Michael Bennett on hometown discounts: This is not Costco, this is real life

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Since winning the Super Bowl, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett’s attention has turned toward his impending free agency.

Bennett has said that he would like to return to the Seahawks, who he joined on a one-year, $5 million deal last offseason. He’s also made it clear that such a contract won’t cut it this time around as he tries and that he wants “to be compensated with the top guys.” It’s little surprise, then, that Bennett is also passing on the notion of giving Seattle a hometown discount.

“There is no such thing as discount. This is not Costco, this is not Walmart — this is real life,” Bennett said on NFL Network, via the Seattle Times. “There is no discount really because you go out there and you don’t give a discount on effort; you go out there and you give the best effort every day and you fight for your teammates, and you want to be compensated for the way that you perform and the kind of teammate you are.”

After a year playing out a restricted free agent tender in Tampa and settling for a one-year deal last year, it’s understandable that Bennett is prioritizing his desire to get paid over his desire to remain in Seattle. The market will have its say, but that approach certainly makes a new home a likelier outcome.

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  1. Thanks for a great year Benny. You were a fantastic situational interior pass rusher.
    In other news Jared Allen has gon on record, saying he no longer wishes to play for the Seahawks farm team aka the Minnesota Vikings and that he would like to get a ring.

  2. Yo I don’t know what he’s talking about and I’m sure he doesn’t want to take a ‘discount’ , whatever that means exactly, but Costco and Walmart are in fact real life ‘playa’ and not in any way make believe.

  3. Awesome – the government is treating the NFL like a Costco – no taxes – read my lips – no taxes.

    Time for the national welfare league to start paying its fair share.

  4. I have no problem with players wanting to get as much money as they can, but I would be happy to settle for $5 million a year.

  5. I can understand avoiding certain organizations regardless of the money (I am looking at you Cleveland), but to take less money when the damage to your mind and body is the same is simply ridiculous.

    Get the most guaranteed money you can from the best organization you can. Period.

  6. Sense of entitlement. Many NFL players and professional athletes in general seem to forget that playing at the pro level is a privalege, not a right.

    I hope the GM’s see this and low ball him.. Ya know, like they would at Walmart and Costco… Since apparently those places aren’t part of “real life.” Idiot.

  7. Can’t blame Bennett for wanting to test the market and get his true value, but he must be aware that his success may be attached to the system and the players around him.

    I will not be surprised if the demand for his services don’t meet his expectations. I’m not sure he can play inside every play (for another team) to make the kind of difference he made in Seattle’s unique DL mix.

  8. So it begins. It is so hard to keep a winning team together, and to keep them competitive year after year. Everyone wants to get paid. Add the bullseye on their back, the added stress of palying more prime time games and it becomes even harder.

  9. Give me a break. You should be compensated like the best….the best teachers, firefighters and nurses. All who get about $60,000 a year for going out everyday and giving effort. Why do athletes deserve millions?

  10. bye bye then Mike. Everyone wants to come play for Pete Carroll and win a ring.
    You are easily replaceable, much like an off the shelf item in Costco.

  11. Bennett as a #2 or #3 guy for a reasonable salary on the DL is great. Bennett as a #1 guy with a top salary is a FA bust waiting to happen. It’s why he signed up to play at the Clink– upgrade his profile and stats.

  12. Can’t blame the guy one bit. Like my current company but if I get offered more money somewhere else, see ya! Don’t see how it’s any different for NFL players. Get paid while you can young man. And save your money for f***’s sake!

  13. He is right, there is no hometown care if the player is injured and cut thereafter.
    It is a brutal bottom line business, and players are out to maximize their earnings in their relatively short careers.

  14. Why should the guy sacrifice his bargaining position before negotiations start? As a fan, I would love to have him back, but its also a business and he has to do the best he can for himself & his family. The market for DE’s turned out to be much softer last offseason despite a number of quality options. Maybe this year will be the same as teams opt for cheaper guys on rookie contracts. There are fewer oportunites than ever for guys to “cash in” after their rookie contracts, & Bennett never has because he entered as an undrafted FA. I don’t blame the guy for wanting to make the kind of $ he’s worth & letting Clemons go to keep Bennett is a worthwile trade-off if it comes to that.

  15. I love mike b and get it. As a Hawks fan I hope we can keep him but in the end its a biz and at 28 this is his time to get what he can. I do think were in the hunt to keep him as the market dictated last year we may be able to keep him at 3 year 20m or 4 at 25. If its 7 plus we would be out. He is a gem no doubt and will always be our for bringing us our frst title.

  16. Amen brother! I never get all the hate for players making market value. The salary cap has been flat for years while NFL revenue has grown tremendously. Owners and the league are making cash hand over fist. I like the notion of a cap and keeping the playing field equal among teams. However, compared to the NBA and MLB, NFL players are not making salaries that bare a reasonable relationship to what the League takes in – especially given the risk they put their bodies in every play. If Bennett does not want to give some sort of home town discount – good on him. No reason to at this stage of his career. That second or third NFL contract is where the boys that are lucky to make it to that stage need to get paid.

  17. The guy took a chance on a one year contract and won. Congrats man. He’s the opposite of Dustin Keller. I understand everyone wants to play for a winner, but he’s already won a Super Bowl. If it were me, I’d angle for a contract to set me up for retirement, too.

  18. Good for him. He shouldn’t have to take a discount. He has been underpaid for a couple of years now. Come back to Tampa Michael, we should have some cap space! DaQuan couldn’t pass rush his way out of a paper bag.

  19. And he’s been there one season. Not exactly home. He has shoes he’s spent more time with.

  20. Goodbye, thanks for the great year.
    Someone is gonna give u 50mill, but it’s not Seattle

  21. C Johnson to Minnesota.
    Mike Bennett to Oakland.
    Jared Allen to Seattle.

    The bitter feud continues between hawks and Vikes

  22. There’s no sin in trying to get as much money as you can, but I think Bennett misses the point of the “hometown discount” concept. It’s a concept that balances a player’s desire to get paid well, win championships and enhance the ability of the team to field a championship team. Obviously Seattle is a place where he has a chance to win multiple championships. That third component in football is the team salary cap situation, whereas in other sports it’s how much payroll can the team sustain. If your team has little cap room or you’re on a small-market team that can’t spend like the Yankees or Lakers, you are willing to take less than absolute top dollar so your team has enough room to sign other players they need to win.

    But if winning championships and taking a smaller salary for the team pale in comparison to the desire to get paid, you dismiss the other components and demand the absolute maximum dollar amount.

    If that’s your mentality, you’re probably a client of Scott Boras, David Faulk or Drew Rosenhaus. The New York or LA team is offering $10 million. The home team is offering $6 million, because they can’t offer one dollar more if they want to be able to sign other free agents and the draft picks. The Boras/Faulk/Rosenhaus client screams and yells about being disrespected, and the agent demands $10,000,001 or his player is walking.

    So no, Mr. Bennett, the Costco comparison isn’t really a good one. If getting absolute maximum dollar is that important to you, that’s fine. But I think the Seattle fans would appreciate if you signed for whatever the Seahawks can offer, so they can continue to cheer you and your teammates to more titles.

  23. rondayne33 says:Feb 12, 2014 8:51 AM

    Yup, that Super Bowl honeymoon is starting to fade r-e-a-l fast! Back to reality you altruistic Seahawk fans

    Lol the only ‘reality’ that matters at the moment is the Seahawks won the superbowl, and are the champs until someone knocks them off the perch.

    They got him and Avril and others on the cheap. Of course Bennett is going to want to get paid whether it’s in Seattle or elsewhere…he just had a great year and won a ring. It’s all part of what’s to be expected on a team loaded with cheap talent.

    It’s been real Mike, best of luck wherever you land your payday!

  24. Such a ridiculous standard has been set in professional sports to pay athletes millions. I understand they put their health on the line…but because they CHOOSE to do so. I believe they should be compensated, but millions?! No. Those who save lives daily do not make near that, those who educate our children do not make near that, those who protect and serve do not make near that, etc; and it’s embarrassingly arrogant that the atheltes like this make such a big deal and say $5 million isn’t enough. Disgusting. I hope they get reigned in one day.

  25. As a Ravens fan, i was really happy for the city of Seattle for winning that SB. But man do the fans need to be put in their place. Just because ESPN has a love fest with you does not make you a dynasty like you seem to think. You’ve won a sb, congrats, but temper you expectations dweebs. You gotta play football on sundays/thursday/mondays/saturdays (LOL) first before you get the trophy. Congrats on the win, I seriously am happy for you guys. But dont be jerks. Despite what you west coasters think, lots of us over here on the east coast WANT to like you guys. Dont make it harder by being tools

  26. As a Seahawk fan, all I can say is good riddance. He played up to the level of the team around him. He may have a decent skill set, but he’ll fall into obscurity with a lesser team. Goodbye Pro Bowl money, goodbye Super Bowl bonus, goodbye to any chance of playing post-season ever again. Doesn’t seem like a very good trade-off to me.

  27. rondayne33 says:Feb 12, 2014 8:51 AM

    Yup, that Super Bowwneymoon is starting to fade r-e-a-l fast! Back to reality you altruistic Seahawk fans

    The blind ignorance of football haters continues. Seattle will be sitting pretty after losing Bennet. We’ll lose him, but contract Thomas Tate and Huashka. Plus we have Mayowa, that’s been carried over in case in this happens.Scruggs comes back from I.R. and Bruce Irvin will be rushing the passer more. After all our 4th linebacker Malcolm Smith did just fine in the playoffs. Look for Jared Allen to take way less money for a title shot. Then another good draft. We planned for this to happen

  28. Thus we see the collapse of the “unstoppable” Seahawks D that was going to win the next 12 Super Bowls.

    Ha ha.

  29. Just as Ray Lewis said, “I’m not going to play less, so why would you pay less?” Still, no one is feeling sorry for you and your millionaire situation. Good luck finding a better team. At least you got a ring. #paycut

  30. Now that he has the ring its time to get paid and lay down with all the other fat cats,after all he said he has earned that right.He is telling you right there,im going to get paid and no one can stop me cha ching.This guy had one good year and was surrounded by people who has way more talent then him.product of the system.Real market value 4 mil. a year.You pay more than that your getting taken.

  31. Costco’s ‘Kirkland’ brand apple juice is terrible! Has anyone ever tried that stuff? Still like Costco though.

  32. Bennett performed lights out, when surrounded by top tier talent and in a unique DL rotation.

    Unfortunately, some other team is going to pay him near top dollar, put him in on every down, and then surround him with journeyman starters and a pro-bowler or two.

    In the end, the franchise will be disappointed with their investment. It’s a sad story, and one that you read about every year.

    Thanks for killing it this year Mike, you were a key piece in this years run, and your radio interviews were golden. However, 1 piece, does not a puzzle make. Best of luck to you wherever you land.

  33. Damn GREEDY players!

    These are the SAME people who rip the NFL owners (and corporations in general) for being “greedy”.

    What a bunch of damn hypocrites.

  34. Everyone is overreacting.

    First, the $5 million deal was a deal; go back and read the reactions.

    Second, no one but his agent and the Hawks know what he thinks is fair vs. What the Hawks are willing to pay. Certainly he was an important part of the defense. Maybe they are not far apart.

    Finally, wouldn’t it be nice for the avg Joe to make $5m and say it was a one time discount?

  35. So much for the delusional (newbie/bandwagon) seattle fans who think everyone is clamoring to play there for less money.

    Also, pro players don’t play for a team – they play for themselves. They are mercenaries that will usually go to the highest bidder. That’s what free agency is all about.

  36. Funny thing is, Michael, some players realize that a big part of what made them successful and worthy of a bigger contract is the team situation they’ve been in.
    So many times free agents opt for the biggest money they can get, switch teams, and things don’t go so well. Big expectations on a crappy team makes an unhappy boy.
    The fat contract is back-loaded, and two years later our overworked, often hurt superstar is cut “due to salary cap issues.” Career goes downhill, total earnings don’t pan out as expected.
    Good luck getting your contract, Michael, but I hope you have a good agent who can walk you through all the potential risks and rewards of the process.
    It ain’t so simple as shopping at Costco.

  37. Players go where the money is. Fans of teams think franchises can keep teams together and win super bowls forever. Not in todays NFL.

    Reality is that Seattle will be lucky to keep enough of that team together to remain a contender. Guys will get money, other guys will think they deserve more and there goes the team unit. Happens a lot.

    One or two key players go away and the entire team changes, usually for the worse.

  38. Funny how Seahawks fans are being gracious and understanding by releasing Bennett to chase the money. A week ago, they were an inpenitrible force would never going to lose another game because the team was going to stay intact. There are too many ‘me’ guys on the hawks (Sherman being #1) who will go where the money is. And hey…why the hell wouldn’t they??? It’s just a matter of time.

  39. The Jags have the need the money and a familiar face in HC Gus Bradley his DC last year.
    He remembers the NO STATE TAX in Florida so a big money contract that he is going to get could be earned with more money in pocket. He will get paid by someone, who is the question and where?
    Id welcome him to the Jags but there are better players and for cheaper to be signed.
    Hes done very well since going undrafted hes earned the right to negotiate a better deal to insure his families future. Take it when you can get it.
    I say 4yr=5yr or more years kinda deal will be his target.

  40. I would rather pay the men ans women who protect us every day of our lives that money than some greedy ass dude who thinks he did this all on his own accord… Bye Bennett, hello Malcolm smith

  41. He had a good year he played part time

    But Seattle not over paying him
    4 yr 28 mill would be my offer

  42. Well Bennett and Tate sure did a 180 pretty fast after winning the SB. They’re both good, but not All-Pro material as of now. I don’t know what Bennett thinks he’ll make over $5 mil/year…maybe $6.5 mil?

    Is that worth it to join the Browns, Michael?

  43. Attention fans: you do realize nobody repeats any more,so get over it now they have to pay their employees and their going to get figurines out their this years pistol,option etc.

  44. No surprise here. The euphoria of a Super Bowl win can quickly be squelched by a bigger offer from another team.

    As for the comment about the NFL not paying taxes, that doesn’t apply to the players or the owners, but only the NFL itself, i.e. the “corporation” headed by Roger Goodell.

  45. Honeymoon over after nine days into the offseason? What?

    Since Carroll and Schneider took over, I’ve seen Seattle find quality players in the lower half of the draft, as undrafted free agents, and wandering around Canada. I’ve seen them sign free agents like Avril and Bennett to affordable short-term deals. Panic time because one guy is telling it like it is? Naw.

    Bennett will be made an offer. Other players will be cut to make cap space – the most likely candidates are Sidney Rice and Chris Clemons – and others (Bryant, Miller) will likely be asked to restructure to make more room. This is but the first step of the salary-cap dance that all good young teams must make these days – let’s face it, if no one wants your players, then you’re probably not much of a contender.

    If he signs elsewhere, we look to Jordan Hill, one of last year’s draft picks who missed time with injury and barely played, to step up into the competition, likely with other draftees and possibly a free agent as well. Typically, pass rushers get bigger contracts, and yet, Seattle was able to sign both Bennett and Avril last season – go figure, right?

    And if he does resign, well, hopefully, it’s a long hot summer and the haters won’t be needing their Seattle hate to keep them warm.

  46. Bennett was above average this year, but not elite. A lot of his sacks were coverage sacks which were the result of arguably the best secondary in the history of football. He’s a guy that will be a solid piece to a great line, but he’s not a guy that will come in and make a mediocre or bad line good. This is a line with Clemons, Mebane, Avril, Big Red, who are ALL studs and other guys like Hill, Mcdaniel, and Mcdonald who look like all stars too as part of that collective group as well.

    I don’t blame Bennett for wanting to cash in at all and it would be stupid of him not to. But if he’s expecting to be paid like a top 5 DE, he’s going to sorely surprised. Top teams don’t have the cap space to tie up that much money in an above average, but not elite, DE.

  47. I don’t blame him if he can get more money somewhere else.

    With that said, maybe he was considered a “top guy” because of the other great players on defense. For example, when teams needed to concentrate on James Harrison, Woodley looked great. When James left, Woodley didn’t look good. Defensive ends look awesome when there is a lot of pressure on the QB. If he goes to Detroit he might only be good at best.

    So of course, grab the money if you can. But you may not win, and you might not be that great. A hometown discount might be the best long term solution where you could earn the most money.

  48. Bennett will work hard to increase his value across the board. There’s a reason he’s been on ESPN and NFLN. He’s saying the right things to increase his market value and get more teams interested in him.

    But I believe he would still like to leverage an offer from Cleveland or Oakland to increase an offer from Seattle. As Golden Tate said, these guys are aware there’s more value to a good life and a good work environment than just dollars. They will consider all these factors before deciding what offer to accept.

  49. Bennett has a short memory – it was 1 year ago no one wanted to pay a a situational pass rusher – so he signed a 1 year deal

    Seahawks system and talented line allowed him to shine the limited amount if playing time he had. Who (other than Cleveland) would be stupid enough to pay him 4 down money as a top guy when he’s neither?! This isn’t fantasyland

  50. “lifeistoughtrustmeimadolphinsfan says: Feb 12, 2014 8:40 AM

    Awesome. Miami has some cash AND needs a leader at safety…”

    You guys should definitely sign him and start him at safety. I can safely say that for all three other afc east teams. Great move on the Dolphins part if you do.

  51. kjding13 says:
    Feb 12, 2014 8:13 AM
    If you think this is the real world then you can make $50,000 a year like the rest of us…


    Except the rest of us dont have 60K people willing to pay $100+ to go watch us work.

  52. propertyofthebroncos says:
    Feb 12, 2014 9:07 AM

    Such a ridiculous standard has been set in professional sports to pay athletes millions. I understand they put their health on the line…but because they CHOOSE to do so. I believe they should be compensated, but millions?! No. Those who save lives daily do not make near that, those who educate our children do not make near that, those who protect and serve do not make near that, etc; and it’s embarrassingly arrogant that the atheltes like this make such a big deal and say $5 million isn’t enough. Disgusting. I hope they get reigned in one day.
    Are you not protesting in front of the offices of the Denver Bronco’s for Manning’s salary, last year, this year, and next year?

  53. As a Seahawk fan he should have kept his tasteless comments comments to himself about no hometown discounts and that this wasn’t Costco or Walmart. That’s what you have an agent for. Let him go. Also, Robinson wasn’t too pleased. Nor will Carroll or Schneider. Let him go, there is always someone else. Maybe the Bucs want him back.

  54. People really think losing a situational pass rusher is going to bring the hawks out of contention? The guy played amazing. Avril played better. But still, Bennett was real. However, he’s replaceable. Through the draft or FA, the hawks can find similar production elsewhere

  55. Michael Bennett bet on himself on a low pay one year deal in won in the biggest way. Got a Super Bowl and was the best pass rusher on a team with 4 top level edge rushers.

    I love my Hawks but if one player earned a big contract it was Michael Bennett. If he is looking for Jared Allen or Mario Williams money he will find another team without a question. But if he looks for 10 million range I think he is with the Hawks and we lose Clem who is getting a little older cost that same amount. If not Bruce Irvin can get back to DE after Maclom Smith stepped up and starting taking time at OLB. Go Hawks

  56. For everyone thinking by losing Bennet is somehow going to hurt this team I have two names John Schneider and Pete Carroll in four year they took a team that won 5 games the year before they came and won a Superbowl they are the most unreplacable parts of this team.

  57. To all the people complaining about how much NFL players get paid, I have a simple solution: quit watching football and they won’t get paid millions. Otherwise get ovah it!

    And also.. How many of you all give your employers hometown discounts? I know I don’t.

  58. bellereve1000 says:
    Feb 12, 2014 10:16 AM

    Funny how Seahawks fans are being gracious and understanding by releasing Bennett to chase the money. A week ago, they were an inpenitrible force would never going to lose another game because the team was going to stay intact. There are too many ‘me’ guys on the hawks (Sherman being #1) who will go where the money is. And hey…why the hell wouldn’t they??? It’s just a matter of time.
    Seattle would like to keep all the key contributors from this year, but they won’t be able to.

    It’s called a salary cap…all teams are bound by it…..except the 9ers and Bronco’s, as history has shown.

  59. A one year, 5 million dollar contract would cut it for the rest my life in MY world!!

    Bennett got lucky to land in Seattle from the Bucs. He’s was not worth much more than that 5 mil he got. He should take that “discount” cause he did alright in Seattle’s scheme and that doesn’t guarantee he will be an impact player anywhere else.

  60. all nfl players want to win a championship. michael has accomplished this. michael took a gamble this year by signing a 1 year deal and it payed off . the nfl is a cut throat business. they wouldn’t hesitate to cut a player if they are no longer needed, so you can’t blame michael for getting the best deal possible

  61. If you cant take care of your family on 5 Mil a year then you living above your means bro, but like all players that win a SB and are free agents they will command the money. And just like the good GMs do they find replacements for those players. Its going to be hard for ANY team to win back to back SB in this free agency time or keep there team intact (look at the Ravens), think the Patriots were the last go to back to back SB but they even had different teams. ALL NFL teams will lose someone they dont want too but have to its fact.

  62. Nothing wrong with that. First, he just won his ring. Now get paid. Second, everyone bashing greedy athletes needs to look in the mirror and ask what they would do is someone offered them a giant raise. Don’t hold anyone else to a different standard than you hold yourself to. And no, it does not matter that they make a lot more annually than you or I do. A lot of these guys are retired by their early 30s. They need money to last a lifetime.

  63. dude should come to chi town..he can have the money we were going to pay peppers to do nothing

  64. Dear Michael,

    You had the best year of your career, why is that? What you and many players fail to see that your individual success is predicated by team success. The Seahawks need you and you need to get paid a fair scale for what you do. However, don’t be mistaken that you can maybe take 1 million extra cash somewhere else, but that will most likely be your last contract with lots of zeros behind it. Your body is your temple and it takes abuse in the NFL. Get your money, but don’t forget Seattle signed you as you struggled to get offers from anyone. Carroll put you in positions to be successful and leveraged your strengths that enabled you to have the best season of your career.

    While you are such a great Seahawk, I must advise you that you can leave for a little extra cash, but Super Bowl wins and Pro Bowl bonuses and no state tax will help your cause financially. But most importantly you will get rings if you stay in Seattle and can achieve legendary status in what could be one of the greatest runs in history.

  65. well, but you pay full amount, you’ll get full quality at costco. can you guarantee you’ll play up to the contract? i.e. number of sacks, number of tackles? NO!

  66. He will be back with the Seahawks, you can book it. The seahawks have 27 million to cut (Zach miller, Chris Clemons, Red Bryant and Heath Farwell) Plenty to sign Bennett and Golden back, and extend Avril.

  67. Going to Oakland Raiders. he would thrive there and fix that defense. It’s on track in Reggie Mckenzie land.

  68. In his situation, he needs to look for a deal with some guaranteed money.

    As others have said: Atlanta looks perfect for him.

  69. BirdofPrey – Bennett is a beast and I completely agree with you and if I have learned anything about these Seahawks that separates them from other teams is “Next man up”… Bennett can go take that money elsewhere, we will replace him as Schneider and Carroll have proven they can replace anyone but RW3. I’m not worried about it as I know the Hawks will find another piece to plug in.

  70. I agree that it is a privilege to play in the NFL. Football is a game. The NFL is a business. Fans that give these players a hard time for treating it like a business are fools. Bennett should get what the market will pay.

  71. Its about supply and demand, some people argue on here that he should get paid like the best… i am sorry the percentage of people that are of nfl caliber is far lower than the percentage of people who could be a nurse, fire fighter or a police officer that’s why they make less… also if you think they are overpaid then quit buying nfl licensed apparel, quit watching it on tv… the complainer is the one who is in a round about way paying these people

  72. I believe Bennett should get a raise this year, being as he has proven he is worth more than $5M a year. He is a force not only from the edge, but from the I side as well, and that’s hard to find. That said, he is not a “Top Tier” guy (IE: Suh, or Peppers in his prime, etc), and therefore should not be paid like one. He was a very efficient rotational guy for Seattle this past year, that’s it. If he is looking for a mega deal along the lines of Peppers $98M, he is barking up the wrong tree, and any team that pays him that much, or even close to that much… Well, that is probably the reason they are a joke of a team with $30M in open cap space, LOL. He’s an $8M a year guy!!! Clemons had a down year coming off surgery, and is do $9M this coming season. Bennett is a lot younger, and played much better. I can see them cutting Clemons, and retaining Bennett. If not, the Hawks just go find this year’s Michael Bennett for cheap.

  73. They bet on himself and won… You really can’t knock the guy for wanting a check… If Seattle wants to keep they will have to pay up. Seattle probably already knows who they will target otherwise.

  74. And it starts……it’s been less than 2 weeks after winning the Super Bowl and the Seahawks are already starting to see why it’s so hard to repeat in the NFL. Everyone wants to get paid. I can’t wait to see what they offer Russell Wilson when his contract is up. I just don’t see Seattle or any team offering him a multi-year $20 mil. annual salary but then I said the same thing about the Ravens and Flacco last year.

  75. I would view Bennett as a solid starting LE in a 4-3 defense. He could get you between 6-9 sacks from that side. He is not the premier pass rushing RE, and will need decent talent around him to succeed. But the same can be said for most DE in the lea.
    You also have to figure on the market. Jared Allen, Julius Peppers, Hardy, Orakpo, Michael Johnson, and there is a second tier of players that will generate a lot of interest from teams that aren’t swimming in cap cash. He will do better than $5M per year, but he probably won’t crack $10M

  76. Get your $ elsewhere where you will have no chance at becoming legendary. Hawks have enough talent on the D line to make up for Bennett. Remember this line is deep and these players are putting in about 50-60% of the plays they usually would. So Bennett will be playing almost every down where he goes and he will earn that $ while not making the playoffs most likely.

  77. It’s hilarious watching the jealous fans of losing teams salivating at the idea of the Seahawks being torn apart by free agency.

    Schneider and Carroll built this team from the draft and by finding affordable talent in free agency. They started completely from scratch and built a champion with guys nobody wanted.

    The only threat the Seahawks face is if Schneider and Carroll suddenly can’t find and develop talent any more. I don’t see that happening.

    And I’m not worried at all about Bennett. Go get paid, man. He deserves every penny. Whether that’s in Seattle or elsewhere, go get what you deserve bro. It was great watching you play for the Seahawks. Next man up…

  78. The need to make a lot of money is understandable given the beating a players body take, but it seems a bit short-sighted in this situation. The ‘Hawks are young and could be the next dynasty in the NFL. I’m sure that there would be a lot of money to be made, even after the career, from being part of that.

  79. To all the haters saying the Seahawks will collapse next year…
    1) The team, worst case scenario, could lose 3 key contributors in Tate, Baldwin (would receive a 2nd rounder if he left) and Bennett, not superstars (except maybe Bennett), just contributors. If you think the Seahawks D was only good because of Bennett you are stupid. I fully expect the defense to be better next year seeing they are losing almost nobody and their best players are under contract and still coming into their primes.
    2) My guess is that the people saying the Seahawks will fall apart are the same people who said Carroll would fail in the NFL, that Wilson is too short, that the D was a one year wonder after 2012, that Sherman would fall off the map, that the Seahawks were overrated, that the Seahawks couldn’t win on the road, that there was no way the Hawks could beat out the 49ers for the West, that the Seahawks would miss the playoffs this year, and then, once they made the playoffs-would collapse versus the Saints, and when they didn’t do that they would instead lose to the 49ers, and when that didn’t happen, you instead resorted to believing the Broncos would torch the LOB. Notice something about this list of predictions? They are all WRONG. Get used to this team proving you wrong over and over again because the players on this team are not conventional and the organization from afar appears to not be logical, but in the end they are dam good at what they do as they are different from the rest of the NFL. Here’s the next prediction to be proved wrong: The Seahawks will become a fire sale and lose all their good players-I fully expect for the players and this team to keep the majority of its stars and continue to dominate for years to come.

    And fellow Hawks fans, let’s not kid ourselves, Bennett is filthy and we want him back

  80. L-O-B
    Living on a budget?
    Leaving on a bus?
    Left over bums?
    Linemen or backs?
    Remember what happened to the Ravens after they won the Superb Owl, Seagulls fans? Might want to hold off on the dynasty talk until you see if there’s anyone left on your team next year.

  81. Calling it a “hometown discount” frames the conversation in the wrong way by implying that the players get nothing in return. There are cases like that in sports where someone is a hometown hero or perhaps has been living there long enough that they’re kids are entrenched in local schools and all that.

    This should be called something like a “dynasty discount.” While there’s no guarente the Seahawks will continue to dominate or that any of these guys can’t play elsewhere and continue to win, there isn’t anyone who knows what a good thing these guys have going with the Hawks more then the players themselves.

    I’m sure Paul Allen would gladly make everyone of these guys the highest payed players at their position but there’s a salary cap the team has to abide by. In the end it just depends on what it’s worth to the players to stay with this team.

    In Bennett’s case I’m sure Sneider and Carol will put together a competitive offer but undoubtably another team will offer more. If he chooses to stay with the Hawks you can call it a hometown discount but make no mistake that Bennett is getting something in return.

  82. This is the media abuse of the owners who turn it on the players who make them billions of dollars!pay him!probably the the seventh to tenth best DE in football,and very interchangeable.someone will pay him we just have to get someone else!the only people getting discounts in the NFL are Goodell n the owners!everyone else pays!

  83. The National Football League is an unincorporated nonprofit 501(c) association, meaning its league office is not subject to income tax because it does not make a profit.

    Again: the NFL makes no profit.

    I wish I could afford lawyers like that…

  84. You’ve got your Super Bowl ring, Mike. So go get a big money contract with some losers with big cap space. Thanks for all of your hard work for us.

    Now, beat it!

  85. well, if you’re willing to sign a 1yr league minimum veteran contract ted thompson might give you a look after the draft.

  86. Cut Clemons, and use that $9M for Bennett. Move Irvin back to a situational edge rusher on the line, and have Wright, Wagner, and Smith as the starting linebackers!!!

  87. Several points to address here:

    1) He’s already got a ring, so it isn’t like winning a superbowl is a priority for him anymore. He’s got his ring. Now he’s in “getting set for life” mode.

    2) Why do NFL players earn so much?

    Several reasons. The average shelf-life of an NFL player is about 3 years. The NFL went from a sport, to a sports-entertainment business. Revenues for teams are through the roof, and there is no product without the players. NFL contracts are not guaranteed like MLB contracts. A 6 year $120 million deal in baseball means that guy gets his money no matter how or IF he plays. If he gets hurt and misses five years, he still gets all that money. NOT in football. That 6 year deal essentially is a fairy tail. You only get your signing bonus (if you get one) and whatever money is GUARANTEED, and not a dime more if you get cut. One day you are playing, you get hurt, you can’t play anymore, there goes your income.

    3) NFL players destroy their bodies and in some cases, their minds. It is a brutal sport that shortens life expectancy for some from all of the poundings their body takes. Later on in life they will incur HUGE medical bills.

    So I have no problem with Bennett deciding it is time to get as much as he can as soon as he can. NFL is cutthroat. Maybe he plays out his new big contract with somebody else for the money, and once he feels he is set, then his mindset can change that he will play for a little less for another chance to win it all.

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