Thomas Dimitroff not banking on Tony Gonzalez coming back


While Tony Gonzalez has left the door open a crack in regards to coming back from rertirement, the Falcons aren’t making any plans for it.

According to Vaughn McClure of, Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff seemed to dismiss the possibility.

Asked if they’d save a spot for Gonzalez for a late playoff run, Dimitroff replied: “I believe Tony Gonzalez has retired and he’ll have a fantastic career in the media business.’’

Gonzalez should have plenty of chances to work in television, and it’s not as if the Falcons are angry with him. They let him work out on his own well into training camp, and made plenty of concessions to him last season.

But it’s probably smart to make a plan that doesn’t include him, then if he does decide to pull a Favre, he’s simply a bonus.

9 responses to “Thomas Dimitroff not banking on Tony Gonzalez coming back

  1. if Gonzo is going to be gonzo as far as the ATL is concerned, ATL should move TG to KCC or some other contending team.

  2. Is he a free agent, and retiring, or does Atlanta still control his rights?

    I wouldnt be surprised to see him play one more year in New England. Belichick has ties to Dimitroff, so a draft day trade wouldnt be unrealistic (if he is under contract), or luring him in as a free agent for one last ride on a contender wouldnt be a stretch either (if he is a free agent)

  3. Pats gonna have to restructure some contracts and let a few people walk or they aren’t gonna be signing many free agents with only 3.5 mil in cap space.

  4. Honestly, I think it’s best for the team and Tony G if he doesn’t come back. The team will grow that way and honestly if skipping OTAs and preseason isn’t enough of a give from the Falcons, I don’t think any player should be brought in for the “home stretch” – especially if they’re 10-0 as he mused.

  5. I’m pretty sure the team IS angry with him at this point. After what he had to say about the team not trading him, their QB and the fact that the players don’t stick up for each other, how could they not be upset and feel they’ve been thrown under the bus?

    @Denver Geldings – The team does still hold his rights in case he decides to come back.

  6. the one thing it brings up is do they need to draft a TE or are they set im not a falcon fan but i cant name any TEs on the team after tony this might cause dimitroff to consider trading down from number 6 for an extra pick or two instead of trading up for clowney very interesting scenario for a team that was so close a couple years ago

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