Incognito did nothing wrong, why did he accept the suspension, instead of fighting it?………. Simple. Because he was still being PAID while suspended. And once all is said & done, he is gonna make Jon Martin & the Dolphins BOTH look foolish.

  9. The fully released materials make it clear they were just two guys — friends — joking with each other about all sorts of stuff. If you were looking for racists on that team, you should probably start with the guys who avoided Martin, not the one who wanted to know how his evening was and if he had a good time.

  10. Here are a couple of answers:

    The Dolphins suspended him because they didn’t know what the heck was going on. Nobody did. They only knew that they would catch a ton of grief from millions of people overnight if they didn’t act swiftly and pull him out of the locker room immediately.

    Please note: the Dolphins suspended him with pay. In other words, they didn’t really want to suspend him.

    Which leads to the answer for the second question: Incognito got paid. He went to college so he’s somewhat intelligent, he watched what happened in New England, and so he likely understood what a PR firestorm was about to happen. Lay low. Wait for things to calm down, and hope that something positive will happen.

    And the entire situation turned into such a mud hole that Ted Wells delayed the release of his report. Again.

  11. Let’s Be Honest about the ted wells report… the report was commissioned by the NFL (NFL owners) and any findings that would put the NFL (NFL owners) in hot water for civil rights violations will be buried to protect the NFL (NFL owners).

    So… the report will purposely minimize guilty incognito/turner’s role while not pointing fingers at innocent victim Jonathan Martin.

  12. For you to ask why he was suspended is just plain stupid. With all of the hazing incidents in the news over the past few years – including one where a college band member died due to hazing – the Dolphins were forced to take the initiative & suspend Incognito, regardless of whether they had proof he was wrong. Then you have the second element, which is bullying. Bullying has also been a hot topic issue, especially since that Rutgers student committed suicide after being bullied. Finally, you have the race element. Whether in jest or with malice, the second a white man mutters the “N” word, so-called activists & other factions of minority groups cry foul & want blood. Once news broke of the voicemail, the Dolphins had no choice but to suspend him. As far as I’m concerned, Martin is a baby & he couldn’t take what goes on in an NFL locker room. He ruined Incognito’s career & stabbed a man who, from the evidence that has been leaked, took Martin under his wing & tried to teach him the ways of the NFL. Football has involved a macho, bullying environment from the time you strap on a junior high school uniform. Whether it is right or wrong is irrelevant; the only fact that matters is that it has happened, does happen, and will continue to happen. If it is so bad, or better yet, if Incognito is so bad, why did it take this long for someone to come out against him? Why was Martin the ONLY one to make a stink? It’s because Martin is a baby & there is no place for him in the NFL.

  13. All the Wells report is going to say is that Martin is a big SISSY and all locker rooms are like the one in Miami. Oh also that Martin has mental problems aswell,

  14. The answer is simple.
    1) Incognito was already on shaky ground. Philbin wanted to get rid of him before the region season but Ireland and the lack of o – line talent wouldn’t allow it.

    2) the media basically bullied the Dolphins into suspending him. Report after report claimed the dolphins knew of the situation and failed to act. That was coupled with the edited transcript of the voice mail left little choice. If they didn’t suspend him the media outcry would have been far worse until the report came out (months later)

  15. I agree with RC33. The media blew this up so fast, what other options were there. Its not like richie can deny he sent those text, so he accepted the punishment. The dolphins were also correct in how they responded, they had to suspend him and let the process work itself out.

    So yea that was a really stupid question. If richie has done nothing wrong and this was on martin, then i think he has a right to be pissed. Was it a bit immature to attack on twitter? Sure it was, but not everyone can take the high road.

  16. “If the truth exonerates Incognito, why did the Dolphins suspend him?”

    Because the PC police don’t want the truth & quick are to accuse, attack, & destroy anyone or entity they deem to be the “bad guy”. The Dolphins had little choice but to suspend him or they look like they condone the behavior that Incognito is being accused of.

    “And if Incognito did nothing wrong, why did he accept the suspension, instead of fighting it?”

    He didn’t have a fighting chance of defending himself while the media stirred up this witch hunt. It was easier for him to take a step back, get paid, & let the truth come out in time.

  17. Jeff Ireland may gone but we won’t soon be forgotten. He hit on Wake, Grimes and Pouncey and missed on just about everyone else….esp. these two bums. I see potential in RT17 but man did he fold in the final two games.

  18. What remains unanswered is this: If the truth exonerates Incognito, why did the Dolphins suspend him? And if Incognito did nothing wrong, why did he accept the suspension, instead of fighting it?

    Lets not forget that Incognito was PAID by the team during this process. They covered their butt as best they could.

  19. ..
    Months after the incident occurred we are still devoid of facts. I don’t have the slightest idea of what happened in this case.


  20. A possible explanation for why he didn’t fight the suspension once he was guaranteed the balance of his year’s salary:

    He decided against putting himself at risk for an organization that had knee-jerked his career into at best a holding pattern. Why should he fight them for the right to fight FOR them?

    If they wanted to treat him unfairly, and it looks like they did, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of incentive for him to put on their uniform and risk injury.

    He seemed prepared to fight until they guaranteed his suspension was with pay.

  21. Funny how many people are killing the media for jumping to conclusions while they jump to conclusions without reading the report. Can you say irony?

  22. The only real question that matters for the Dolphins should be weather or not either of these guys helped the team win… The Dolphins by in large played better post Incognito and Martin, so who gives a crap about why either guy is on the team now or not.

  23. well, look incognito has an amazing case to sue the dolphins, martin, etc. but saying these things at this point when you have that case are really stupid. public opinion is back on your side, don’t show us all that you are indeed a bully by taunting the guy on twitter.

    frankly, not getting a job in the NFL, and the lawsuit he will face, will be enough.

  24. Go for it Richie. Smart move to urge the investigator to hurry, because he is inconveniencing your life. Not so sure Mr. West will like your tone or words. Sometimes it’s best to just should up.

    If and when Richie is exonerated that will be a good day for him, but if the findings are not to his liking – live with it, since he asked for it.

    “According to a tweet, Incognito, Martin and teammate Brian Hartline had all joked about the voicemail, and Martin’s agent, Ken Zimmerman, was simply stirring up trouble by releasing the voicemail to ESPN.”

    Funny how people who tell jokes assume it’s funny to everybody because they think it is. We’ll know in a couple days what the findings are and everyone can exhale. Until then, blaming Martin, Richie or the media is plain dumb.

  25. yes, suspended with pay.

    when your “job” is playing in the NFL, and your window is short due to your age and body, why would you want to lose a year of what is a part of your life that you cannot replicate once your are done.

  26. No one is going to know the truth until at minimum we get the report and it may not even shed enough light to overcome all this heat. So I will just continue to wait. . .

  27. From the article:
    “What remains unanswered is this: If the truth exonerates Incognito, why did the Dolphins suspend him? And if Incognito did nothing wrong, why did he accept the suspension, instead of fighting it?”

    1. The Dolphins suspended him to save face.

    2. He accepted the suspension because, speculating here, he’d be unable to devote all his focus to football, let alone play well and make his case going into free agency, if he were the center of an ongoing media circus.

  28. He didnt fight the suspension because he was suspended WITH pay. Much different. Also, it is obvious he wasnt 100% to blame and there is some untold truth since Miami didnt have the “evidence” to suspend him without pay.

  29. The Sam Story, and this….yeah, offseason NFL news is pretty much why I follow Super 15 rugby from February until June.

  30. Also, I agree with most of you about the sympathy of being “Suspended With Pay” as not being too bad. However, most of you never played Football beyond HS. Once you get to College, you want to be a Starter. Once you get to the Pro’s you want to PLAY! Factor in his aging body and declining skills in a Free Agent Contract year no less… well, you figure it out from here. This was a Pro-Bowl player that will probably get signed (for another Team), but for a whole lot less. Just plain weird to me that anyone would want to be an NFL player that gets paid NOT to play.

  31. richie incognito’s continuous twitter behavior says the most about richie incognito.

    richie is a low character nuisance.

    EVERY team that has suspended/not re-signed/fired/cut richie incognito has gotten better.

  32. Still with the threats and bullying Richie?..Why would anyone expect that a meathead like Incognito would actually learn a lesson over this?

  33. What remains unanswered is this: If the truth exonerates Incognito, why did the Dolphins suspend him? And if Incognito did nothing wrong, why did he accept the suspension, instead of fighting it?

    He did fight it. He was suspended without pay for a longer period of time. The team then reduced the amount of time without pay and extended the length to give more time for the investigation and so that it “wouldn’t be a distraction for the team”. He ended up still getting paid what he would to have played, yet his body wasn’t taking the beating. The suspension change was more of a win for him than the team.

    If this all isn’t true the question remains: Why did an NFL team pay a player with a non-guaranteed contract to not have to play?

    The NFL is a very strong league and the union is very weak. Do you really think the greediest league in the history of professional sports was willing to pay him just to be nice?

  34. I guess we will find out, won’t we?? I would think that Incognito wouldn’t be twitting ( got to love the term , huh?? ) unless he was beyond sure and of course, he wouldn’t be sure unless his lawyers basically told him that. All those suppositions are based on some sort of logic, which doesn’t always apply, huh ? His Lawyers may be telling him to shut up and Incognito may be unable to do so . We shall see

  35. Martins 15 minutes are up….
    he will melt into society and have the same problems he had on the dolphins because he is the problem…..
    Incognito will get signed and play someplace else and still be an idiot……
    and the dolphins will continue their Ready, Fire , Aim mentality as they continue their march toward mediocrity……..

    followed closely by the Vikings and Browns

  36. Most don’t care about this ridiculous saga. Nothing really happened at all that’s out of the ordinary except Martin quit the team. Martin’s a quitter and Incognito is a meathead for sure, but that’s not new information to anyone.

  37. What does Zimmerman have to with this? That sounds about as ridiculous as saying OJ believes Richie is innocent.

    Not sure how you still can call Martin a victim in this whole disaster. If anyone “bullied” Martin it was McKinnie. He outplayed him and took his job and in the process stole money from Martin (which is what this is all about). You can’t seriously think that Martin quit because he felt “bullied”.

    Don’t think either are innocent but if there is a victim in this whole thing, it definitely isn’t Martin

  38. Incognito was suspended because everyone over-reacts now instead of waiting for actual facts.

  39. Incognito needs some serious professional help.

    Look at his history in comparison to Martin’s. Ritchie has real issues that need to get addressed, the guy is subconciously screaming for help.

  40. Admittedly haven’t followed this story too closely cause it is dumb but how can Wells release findings on his investigation publicly if they end up revealing that Martin has mental or medical problems (HIPPA Laws)???
    Richie seems embolden and while I don’t agree with his Twitter attack or saying the truth will bury Martin, I just can’t see him saying this all if it weren’t to some extent true.
    So if Richie knows that the Wells report is going to make Martin look bad, why would he bring up the TO attempt. If Martin is just “sensitive” and complained to his agent and then his agent trying to be a hero got something started that Martin wasn’t man enough to stop, might he consider suicide again in the wake of this report making him look really bad. If true, and if Richie really ever considered this guy a friend, he should be worried about that and it looking like he pushed him into it.

  41. The Dolphins suspended him because of media outlets like this and espn that railroaded a guy with no substantial facts just a bunch of hearsay. No evidence to anything was given but a brief snippet of a voice mail taken with no context given. Everyone wanted to jump on the anti bullying campaign like it was going to get you a gold star. The Dolphins had no choice for the way the organization was being portrayed. How dysfunctional you made the locker room, owner, G.M, head coach and, players look was the reason they suspended him. But that will never be admitted by anyone.

  42. Incognito is like 75+% of the NFL players, no better no worse. He had the opportunity to get paid and not face a potential injury this past year and he would have been stupid to not take advantage of taking the year off. Hope he ends up in a good situation and plays well….especially when he faces the Dolphins.

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