Brian Hoyer expects to be ready for start of offseason work


Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer may have lost his biggest benefactor in the organization when owner Jimmy Haslam did his annual shakeup of the front office and fired General Manager Mike Lombardi, but he hasn’t lost his confidence that he can lead the offense in Cleveland.

Hoyer said, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, that he “definitely” feels like he’s the team’s starting quarterback heading into the offseason and that he expects to press his case for that job when offseason workouts get underway on April 7. Hoyer has started running as he progresses through rehab for his torn ACL and said that he’s spoken to fellow MSU alum and current Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins about new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

The Browns aren’t expected to just hand Hoyer the starting job without a competition and Brandon Weeden probably wasn’t going to cut it on that front even before he said he’d rather be part of a different organization. Hoyer said he welcomes the chance to compete and he thinks he’d have an advantage over a draft pick coming in for the job.

That might be the case in terms of NFL experience, but it might also go right out the window if the Browns spend the fourth pick of the draft on a quarterback.

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  1. Is it just me, or is there a little bit of Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn about to happen in Cleveland?

  2. I’m hoping that Hoyer can be successful and healthy through 16 regular season games.

    That’ll give Teddy Bridgewater some time to sit back and learn Shannahan’s offense, without feeling a lot of unnecessary pressure.

  3. No one finds it strange that once was a minimum year long recovery is down to 6 months? He tore his ACL Oct 4 & will be practicing April 7?

    I’m amused how the players openly talk about the lax pot testing rules but its never mention how stringent (or lack there of) the other drug test are!

  4. It was a small sampling size, hard to tell if it was going to be a great meal off of a couple of bites. I would have liked to see if what we saw was real and not a fluke. The NFL has a thing called FILM. And when they don’t have it on you you may seem better than you truly are. But when they get it on you topple like a tree on Times Square – everybody notices and hears it. It would have been nice to see if he had that “Rise Above film” like Brady, Maning or Brees or that “Once we get film on you are you toast” like Scott Mitchell and Matt Flynn. At least we would have known so we didn’t have to use a high #1 on a QB of the future.

  5. It will actually be nice to have someone be able to play QB and have a Rookie on the bench and learn without throwing them to the wolves right out of the gate.

    What ever happened to rookie QB’s getting a couple of years watching??

  6. Does anyone else want to go with Hoyer as the starting QB??? The logic being we would draft WR Sammy Watkins with our 1st pick to go with WR Josh Gordon and TE Cameron Jordan. Then take an OL like Yankey with our second 1st rounder and a RB in the 2nd round? Or is best just to grab Manziel/Bridgewater if available? This is what I’ve been struggling with since we turned our attention to this draft. (Note: I am not sold on Bortles or Carr as options either early or later in round 1)

  7. Start Hoyer, draft Clowney (if available), and use the second 1st round pick for the best available QB to sit and learn behind Hoyer. Hoyer looked very good in that offense last year.

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