Stephen Ross: Michael Sam would be welcomed on the Dolphins

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, whose franchise came under scrutiny last year over allegations that a player was treated badly in the locker room, wants to make clear that Michael Sam will be treated well if he ends up in Miami.

Ross released a statement Wednesday supporting Sam, the former Missouri defensive end who is poised to become the NFL’s first openly gay player.

“Michael Sam’s announcement is a significant step in sports and I respect the choice that he made publicly,” Ross said. “His announcement will have no bearing either way on our evaluation of him as a player. Dennis Hickey, Joe Philbin and I all agree on the same thing; we’ll draft the best players that can help us win football games, have high character and contribute to the community. If he is a member of our organization, Michael will be welcomed here with open arms as part of our family.”

Those are the kinds of comments that owners, general managers and coaches around the league have been making in the days since Sam came out. In Ross’s case, the comments may be designed in part to combat criticism that the franchise received when Jonathan Martin left the team and Richie Incognito was suspended for bullying Martin. Where ever Sam winds up, his treatment in the locker room will be closely watched. But Ross knows the treatment of players in the Dolphins’ locker room is already under close scrutiny.

40 responses to “Stephen Ross: Michael Sam would be welcomed on the Dolphins

  1. This Michael Sam stuff is turning into another Tim Tebow situation. Everyone is talking about it, every other story is about it, and nothing anyone is saying really matters.

  2. So now we need an article for every person that comes out and says how great they think this is? As I said before, when the media has an agenda, they sure as hell push it over and over and over.

    Its sad that this man has decided to let his sexuality define him, which is exactly what he did with his announcement. How could you not know this would be a media love affair? He knew what he was doing

  3. Then draft is the rub..if Sam was a first round draft prospect then of course someone would draft him. Now that it is reported that he was considered to be a 4th or 5th round grade if you don’t draft him will your franchise being labeled as being anti-gay? The PC police will be all over this story…ross will be on record as all other teams that make a statement of support. Support is the easy trhing to do, but making a football decision to draft the best available player should be the number one deciding factor that an organization should take into account. I hope that this is the number decision factor for the nfl team that I root for and so should you..

  4. Is it just me? or is anyone else tired of seein the same line spewing forth from all the NFL owners & brass.

  5. Sam’s own father struggles with the situation. Is it entirely incorrect for anybody else to disagree about the manner in which we define our honey hole?

  6. Like the Dolphins are in a position to be picky about which players are willing to play there…

  7. The thing is, its like momentum. Once any owner started to make a statement, others felt compelled to follow and the more owners that make statements, the more pressure is on the remaining ones who have not yet made a statement, lest their silence on the matter be interpreted (and you know it will) by the media as their franchises not being welcoming of a gay player. Since the inevitable outcome is the need for unanimity from the owners on this subject, let’s just cut to the chase and have the NFL draw up a statement and have all the owners sign it.

  8. Sorry, but this comes off as gratuitous and self-serving given the Dolphins’ recent locker-room problems. If you run an open, tolerant workplace, it should go without saying.

  9. The only ones making a big deal out of this are the press; they’re creating their own story because they have nothing better to report.

  10. The only thing that matters is how he plays. Anything else added to that is a distraction and while I understand why he did it, it just complicates things and if I was a GM I would stay away from the drama.

  11. I am not sure I want to watch the draft when Sam is selected. They will talk about the locker room he is headed towards and all the stuff we are growing tired of already.

  12. While I don’t like the whole gay thing, Sam has little to no chance of making it. A 4th rounder will now have the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’ll have the attention of the top pick but with teammates having to deal with the media as well, hence added pressure. I don’t know why he came out, clearly it was already out there but if a guy can have a fake dead girlfriend, you can stay on the closet as long as you like and avoid the pressure you just put on yourself.

  13. The owners and GM’s are being politically correct in the news and are going to turn around in the draft room and say “NO Way” do not need the circus around here!!

  14. I’ll bet he thought Jonathan Martin was being treated well too.

    Right, wrong or indifferent, this clueless dope had no idea what was going on in his own locker room………….and neither did the worthless head coach he decided to keep.

    So yeah, all good.

  15. The dolphins locker room was about one wimp that couldn’t play his position,then threw his teammates under the bus,to be killed by the ignorant media outlets without the facts of the situation! The NFL report is coming! The apologies to Dolphins organization will not from these so called journalists!

  16. The Dolphins have the same problems in the locker room that every team has just because they drafted a very sensitive man who has not quite matured into a snarling football player does not mean their dressing room is bad. Martin would have brought his problems into any team locker room. As for Sam who knows, he has certainly brought himself a lot of attention. If he turns out a good productive player he would have done a lot of good for the gay man in sports if he does not cut it he will be talked about for a while. In years to come i hope we can look back at this and wonder what all the fuss was about. Not that long ago white and black players were not even allowed to stay in the same hotel together, how ridiculous does that sound now.

  17. Yeah right. “We couldnt handle the Martin-Incognito situation at all. In fact, it turned into a clown show. But we want everyone to know the first openly gay prospect is welcome in our locker room, and that there’s no way THAT would ever be a distraction here”

    On a side note, I hope this player turns out to be a beast, and makes a lot of ppl regret passing on him

  18. What an idiot. He is only parroting the other owners. Ross is so out of touch, he may not even realize Sam is gay. In fact, once he finds out, Ross will probably be dumb enough to force that so-called “GM” of his into drafting Sam in hopes of making himself look better. The Dolphins under Ross are a cesspool of an organization, and therefore would be a terrible team for a brave young man trying to break barriers to start his NFL career with.

  19. Ross should let the players spk for themselves. I can guarantee most of the players really dont want all this distraction and drama in the lockerroom.

  20. Sam needs to be on a team with strong leadership in the locker room. Obviously Ross didn’t get the memo.

  21. It is really a sad Media made event. Those who are criticizing Ross for making a public statement are just plain stupid. When you have this many people saying “they would welcome Sam on their Team”… the reality is those that say nothing are going to have their stance turned opposite on them. Without saying anything it could be construed that the mass media is saying you “Hate Gays”.

    As a Dolphins fan I would welcome any player who improves the LB corp. However, the problem with this guy is that he does have mid round talent, but what Team is going to chance drafting him and possible having to Cut him at some point down the road and being titled “anti-Gay” and even face wrongful Litigation (Kluwe, but worse). At this point… I personally don’t hate Gay People, but I seriously despise their “Movement”. By the way, March might be Gay-Lesbian-Trans Month. Trust me… it is coming.

  22. I wish Ross would just sell this team always talking nonsense & don’t have a clue!!! Patsies will beat the Fins to the punch!!! We do need a LB but we need to keep Grimes, Starks & then can work on the o line!!!

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