Report: Haslam wanted Parcells to run the football operation


Browns owner Jimmy Haslam won’t have a CEO to replace Joe Banner.  But Haslam reportedly was inclined to install someone above G.M. Ray Farmer.

According to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, Haslam wanted to hire Bill Parcells to run the team.  In an email to Freeman, Parcells said that no job offer was made, and that he spoke with Haslam “only about how I believe organizations succeed and others fail.”

Parcells has been consulting from time to time with multiple teams since leaving the Dolphins, where he became the first of a short-lived line of aging football czars who lorded over the operation.  Coincidentally, Haslam’s predecessor in Cleveland, Randy Lerner, hired Mike Holmgren to serve in a similar capacity.

It appeared at the time to be a new avenue for otherwise retired coaches and General Managers to stay in the game.  But Parcells has shown no inclination to accept a similar job since leaving Miami, and few owners have seen fit to formally hire a football person higher than the G.M.

Still, Parcells and Haslam spoke.  Per Freeman, they met “extensively” in Florida.  Since Parcells knows the business and Haslam is learning it, it’s safe to say Haslam was inclined to accept the advice provided by Parcells.

Which means that Parcells may have advised Haslam to have one person in charge of the football operation (Farmer) and to then get out of the way and let Farmer and the rest of the football operation do what they’re skilled at doing.

That’s the best advice any owner can receive.  Mastering another industry to the tune of billions in profit doesn’t make an owner able to run a football team.  Hire the right people, let them do their jobs, and instill a “do your [expletive deleted] job” attitude from the top of the organization to the bottom.

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  1. Makes perfect sense, but every Owner struggles mightily with figuring out who is that one person to put in charge. They don’t know football, so they don’t know who will be the guy to make those football decisions either. I still score 31 out of 32 GMs from last year as failing below minimum expectations on my scorecard. Only the SEA GM received a passing grade from me. And it wasn’t because he won the SB, he coincidentally won it as the best team on paper before the season started, and he came the closest to making enough good transactions and not many horrible transactions like all the failed GMs did. I really liked his Russell Wilson pick, and plucking Avril from the Lions who was a great steal of one of our best players, and that was an example of a shrewd low cost draft move as well as a shrewd high dollar purchase. Snagging Marshawn Lynch was also a brilliant move that nobody else could figure out either.

    Haslam needs to find somebody now that can add to this advice with helping him find that one mastermind person to turn things over to. Maybe that’s Farmer then, he better hope it is, although I remain skeptical about what Farmer can do for them.

  2. Well, IF Haslam follows the “hire and get out of the way” advice, we can ALL thank coach Parcells for that small mercy…Your move Jimmy.

  3. Every franchise is jealous they don’t have a great GM like Rick Speilman.

    Our past 2 drafts will accumulate 7 hall of famers in it.

    No other GM has those amazing abilities of drafting.

    Vikings are the prototypical franchise.

  4. It should be noted that this story’s author is none other than Mike Freeman of BleacherReport. Mike Freeman has been critical of the Clevleand Browns going as far back as 2009. Anybody asking for proof just needs to google Mike Freeman Cleveland Browns and read one of his articles. They are typically written poorly, with little or no factual basis, and his sources always remain “anonymous”. He is about as legitimate as a $3 dollar bill.

  5. Did you know that the Minnesota Vikings have been to 4 Super Bowls (0-4) and have been outscored 95-34? Ha, that’s pathetic. You probably didn’t know that b/c their last Super Bowl was 37 years ago. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  6. Yea and George Halas was reached out to and was going to coach the Browns via a Ouija board.
    You couldn’t scrip a soap opera with these Cleveland story lines because nobody would believe it!

  7. I don’t know Ray Farmer, but I hope Haslam gives him the time and freedom to put his stamp on the roster and the org in general. It’s his chance. Let him succeed.

  8. And I am sure that all the media talking heads that coIws up to Joe Bummer and their ‘league source’, Mike Dumbturdi would agree that Parcells would not hold a candle to the ‘dysfunctional duo’!

  9. Yesterday they were dysfunctional… they were following the best advice an owner can get….

    Love how the wind changes directions around here…..

  10. Vikes fan talking yang – youtube Jack Tatum Sammy White and your super bowl history can be summed up in that one play.
    (Hat’s off to Sammy for holding onto the ball BTW)

  11. What a joke – if you’re putting Parcells in charge of a team, you better hope a healthy Pennington falls in your lap – or else look out! If you want Jeff Ireland as your GM, Tony Sparano as your HC, Henning and Pasquoloni as your coordinators.. or their types, then Parcells is the right guy for you. Just wonder if he took the job whether he’d end up taking meeting with his boss during supervised visiting hours with guards watching. On the upside, while the Fins are still digging out from Parcells’ “franchise-building” the Browns at this point don’t have much further to dig “in” before hitting rock bottom.

  12. Let’s face it, the League has changed beyond what Parcells is able to handle. No reason to tarnish his legacy.

  13. Jerry Jones, you paying attention to this?

    Oh yeah, that’s right – Parcells tried to fix your team but you didn’t listen…never mind.

  14. Because he did such a great job in the last three places? He left the Dolphins a mess and hasn’t been relevant in about 20 years.

  15. Why all the fellating for the big tuna?

    The last time Parcell’s sniffed success, Belicheat was his D-Coordinator and Bush was President- the old one!

  16. I don’t see the correlation to him wanting to hire Parcells to head the football operations from him sitting down with him to learn how to put a good organization together. Think Freeman is reaching on this one.

  17. “No job offer was made.” -B. Parcells.

    Maybe the title of the post should’ve been Haslam wanted Parcells advice how to run a football operation?

    The best thing about the Banner/Lombardi firing is that I will no longer have to read brownsclown’s inane & repetitive “dumbturdi” comments. Those were the absolute worst!

  18. The Minnesota fans are just searching for the same attention that that logical guy did a ways back. Quit falling for it…..btw, we beat you in the nfccg 41-zip. See…I can’t even help myself!

  19. Mike Freeman is a hack and total fanboy. He has a thing for ripping on the Browns…and I am a Packers fan. Mike Freeman…in the words of Stitch Jones, Don’t go away mad… just go away.

  20. You can sure tell there is not a lot of football news! Now they’re making it up. There is nothing in the article at all that supports the theory that Haslam wanted Parcells to run the organization. Smart move though to reach out to parcells, for insight.

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