Chargers hope to renew stadium discussons with new San Diego mayor

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The San Diego Chargers have been seeking a new stadium to replace Qualcomm Stadium for over a decade. With a new mayor set to take office, the team looks to once again push for a new stadium to call home.

According to Bernie Wilson of the Associated Press, the Chargers will look to meet with newly elected mayor Kevin Faulconer once he’s been sworn in and assembled a staff. Attorney Mark Fabini said the team is looking for a special election in June 2015 to seek approval for a new stadium plan.

Any plans to put together a new arena plan up to this point have been stalled due to a myriad of issues at City Hall. Prior mayor Bob Filner’s resigned amid sexual harassment allegations necessitating a new election for the position. Faulconer’s appointment should bring some stability to the city and could give the Chargers a chance to get a project off the ground.

“The most important thing is that somebody is going to be in office and hopefully will be in office for quite a while,” Fabiani said. “That’s far more important than who the person in office is. … Now that there’s a new mayor, hopefully we can get some answers pretty quickly and figure out how to move ahead.”

The Chargers have struggled to sell out games at Qualcomm Stadium the past few seasons and the decaying stadium has fallen out of consideration for hosting Super Bowls. However, finding public financing for stadiums in California has long been a difficult proposition. The Chargers hope a change in political leadership will be the boost they need to get a new stadium sometime in the foreseeable future.

10 responses to “Chargers hope to renew stadium discussons with new San Diego mayor

  1. Chargers need to find a city like Santa Clara, who are willing and able (and gullible enough) to borrow 950 mill to build a crib for the Spanos family.

  2. Mark Fabiani needs to go.

    He keeps pushing for this stadium when he’s been turned down more than Richie Incognito has when hitting on women at golf courses.

    Face it. Fabiani lost.

  3. Sell the property of the Sports Arena and Qualcomm and you’ll have the cash for the new Stadium. No public funding needed. New facilities for the NFL and other sporting events, everyone wins.

    San Diego Chargers!

  4. few things I want to see happen.

    1. why couldnt the city have a volunteer donations towards a new stadium rather than borrowing?
    Savings vs Borrowing.

    2. designed the stadium to be built in sections so when sections need to be replaced the stadium can be rebuilt in sections rather than an entire stadium

    3. make the surrounding concrete of the stadium for shopping such as Macys. Sports Authority Oyges Pizza, etc and let have that rent be used to pay back the bonds. Texas stadium has doctor offices in center field so why not rent space out to medical offices and block the glass during game time.

    4. sell advertising space inside the stadium per section. per season.

    5. use the stadium as ‘movie night’ and use the big screens year round.

    6. Use the stadium for flag football leagues during the spring and pre-preseason.

    7.Use as much solar and natural resources as possible.

    8. Design the stadium to not be just the 12th man but the 13th 14th 15th man.

    Thats it for now.

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