Report: Brandon Weeden wants out of Cleveland


Since quarterback Brandon Weeden was drafted in the first round of the 2012 draft by the Browns, the team has had three head coaches, three offensive coordinators and three general managers.

Weeden would like to make it four in each column, but not by waiting a year to see if the Browns decide to shake up their entire organization again in 2015. Mike Silver of NFL Network reports that Weeden would like to be wearing a different uniform next season.

“Given the turmoil with the coaching staff and lack of support from the most recent front office, he’s looking a fresh start, a clean slate, a place where he can show he has the talent to be a productive player in this league,” Silver said.

You can certainly argue that all the upheaval over the last two years has negatively impacted Weeden’s entry into the NFL, but he hasn’t done that much to help himself either. He’s struggled across the board in his 20 starts for the Browns and hasn’t given many signs that a change of scenery is standing between him and a long-term starting job in the NFL.

That won’t make it easy for the Browns to get anything in return for Weeden, assuming, of course, they want to get rid of him. That may be a fair assumption, but any movement may wait until they’ve solidified the position over the course of the offseason.