New Browns G.M. Ray Farmer has supporters in personnel circles


While the initial reaction to yesterday’s Browns front office shake-up was that it was another sign of organizational dysfunction, there’s at least the possibility that they may have made the right move.

In promoting Ray Farmer to General Manager, the Browns have a respected young personnel man in place, and those who know him think he has the makings of a good boss.

Rams G.M. Les Snead, who hired Farmer as a scout in Atlanta, said he thinks Farmer’s ready to take the next step.

Hiring Ray is one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve ever made,” Snead said, via Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He is a people person who genuinely wants to build a united team on the field and inside the building.

“He knows this requires asking inquisitive, but often hard, questions as well as listening to the answers to those questions.”

Building a consensus will be helpful, as the Browns were splintered by the end of the Joe Banner/Mike Lombardi run, and Farmer was given a head coach in Mike Pettine that he wasn’t involved in interviewing.

Another executive who didn’t want his name used said Farmer’s familiarity with the team’s personnel will also be a plus.

“Ray is absolutely ready for this,” the executive said. “You can say, ‘Well, he’s never run a draft before,’ but everyone has to do it for the first time, right? It’s not like he hasn’t been in war rooms in years past. He was in there last year with Cleveland and was in there in years past with Kansas City.

“By promoting him, the Browns also are giving themselves some continuity. He is familiar with the scouts, he’s done his own scouting and knows how to evaluate talent.”

If he can find a quarterback, there’s a stable core of personnel on hand, particularly on defense. But as Browns fans well know, finding an answer at quarterback has eluded them for generations.

14 responses to “New Browns G.M. Ray Farmer has supporters in personnel circles

  1. Since when is it dysfunction when you get rid of guys who aren’t getting the job done. Keeping losers around, for the sake of continuity is ridiculous! I think Ray Farmer, on his own, is a marked improvement over Banner and Lombardi. We’ve got a couple of young, hungry guys as GM and head coach. They’ve hired some guys with experience to guide them. We’ve got two first round picks and a bunch of cap money. I am excited about the possibilities, for the Browns; much more so than the past few years. I’ll take Jimmy Haslam style leader ship over disinterested ownership any day.

  2. Well the first thing ya know ole Jimmie,s an NFL owner..Sound familiar? The 3 Sooges are out….Jed Clampett signed in Another “new” beginning to the Reality show!!!!!! The Tennessee Hiilbilly. Under estimated the job? Indeed

  3. Wait, he didn’t keep them around to waste ANOTHER year to figure out they are the problem? Wow! That is a far cry from: Maybe we should keep Mangini another year…….

  4. This was the correct move for the Browns. Farmer is a guy that grew up in the business. He played the game, he started as a grunt scout, learned for good teachers. Moved up threw the scouting/personnel system. He has the respect of his peers.

    He wasn’t a TV talking head trying to prove he was smarter than everyone else.

    He isn’t a business guy trying to remake himself as a “football” guy.

    He is a football player turned scout turned personnel guy turned GM.

    He gets it. Go back read his comments. Its his job to get the players the coaches need.

    Lombardi was busy remaking the roster without the input or desire of the coaching staff. Case in point–go back and look at Norv Turner’s offenses there has always been a strong Fullback. The Browns didn’t have one because in the system Joe and Mike wanted to run there wasn’t a need for a fullback. Then when the blocking failed and the running game failed because the system the coaches were running needed the fullback they could blame Chud and Norv for failing to adapt.

    Farmer is about winning.

    Banner and Lombardi were about proving they could do the job. BIG DIFFERENECE.

  5. I agree that this is a good move. He made the first step in proving that himself when it was reported that he wants to bring in Kuharic (sp.?) to help him. He’s admitting that he’s never done this on his own before and is bringing in someone who has done it for guidance. That lack of ego is something that has been sorely missing from our front office for a long time.

    Personally, as a season ticket holder, I think this is a GREAT move. It gives us hope once again… Banner and Lombardi were nothing but anchors around the franchise’s neck.

  6. Finally, a football guy in a critical football job! Someone who can appreciate the job the guys in the trenches do.

    Good luck Ray. Good luck Browns.

  7. Browns fans are overwhelmingly in favor of these moves. Others, including the national press, don’t understand how we felt about Banner and Lombardi. Haslam is finally getting this right and I have never been more encouraged about the future. You can readily see that Pettine and Farmer are so intelligent, confident, and most of importantly men of integrity and high character. This is great news for us Browns fans and we are celebrating. Word of advice: Ignore the outside media, especially Lombardi’s network buddies.

  8. Ray Farmer is the kind of man it will take to pick the right players. Mike Pettine is the the kind of coach it will take to lead them. Time will tell if they are the right men, but we can tell now that they are the right kind of men. There is more reason for Browns fans to be optimistic than there has been in some time.

    Here’s hoping that we look back on this someday as the critical turning point. Where the Browns ended years of dysfunction, stopped being the perennial doormat, and became a functioning team, then a competitive team, then a playoff team, then a championship team.

    G O B R O W N S ! ! !

  9. As one who has taken his share of [deserved] potshots at this franchise in the last couple of years, this is the best move the Brownies have made in a decade. If Farmer can keep the owners hand out of the cookie jar, he’ll do very well… but thats a big if.

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