No talks yet for Sherman, Seahawks


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman became eligible for a new contract on December 29.  He has made it clear on multiple occasions that he believes he’s the best cornerback in the game.

Sherman is due to make $1.389 million in 2014.  Darrelle Revis makes $1 million.  Per game.

And so it’s believed Sherman will ask the Seahawks to reconfigure his contract.  Per a league source, the request has not yet come.

The thinking is that Sherman and his agent hope to let the Seahawks formulate a plan for keeping (or not) their impending free agents.  With the 2014 offseason program still weeks away, which gives both sides plenty of time to address Sherman’s contract.

Still, it’s something that will need to be addressed.  Even though it would be very expensive for Sherman to hold out, an organization that in recent years has paid millions to players who didn’t start their careers in Seattle will have to take care of the guys who came in a draft picks, didn’t get paid all that much, and made significant contributions toward the first Super Bowl win in franchise history.

Sherman was a fifth-round pick in 2011.  In addition to paying him, the Seahawks also may have to find some money for a seventh-round in 2011 who became the Super Bowl MVP.

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  1. Honestly it wont happen but i’d love to see it happen.

    Keep one of the best secondaries to ever play together together and sign ET and Sherman. (Chance is already under contract).

    Then keep your position players like Percy and marshawn which will also cost some cash. Invest the rest into front 7 and o-lineman.

    Then just keep drafting new qbs and depth and let wilson walk. I mean I like wilson as a qb and what he can do but sb’s are won by defense. Wilson can improvise and everything but he’s not putting up elite pocket passer numbers and theres nothing wrong with that. I’m sure he will be able to or already can if they would let him. Just paying a qb that much when you clearly have one of the best all around teams in the league in awhile.. idk.. I think i’d rather just risk drafting a few more qbs and finding one that can play and keeping the rest of my team together.

  2. While I am not a Sherman fan, they should get him a new contract.

    I am impressed with the fact that he hasn’t been whining about it.

    He is better than most corners. Do I think he is worth 1 million per game, absolutely not. However I don’t think Revis is either. The only person on a team worth that kind of money is the QB.

    If they want to keep him, it would be better to sign him now than wait and watch him take some time off to avoid injury and watch him go. I could see some team dumping the picks to steal him as a restricted FA next year.

  3. We all know Sherman is a system player. One on One….he will get beat. Notice when Welker said he would take him one on one…..Sherman responded by including his help on defense and not solely him.

    He will get a max deal, but there should be a buyer beware with this guy.

  4. We will pay you $900,000 a game on one condition. You keep you mouth shut at all times. Your answers to questions from the media shall be one word answers. Take it or leave it.

  5. There is no scenario where Sherman gets “paid” before Earl Thomas.

    I think the Seahawks have been pretty clear – he’s under contract, the stated plan all along was year 1 (last year) Kam Chancelor, Year 2: Earl Thomas, a Year 3 Richard Sherman (or franchise tag)

    I don’t see that plan changing…

  6. Yeah Sherman shouldn’t have to ask. Make the team come to him and make that first move. Then respond based on how appropriate the offer is. If it’s not good enough, then hold out and don’t worry about the money because the principle is more important than the principal and he should get a good value from SEA on both kinds. Get the respect and get paid, otherwise some other player will dip into the available pool of money for themselves.

  7. Over the next three years the Seahawks and their fans will learn the meaning and effect of the term “salary cap”.

  8. but but…
    the superbowl announcers said the seahawks were a young team and could win the next 5 superbowls…

    ignoring the fact to most players its all about the money not the rings…

  9. Since the Seahawks players are all twice as good as any in the rest of the NFL, They need to be paid accordingly. Sherman=$30MM. Wilson=$40MM. Lynch=$20MM. They don’t need to worry about the salary cap, Carroll will take care of that (like he did at USC)

  10. Richard Sherman is the most overrated CB in the NFL.

    All he does is play press man coverage and holds the reciever for 10 yards while the best safeties in the NFL actually cover the receiver.

    He gets burned constantly downfield and Earl Thomas makes up for it by making a play on the ball.

    Now a real shutdown CB is Xavier Rhodes.

  11. The way the new CBA works, they don’t have to pay him. He can’t hold out and accrue time towards free agency, and they can just let him finishes out his contract and franchise him twice before they give him a big contract. Why would they do otherwise?

  12. They’ll pay him. 5 years, 60 million. Why will he take less than Revis when he clearly thinks he’s better you ask? Revis isn’t guaranteed a damn thing….

  13. Eventually, theyre gonna have to pay Russell Wilson some money. I wonder if he is the first quarterback to win a Super Bowl as the lowest paid starting quarterback in the league.

  14. Hawks sign him but Sherm will take less than he could get elsewhere. But the dude is smart because he will continue to win in Seattle and make much more in endorsements. That’s how smart people do it.

  15. Gm had made it clear, we are extending Thomas first. Then probably Tate and Huashka. Sherman is likely gonna be stuck at 1.39mill- poor guy.
    He will be franchised next year. Keep drafting quality depth, and no one can hold out.
    Btw- he is smarter then revis

  16. Sheeman is at a Hall of Fame pace, you mad haters?! And LOL if you are delusional to think they’re going to break the bank for Malcolm Smith.

  17. He’s selfish, he put that spot light on himself after one of the biggest wins in franchise history.
    You guys think he is going to take less?

    Even though he won’t be as good elsewhere. He is only a forth of a great secondary. He comes off as selfish.

    If he were here though, he would tell me how “I shouldn’t talk about him.”

  18. From that picture, I’m pretty sure he’s a cyborg that has traveled forward to our time from the 1980s.

  19. earl thomas is more of a priority than sherman. with thomas’s knowledge and speed he can compensate for any corner’s short comings

  20. Bragging about how you think you are the best is code these days for “I better be the highest paid player or I will walk”.

    With an ego as big as his, being paid as much or similar to Revis will not do. It won’t take the 49’s or Packers or somebody else to beat the Seahawks, the greed of Richard Sherman and the rest of his fellow teammates is what will ultimately turn the Legion of Boom into nothing more than a wimper.

  21. Revis got silly money. That massive investment got the Bucs, what…four wins last season?

    Hopefully Sherman understands that tying up a huge percentage of payroll into one player only benefits that one player…not the team.

  22. I really don’t see Seattle paying a lot to extend Malcolm Smith. His fate is likely that of other SB defensive MVPs like Larry Brown and Dexter Jackson – sign for a huge offer elsewhere, then drop off the radar in terms of making plays because the team around him simply isn’t as good.

    Smith was a backup who received an opportunity due to injury and made the most of it. Far more important for the team to resign Wagner and/or Wright at the LB position, when the time comes for it.

  23. You Seahawks fans are delirious if you think Sherman or any of these young guys are going to take a discount to stay in Seattle. Maybe a veteran would but a guy in his first FA isn’t going to.

  24. And so it goes….another great team will be dismantled because of the Free Agency Era. No more dynasties anymore.

    That being said, the best secondary of all time? LOL, not even close.

  25. The franchise tag for corner is 11 million so not exactly cheap like some Seahawk fans seem to think

  26. Okay Pete, John, start drafting us some superstar cheapies. We gotta get rid of these high-priced prima donnas, and I mean, pronto! Hey, its a business ain’t it? So what do CEO’s do when the underlings whine about money?

    Besides, their jersey sales have peaked. Time to bring in fresh names for the rubes to buy theirs.

    Let’s get a move on! Chop! Chop!

  27. The Seahawks owner is worth more than all other NFL owners combined. I am sure he can find a way to keep any player wants and pay them what the market value is.

  28. Sherman will sign with the Hawks, but not until they Extend Thomas. Those of you that say he cant cover one on one, please stop “watching” football, because you aren’t understanding it obviously. He was thrown at THREE TIMES in the playoffs, why do you think that is? Oh and PantherPro, yeah, you have SO much evidence of how Sherman vs Krap and Crab do against the Hawk D. you cant barely beat them at your pad…

  29. Sherman will be out of the NFL in 3-4 years and he will get his one big contract and nothing more.
    He has a degree from Stanford and is working on his Masters.
    Regaedless of what he signs for he will be fine

    BTW- His degree is in none other than


  30. Sherman will get paid… but I am placing my bets on it being in a new city. The team has shown the ability to develop corners. Secondary overall really, and Earl is a more vital piece. I think they take their faith in development and resigning ET over paying somewhere in the ballpark of $25M per year to keep them both

  31. Sherman may have to wait for next year. This year Earl and Bennett need to get paid. But as several folks have stated ET needs to get his contract first. Sherm will get a deal but I don’t think for as much as he wants, from the Seahawks anyways.

  32. Seahawks began their efforts to re-sign Sherman last year when they extended Kam Chancellor. Next step to bringing him back is extending Earl Thomas.

    Sherman was a high school class president, graduated with 4.2 GPA (yes, that’s possible), and graduated from Stanford.

    He has done well despite not having the high end quickness that most shut down corners rely on. As his success has been built on reading plays, technique, and deceptive overall speed that makes QBs believe receivers are open when they are not. He is likely to enjoy a long career in the NFL, relatively speaking. He has at least two more contracts in him, depending on their lengths.

  33. Sherman is the best CB in football all right – best at holding, interfering and not getting called for it.

  34. Also here’s the career stats for both Peterson and Sherman:

    Peterson: 151 tackles, 42 Passes Defended, 12 INTs

    Sherman: 138 tackles, 57 Passes Defended, 20 INTs

  35. Sherman is not taking less money stop it seahawk fan…
    Loaylty and money are two different things.. Would you take millions less because you feel loyalty to your company..

    Heck No !!! Sherman if they don’t max you out walk there are 31 other teams that will…

  36. W0w this is tough but I think the Hawks should let Sherm go if he expects too much. I see the Hawks getting Browner back eventually next year and the development of Maxwell and Thurmond is great, not even mentioning Lane. We all love Sherm in Seattle but the salary cap puzzle is not easy.

  37. I can’t believe how colossally stupid some fans are. “He’s a system player. One on one he can be beat. Buyer beware.” In actuality Sherman’s far and away the best press/man corner in the game and it ain’t even close.

    “He could be a one year wonder.” Where the heck have you been, under a rock? He’s been in the league for 3 years and he’s been doing it since Day 1. Jeez, I can’t believe how clueless some people are and there’s no end to it.

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