No contract talks for DeMarcus Ware and Cowboys yet


Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware has answered one of his big offseason questions by scheduling right elbow surgery for next week.

That leaves the question of his contract. Ware is set to make $12.25 million in 2014 with a cap number just north of $16 million and the latter number is a tough one for a cap-strapped Cowboys team to carry into next season.

Ware said in January that he was open to a restructuring of his deal, but not a pay cut. On Tuesday, Ware said there haven’t been any talks about either option yet but that he knows reaching some kind of agreement is needed for the Cowboys to build the best roster possible.

“We need guys here to be on the team for next season to help me out, to help us out, so sometimes you can’t think about a whole bunch of money and then not have anybody there,” Ware said, via Todd Archer of “You need somebody there by your side, a defensive tackle, a defensive end, a wide receiver. You need to figure it out because the time is now. We need to win. That’s what I get out of playing. I play hurt, bruised up. Some guys don’t play, but I still get out there and play because I don’t care about anything else.”

Restructuring Ware’s deal would create some immediate relief, but would kick more money onto the cap in the future and leave the Cowboys in a similar position again next year. That would make a pay cut a healthier overall route to take, although there’s been no word out of Dallas that the Cowboys plan to press the issue by hinting that Ware’s future in Dallas relies on such an agreement.

11 responses to “No contract talks for DeMarcus Ware and Cowboys yet

  1. Ware said in January that he was open to a restructuring of his deal, but not a pay cut.
    so sometimes you can’t think about a whole bunch of money and then not have anybody there,”

    Does anyone else see the contradiction here? Way to take one for the team.

  2. As a life long Cowboys fan for me it’s rather simple. Take a pay cut or take a walk. We’re in this salary cap position because we pay big money to players that are past their prime and Ware is on the downhill side of a great career. Defense is the biggest problem need to fix and they sucked even with Ware. I don’t see them being much worse without him and if by cutting him they can bring in two or three younger guys with that money, so be it. It’s business, not personal.

  3. Does this guy really think he deserves the kind of money he is set to earn next year? After a year in which he saw a HUGE decline in his production?

  4. Ware was very good in the past but here is the reality check, Ware was not very productive at all last season in the 4-3. And Jerry is in salary cap jail so he needs Ware to take a pay cut. Ware says no.

    Draft a DE early and let Ware walk. Can’t keep paying old has been players big money. That’s what got Jerry in this mess to begin with. Move on.

  5. When the lead dog only knows one path and it’s the WRONG path, it doesn’t really matter who’s behind him. And Jerry is still the lead dog.

  6. I’ll defend Ware, first of all Jerry has a history of putting off players salary. He gives U a bonus that to make it cap friendly he will down the road give U a huge pay increase. He did that with T.O and Jenkins remember, in such and such year Jenkins was to get something 6 to 7 million because he took a lower salary for x number of years. U might remember it was U cut Jenkins, say 6 million but you have to play 7 million, something like that.

    Wear is saying Jerry U own me the money, U promised me I pay for this in year such and such U where going to make it up to me.

    I want the money U promised me, yea I will take it later but I want all the money U own me. Pay Up!

  7. If the Cowboys cut DeMarcus Ware, they would have $8.5 million in dead money dedicated to Ware, but the move would save them nearly $7.4 million in cap …

    Just like Jenkins but it was something like 6 million and 7 million in dead money!

    Wear has been underpaid, Jerry idea of restructuring, I promise I will pay U later!

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